akai mori

Let your tears come.  Let them water your soul ; Manga edition

When it comes to the Tragedy as a genre I’ve seen lots of people who think it works only in the anime format. WRONG!!! Mangas can literally rip your heart out the same way an anime can. Actually there has been several manga that menaged to make me cry way more than the anime adaption

Those are some of my favorites :)


Gosh this was the first manga that managed to make me cry. Even though we all know the real tragedy is the damn hiatus the manga is in

Hotarubi no mori E

This will break your heart the same way the movie did, expecially if you read it while listening the anime soundtrack. Also the other 3 stories the manga contain are just as beautiful.


Gosh this was so touching

Hoshi wa Akatsuki no Kage

This mangaka is a goddess, not only her stories are so original and touching, but the art is just way too beautiful in my opinion


Another little masterpice from the same mangaka

Visukiisu no Akai Ningyou

The story is so fucked up and great at the same time. Definitly amust read

Kon no Ki Konoha