First of all, thank you to everyone who’s commented. I really love reading them all, and I am going to lose track if I try to respond to them all individually, so thank you thank you thank you!! Special shout out to @graciecatfamilyband, @smugglerofsass, @jennydehavilland, @jin-rio-akabi, and @lajulie24 for commenting, liking, and reblogging. You guys rock!

Shout-out to the anon(s) who sent me like 25 GFFA University prompts last night. I will for sure be taking a few of them into account. Also, I have decided that the end of the timeline will be their wedding, whenever I get around to writing it (as in, I won’t write kids and growing old together, not that the wedding will be the last thing I write in this ‘verse.)

Here’s a list of the prompts/ideas I have so far, so feel free to prompt more/tell me what you want to see. (If you sent me a prompt and it’s not on this list, it’s nothing personal, I promise)

·        Luke finds out 

·        They become official 

·        An “I Love You/I Know” exchange

·        Tom comes back and Leia asks Han to make out with her in front of him **this one will probably be done by Wednesdayish**

·        Han meets Mr. and Mrs. Organa **this one might be done by the end of the week. We’ll see**

·        Han and Leia’s next date 

·        Han gets a new tattoo that represents Leia

·        Leia studies abroad **would definitely like some thoughts on this. Where should she go? How do you think Han would feel about it?**

So that’s what I’m thinking. I’d love to hear your thoughts, etc!

Vindictus Update

I must say i love it! At first… it was confusing but it gets interesting after a while, my buddies and i managed to get to floor 40 D:, however, the lanns, evies and fionas get more brutal spotting higher lvl  gear and doing things we cant even do ourselves XD (ie jump and shoot magic arrows) Hopefully i wont freeze up and dc :/ and wont have to assist each time to continue D:.

Til Next time!