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An old idea I had long ago after Ghost aired, an AU where Arthur didn’t pull Vivi away fast enough, and when she touched Lewis’ heart it bonded to her and he became a part of her. She summons him to help ward off other Ghosts or if she falls he manifests himself, albeit in an absolute rage over whomever hurt Vivi. Might do something more with this now that I have a bit more to work with.

DC Final Confrontation Headcanon

Disclaimer: This is a headcanon by @letitrainasunnyday​ , it really gave me so much feels and I want to make a drawing version of it. I used some manga scenes as reference for drawing so that it would look like Aoyama sensei’s art style.

(Detective Conan is a property of Gosho Aoyama.)

Read from right to left.

Final Confrontation with BO 

akai-anna  asked:

I'm not sure if you wanted anyone to send me asks but I still will because IT'S WORTH A TRY, it's SO HARD TO PICK THOUGh HMMMM A2 OR B2, if you don't MIND, PLEAsE, KYUN-KYUN. *tries to lure you with more doujin pics and au ideas*

OKAY WWW, IMAGINE THIS; Akashi being cheeky but then blocking Nijimura every step of the way, because he’s like: time, place, and occasion, Nijimura-san. 

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Hello! Just wanted to tell you that your recent Grown up Conan fanart is so good that my non-dcmk followers (mostly Tokyo Ghoul fandom, sports anime fandoms) started reblogging it ...which shows how impressing the drawing is! Oh, well. I thought I would let you know ^^

“It was nice of them to let us know, don’t you think, Shuu-nii?