Pros and Cons of being a Rare Pair Shipper


  • chances are, just about five people actively ship it in your fandom
  • there’s hardly any fanart, fics, or edits of your ship
  • if you want something done, you have to do it yourself
  • you literally just signed yourself up for like ten, with about half of that ten actually being good, fics in their ao3 tag
  • constantly being asked why you ship them when [insert reason as to why it apparently makes sense to NOT ship them]


  • when ship drama happens in your fandom, at least your ship is safe from it
  • usually the people that actively ship the rare pair are nice
  • literally nothing else

Happy 1st Birthday Theia-chan~!

@Meisa_Kuroki Once again, a cheerful girl as a first child was born! Thank you for your hearty words! There aren’t enough number of characters, (><)  check my blog for more details thank you!

@Leo_Akanishi It’s late now, but I became an uncle. I’m becoming uncle!!

Forbidden Romance AUs because that trope will never end for me
  • My best friend’s a ghoul investigator and my lover is a ghoul and I’m stuck in between not letting my friend find out their true species and the fact my lover has to kill humans to eat
  • You’re a prince(cess) and I’m your knight of the same gender and your parents have already chosen you a suitable spouse and despite my efforts to end this already secret relationship you continue to insist seeing me despite your opposite gender spouse visiting the kingdom before the marriage
  • I’m here to marry one of the royal children as a way to make an alliance between the kingdom and staying for a visit before the marriage but I’m totally falling for the other and more rebellious sibling that I’m NOT supposed to marry 
  • We live in a world where our Society chooses everything from where we live to whom we marry and I’m falling for the person I wasn’t matched with and their status is one that doesn’t allow them to have a Match
  • My parents don’t approve of my s/o but screw that I’m sneaking out to see them anyway
  • I’m a huge Equalist but life decided to be a bitch because I just fell for a Bender and they’re totally into me and all BUT THEY’RE A BENDER
  • There’s a very strict ‘No Dating’ policy at my job but the amount of UST between me and one of my co-workers is frustrating and the amount of effort we put into not getting caught making out or in the supply closet is tiring