akafoxxcub asked for C/C ‘meeting at a party while drunk’ AU

“Another?” Jasper asks.  He shouldn’t look so surprised; he’s manned the bar at the past six SHIELD holiday parties, Phil can’t be the only coworker he’s watched get himself drunk.

“Another,” Phil agrees.  “And don’t water it down, this time.”

“As if I would,” Jasper says, pouring a beer into a solo cup.  Phil’s not paying attention to him, though, he’s looking at the guy leaning against the drink’s table, who went suddenly, deliberately still at the sound of Phil’s voice.

“You’re Coulson?” he asks, when he realises Phil’s looking at him.  He pushes away from the table, a little unsteady, and drifts closer.  “You are.  You’re Coulson.  You’re always in my ear.”

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Maybe Together We Can Get Somewhere, a Clint/Coulson HSAU fanmix.

Originally made for the 2013 Avengers Reverse Big Bang, but there were some missed deadlines and then I got lazy and neglected to post it for like five months.

Lyrics, link to youtube playlist, and download @ my LJ.

Feel free to fic at this if you feel so inspired, as it was originally created with the intention of having a fic to accompany it.

Civilian!Clint got in the middle of a SHIELD op and got turned into a corgi puppy by AIM. Phil took him home because, well, Clint was “evidence” and a “person of interest”.

Clint would never admit it but he kinda likes it. Except for when Phil tried to give him a bath in the kitchen sink.

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there are like nine fics for that folgers commercial on ao3 and some are like 10k+ i blame you aja

Hahaha, THIS IS FANDOM, i don’t think anyone needed any help from me

(hey does anyone besides Aleesha remember that time when a directioner angrily asked me “wtf is wincest” THAT WAS A GOOD DAY IN MY LIFE. all i want is excuses to keep linking around the folger’s incest coffee commercial article so that i can have an excuse to keep tagging things “wtf is wincest.” Aja out.)