I was tagged by @lightsidecalling !!! 

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Relationship status - Married

Favorite color - RED

Pets - Two cats: Squeaker and Gracie 

Last song - Mercy by Sam Mendes, on the radio in the car

First fandom - either Lord of the Rings (movies) or Les Miserables (the musical), (although I have been a Star Wars fan since I was 7 or 8 / unless you count an obsessions with Disney movies when I was a child)

Hobbies - Reading and writing fan fiction (a disgusting amount of my time right now, for which I am truly unashamed), hanging out with friends, watching TV with husband. I want to cook more.

Currently Reading - Aside from my pile of fanfiction I’m woefully behind on, I’m listening to the audiobook for Donna Tartt’s Secret History. 

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Vindictus Update

I must say i love it! At first… it was confusing but it gets interesting after a while, my buddies and i managed to get to floor 40 D:, however, the lanns, evies and fionas get more brutal spotting higher lvl  gear and doing things we cant even do ourselves XD (ie jump and shoot magic arrows) Hopefully i wont freeze up and dc :/ and wont have to assist each time to continue D:.

Til Next time!