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Happy Birthday, De.

I’m not a writer but I’ll try to make this as eloquent as possible.

You were perfect. As much as you would try to deny it, you were really the quintessential human being. Since you were a child, you sought to please everyone. And please you did.

Your memory lives on, and it will continue to as well.

Following are some of my favorite quotes from his biography, written by Terry Lee Rioux:

“One of DeForest’s favorite classes was Miss Bedenbaugh’s French class. She was "a tiny, pretty, dark-haired lady,” [Tom] Doyle recalls. “Each French class, DeForest would tell her. ‘My, you look pretty today!’” All sugar and snowball, DeForest flummoxed her with charm. He didn’t let up. She was so dazzled, “we didn’t learn a lot of French,” Doyle admits.“

"He wanted to be a cowboy more than anything. He dreamed all kinds of big dreams, but there was no money and no sign that things would ever change in the Kelley household. His father and mother strongly impressed upon their sons that expectations must be held in check. Humility and spiritual rewards were paramount. Their teachings may have been the kindest lessons they could impart, for the 1930s were not conducive to lofty goals such as higher education or the arts.”

“At Decatur Boys High School, DeForest discovered a natural talent for sports. He was one of the proud Decatur Bantams, champions of the 120-pound Sandlot League, who were, as the press reported, "Undefeated in their march to the title.” Ever careful with his appearance, DeForest was the only boy on the team to pose for the news photographer in a sweater and tie. … In addition to baseball, DeForest played football and some other sports, and he dabbled in all the activities of a large boys’ high school, including dating: “I remember when my brother was old enough to date, there was constant disapproval from my parents.” He kept the peace living by his fathers law. He dated young ladies under the Reverend’s strict eye, and therefore not very late, not very often, and not very successfully.“

"DeForest finally had the bus fare saved[to go live in Long Beach]. Clora saved the small notice in the local paper that announced the event: "Dr. Forest Kelley left Thursday for California to visit his uncle Herman Casey in Long Beach.” Oh, that name again! Well, another doctor in the family couldn’t hurt.“

"DeForest was a man of deep sympathy. Grace remembers an occasion when she was so busy one Sunday that while DeForest was visiting, she decided to ask him to take her son Ronnie around to Mrs. Jordan’s, who minded him while his mother worked. "Ronnie always cried when he first went to Jordan’s—the first few minutes. When DeForest came back, he said, ‘Don’t ever ask me to do that again.’” He was nearly in tears himself, because he couldn’t bear to see a little boy crying.“

"So Joe set up a tryout for him down at the Community Playhouse, when all the girls would be there. "They were all over him, oh my God. So I figured I’d go take a break,” because no one had eyes for Joe the day Kelley took the stage.“

"While they were there[at the Chat ‘N Nibble], Kelley proceeded to preen and pose in the restaurant’s mirror. Joe knew about Kelley’s fixation with mirrors. He would play to them, compare his appearance in one, then another, and study the effects of different lighting or times of day on his features. He’d examine himself in every mirror he passed. Kelley knew he was pretty.”

“…and Anne recalls Kelley came sauntering through after his coffee, sauntering and shaving at the same time—and he slowly breezed by their chaos in the powder room. "Weeeahve gottah huurrayy gihrls,” he crooned sweetly over his shoulder. The girls stopped their frenzied chirping for an embarrassed moment and then fell down in a heap of giggles. Kelley lived for moments like that.“

And one more, on the end of his life:

"His healing kindness was all he really had to leave with them.
Kris spent a few evenings at the hospital, sleeping on the floor beside his bed, his hand down in the darkness where she could reach up and hold it if he felt uneasy. He had become too thin to even wear his mother’s ring; there was nothing left but Bones. Once during the darkest hours, he sat up, startled, fearful, distraught. She held him in an embrace of strength and heartbreak, and he said, “Take me home, Kris. Take me home.”“


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Through Time Itself
by deathbycoldopen

Pairing: Dean/Cas
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 29k


The ads all say the same thing: get a TiMER, meet your One, live happily ever after.

