conan(might be a spoiler?)

moving to Akemi Miyano .. 

I’m wondering .. is she alive ?

or is it planned from the beginning .. I’m talking about her death ..

in one of Gosho’s IV’s they mentioned Akemi .. 

Gosho warned about Conan’s mistake of revealing his real name , Kudo Shinichi to Akemi .. by saying “ What if someone saved her ? what if she was still alive ?.. it’ll be dangerous right?”

so I had to re-read Akemi’s chapters .. and I discovered a lot of things ? .. 

Shiho’s flashback of her sister Akemi telling her about Conan Edogawa .. before she died ? ..

the strange thing is that .. if you read Akemi’s chapters or let’s say ARC .. 

you won’t find any interaction between her and Conan .. the first and the last interaction was when Conan and Ran found her ..

plus .. 

unlike the Anime .. Akemi wasn’t surprised when Gin pointed his gun to shoot her .. instead .. you can see her smirk .. was she waiting for this or what ?

and .. unlike the anime too .. Gosho didn’t show her eyes when Gin shot her .. I just can’t believe that 1 bullet .. and she’s dead ? really ?! not to mention that GIN didn’t use his shooting-style

and besides .. if it was a serious injury .. Akemi won’t be able to change her position .and/or lean on her elbow .. !!

plus .. they didn’t cover her face .. so she was still alive not dead

Conan made a mistake and even Gosho said that .. 

but wait .. Akemi told Shiho about that four-eyed-kid right ?

[but how is that even possible when THIS IS THE ONLY INTERACTION BETWEEN HER AND CONAN .. if you don’t believe me .. re-read her chapter/arc ..] 

how is that possible

why is she SO surprised by Conan intelligence ? Isn’t she the one who told Shiho about his intelligence  ?

and just before she died .. Akemi left the recordings for her sister Shiho .. it seems to me that she knew she won’t LIVE and the organisation is going to kill her ?! so then why in hell did she send that txt to Akai  ? How many Akemi’s are there one who believes that she’ll make it out and the other one knows she’ll die ? one who knows Conan intelligence from the beginning and the other one knew it before she die !

Oh and BTW : in the manga .. Akemi didn’t die in Conan’s arms .

And let ’s talk about the Silver Bullet too 

this name is the end of the ORG isn’t ? 

but don’t you find it weird ? 

Silver in japanese is called Gin .. 

Bullet in japanese is called Dangan ..

Gin No Dangan = Silver Bullet

What if it’s planted in the organisation from the beginning ?

why do I have this feelings GIN is one of the Silver Bullets ??!

I mean .. Silver Bullet = Gin No Dangan sounds like Gin’s Bullet..

most of the fans think that Gin is a ruthless man who doesn’t care about anything around him but no .. he actually DOES ..

look at his concerned face ! 

and let’s go back to the Silver Bullet ..

as usual .. Gosho keeps hiding HIS(GIN) EYES whenever someone talks about the Silver Bullet and/or Sherry

Akai was/is called the Silver Bullet because he fooled the org and collected some info’s about them ..

Conan/Shinichi was/is called the Silver Bullet because he’s investigating too 

but what if there’s a silver bullet who’s actually in the organisation from the beginning  .. 

what if Elena Miyano planted the SB in the ORG

in the recording .. 

Elena told her daughter about naming it the Silver Bullet = Gin no dangan 

Because of What I believe is that Elena died in purpose .. it wasn’t an accident

because in Bourbon’s flashback .. she told him that she’ll be leaving soon ..which it means .. Elena really planned for her death !

[to me and from my point of view]Gin is not helping the ORG at ALL ,, all what he’s doing is HELPING the other side(Conan , Akai and etc)

can anyone tell me why did he close Conan’s locker .. and his locker only [ Itakura’s arc]

unlike the other lockers*^proof*


and then he said [ be on guard there’s no THIRD chance ….. ]?

I’ll leave his sentence here … 

and let’s discuss his memory issue .. shall we

Bourbon : Most people don’t have absolute confidence in their memory so instead of saying NO , THEY ASK FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT the person in question .. 

but Conan didn’t because he surely knw him*I forgot his name but it’s n the scarlet arc* .. and so does GIN ..


Gin didn’t ask for FURTHER INFORMATION .. just like Conan/Shinichi .. 

but maybe he’s just that type who likes to forget or pretend to forget?!

and last thing is .. I also believe he is somehow related to Hyoue Kuroda .. 

I know my boo looks much more handsome than Hyoue Kuroda

but the line under their eyes .. could Gin be his ….. ?

ok so I’m done for now .. hope you like .. and remember that this is just an analysing and theories ! might be a spoiler ? who knows .. 

remember to read the manga [ underneath the underneath ]

and this is the second one ,,, 

shinjunosekai hope you will like it 

Black Organization Lockscreen Background, by Meo

Series: Detective Conan
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