((So I scribbled this together. It took me longer to make the list than it did to scribble all over the picture. Pft. 

These are blogs that I have religiously followed, or intend to religiously follow for many, many reasons. You might make me laugh, your url tickles my fancy,  I admire your RP skills and stalk you from afar hoping one day we’ll RP. You’re wonderful people and kind-hearted and beautiful. 

There are a select few people on here who put up with me on a daily basis. I don’t think I need to name names or toss out urls. You know who you are. And I am truly grateful to consider you my friends and want to thank you for putting up with my ups and downs.

So here goes:


aka-higi ; aloezetsu ; artificial-peace ; ask-hidan-shit ; askhidei ; beautiful-mirage ; biggestbangsarebest ; bloodlacedscythes ; careless-shadows ; carrotcakebanditdoodles ; charaisasuke ; chubbyfirefly ; decapitating-airwaves ; dimensionaldistortion


effortlessxshikamaru ; gokissmyfist ; greatharmony ; gyanburu-hime ; hananootoko ; happuri ; harikennokami ; heartlessuchiha ; hidden-lotus


immortal-snake-god-orochimaru ; impassioned-animosity ; irukas ; itachi–u ; itachis-penis ; itachixuchiha ; kageyose-no-nara ; kakugyo ; kimimarrow ; kisame-hoshi-gawddamn ; kogeta-uchiwa ; konohawarhawk ; kugutsu-butai ; kuro-kyuubi


madnesse-incarnatus ; mata-to-nai ; mikoto-of-the-uchiha-clan ; naru-dattebayo ; naru-uzumaki ; nejis-naughty-no-nos ; nikushiminonoroi ; nine-inch-noodle


orihayas ; pink-haired-kunoichi ; redfangpawprints ; saiai–no ; shattered-melody ; shinobiofpeace ; shinobiofwar ; shintenshin-nin ; sketchingsai ; sonofwhitefang ; suck-on-my-weasels ; suigetswim


taratonoyu ; tentens-amazing-buns ; the-true-uzumaki ; thousandbirds ; tobiisabadboy ; uchiha-uji-no-kami ; uchihadescendantobito ; what-adrag ; yashagoros))

✿ naru-uzumaki's follow friday 09/06 ✿

This one isn’t as big as my other ones and I’m sure I forgot like a billion people and a half. These people are amazing though, and you won’t regret following any of them! Happy Friday o (◡‿◡✿)

akio-fujiwara || aka-higi || alostbond || bakasuke-prince || charaisasuke || exitiabilis–fulmen || floreusbellator || frozendance || greatharmony || hibernalonyx || hikigaeru-seji ||

irukas || itachi–u || itachixuchiha || jashinsloyalfollower || konohanahime || kuramas9tails || kuro-kyuubi || kushinaa-uzumaki || louder-with-passion || namikaze-tensai || naruto-baka || nine-inch-noodle || pearlettedandere || pinkxbrute || psyche-informant

riruka-sama || roseate-terror || saiai–no || sanguinum-lacrymis || secondbutterfly || seriousdemeanor || sex-n-lightning || sharingone || shiningbeautymei || shinjukustroll || shintenshin-nin || smallcherryblossomofkonoha || springhealer || strawberrysakura || suck-on-my-weasels

the-legendary-forehead || thecopynin || thedarkrescuer || toukourou || u-chihasasuke || watagashi710 || what-adrag || whiskerdick || whispering-deceit

chubbyfirefly-deactivated201309 asked:

whispers all of my urls

Send me a url and i’ll answer the following questions:



  • Do I rp with them: At times, yes
  • Do I want to rp with them: Of course. Always
  • Do I follow them: Omfg  no. Why would I? ((of course I do))
  • My opinion on them: this chocolate eater… I mean, I love Kenzie and her unique OC. 

  + Something the makes them unique: I just said unique OC… but honestly, everything about this character is so well thought out. She fits in perfectly with her clan and her skill set is not overdone. It’s almost like she’s a real character from the series.


  • Do I rp with them: I will never not RP with them
  • Do I want to rp with them: Alllways
  • Do I follow them: Since forever ago
  • My opinion on them: One of my absolutely favorite RPers that I will never ever get sick of seeing on my dash.

  + Something the makes them unique: They embody the character of Sasori so perfectly. Never out of character. Ever.


  • Do I rp with them: I have.
  • Do I want to rp with them:  Of course. They’re perfect
  • Do I follow them:  Damn right
  • My opinion on them: Fan-fucking-tastic RPer. I feel like I need to find new ways to say, PERFECT IN ALL WAYS.

  + Something the makes them unique: The first AU Sasori blog that I’ve followed and will continue to follow. They make Sasori believable even without the fully puppet body. Its amazing.


  • Do I rp with them: Why the hell wouldn’t I?
  • Do I want to rp with them: I always want to and always will
  • Do I follow them: Forever and ever and ever
  • My opinion on them: My Kakuzu, absolute perfection.

  + Something the makes them unique: They are Kakuzu. I love to RP anything with Kakuzu and Hidan, but she makes it so believable without bastardizing the character of Kakuzu to make him more friendly toward Hidan. He is exactly as he should be. Grumpy, old, and greedy as all hell. 

aka-higi asked:

"I'll be doing my best to remain out of the public eye when that happens--..." Deadpans.

愛— —- “No, I think I will ask you to stay by my desk the whole day so that anyone and everyone that comes in to my office will see you as well.”

aka-higi asked:

"--... Perhaps. I thought you would enjoy it, if only for a laugh."

愛— —- “Well, it made my day more interesting.  So, I have to thank you for that.  Though, I may not be able to help myself to a laugh when I see you in something equally ridiculous."