akagi shirou

“I love how Sakuraga makes the couples know each other. Like Towa a delinquent and Mikado who is the student council president are dating ,and Yuki who is VP and Shinonome who is friends with Towa are dating. Nanao who is Mikado’s older brother and Kuon who is Towa’s older brother are in LOVE. And our new couple Kousaka who has feelings for Shinonome and Akagi who has feeling for Towa.”

Meaning of the Character Names in the Warui koto series.

Since someone asked me if I could show the meanings of the other characters names as well. I decided to compile them under this post here. Should be any characters missing, let me know.

Here are a few notes to help better understand some things:

  • For Japanese names, the family name goes first followed by their given name.
  • Some of the words’ romanji is read differently when it is by itself. However when connected with other words, the reading will change.
  •  Many Japanese family names derive from features of the rural landscape.
  • Sakuraga-sensei did not mention if the family name Kousaka belongs to Hayate or Nao’s side of the family yet. So it is not confirmed if Nao’s family name has been changed or not. Even so, likelihood is pretty high that Nao changed his family name judging from how young they were when they became brothers. If not, one big reason was to carry down his father’s family name since he is still alive.

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