anonymous asked:

do you know any shoujos where the girl isn't really annoying and traditionally "girly" and doesn't have huge eyes and acts kinda dumb

  • Takane to Hana
  • Tonari no Hoshi no Ouji-sama
  • P to JK
  • Special A
  • Kaichou wa maid-sama
  • Mizutama honey boy
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
  • Oresama Teacher
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei
  • Horimiya
  • Otoko No Ko Ni Toriko
  • Kare Wa, watashi no koto ga suki mitai desu
  • Reversi
  • Byebye Liberty 
  • Switch Girl
  • Metto-kun wa ikemen desu 

Here are some that i can think of at the top of my head! i know there are more but i can never remember the titles…

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