Real life turns out to be a bit more complicated.

My dreams with you

Holding you forever
Being by your side when you wake
Smiles that can never be faked
Every moment one to remember

Long nights watching movies and snuggling, you in my arms
Tickling you and hearing your beautiful laugh
To pieces that fit together
A love that’s ment to be

Long walks, hand in hand
Kisses that seem to last forever and take my breath away
Loving you more then words could ever say
Forever by your side I will stand

Holding you up in my arms and rubbing our noses together
Your warmth, your love, you are more that I deserve
An angel, a knight in shinning armor, my beautiful scarecrow
You saved me from my dark world, chasing away all my fears

Soulmates forever
My world would be empty without you
Our love so pure so true
Together forever and forever more

Baby you are the best boyfriend in the whole world
I love you with all my heart and soul
I want to be with you forever
You and me against the world, together

The thing is, soulmates don’t always know they’re soulmates. Sometimes the pair will know each other for years and nothing, and then suddenly one day they feel that frission of something when they touch and they just know.

Stiles knows this. He knows there’s this vague, apparently undefinable phenomenon occurring out there in the world because he’s seen it first hand with his dad, his best friend, and about a third of his graduating class. He therefore resents having to pay about six hundred dollars for this information.

“I hate this class,” Stiles announces before Scott has even stepped foot into their apartment.

“Intro to Soulmates again?” Scott asks. He sounds amused, which riles Stiles up even more.

“Yes! Always. I mean, listen to this.” Stiles flips a few pages back in his textbook and reads, “We are as of yet unable to define the feeling that passes between soulmates when they are revealed to one another. Some report feeling something akin to a spark, others a caress, and still others report anything in between and beyond. Though it is hard to define in words, the pair will instinctually know when it happens.”

Scott shrugs. “It’s true.”

“I know it’s true,” Stiles says with a huff. “Everyone knows it’s true. This is all common sense. Why is this a required class?”

“Because you’re in the Humanities,” Scott says, smiling like he thinks he’s hilarious. Dammit, it’s endearing. Stiles just wants to be pissed off.

Stiles waves him off, turning back to his ridiculous textbook. “Yeah, yeah. Go do your science or whatever.”

“I actually only have math classes tomorrow.”

“I am so sorry.”

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My Soulmate.

Someone who is logical, and doesn’t live life through his emotions only, but on pure facts and intuition. Trustworthy and honest, no matter how harsh the situation may be. Someone who is funny without even trying, and finds me equally as funny and entertaining. Loves me for who I am, and just appreciates the beauty within. We both have that “where have you been all my life?” feeling when we meet each other. Someone who gives good advice and makes me feel like I’m not going through anything alone. Someone who knows where they came from, where they are now, and where they are going. If they aren’t on track to their goals, they realize it on their own and get themselves back on track. When they need help, they aren’t afraid to ask for it. They can’t be afraid to tell me when they see me slipping on my goals as well. When I say “knows where they came from,” I mean they know their family/cultural history and do not claim to be something they aren’t. They accept the reality of who they are, and they don’t let it hinder them from progressing. 

I’d never get tired of talking to my Soulmate, not even for a second, not even after 10 years. Our conversations will be different every time. We will discuss the world, and every new discovery we make in it, together. My soulmates job is to constantly open my eyes to new experiences and ideas every day. My soulmate and I will be life long learners, and life long teachers to one another. Always evolving and bettering ourselves. We would discuss how corrupt the world is, and how ignorant the people who live in it are (except us of course). We will pretend to be our own race of people, who are dedicated to improving the human race and being the voice of reason and truth, although we know no one will ever listen to us. We won’t even need to speak most times, our minds will be so linked that we will basically just be sharing one brain. “It’s never just you,” will be our motto. We would be a mirror of each other.

When reality is too much for us, we will escape into a world of pure, perfect, nonsense, like Alice in Wonderland and Inception mixed together, except it’ll be real to us. We will create perfect scenarios in the morning when we wake up, over lunch, dinner, and before we go to bed. Creating scenarios about any and everything, from perfect ways to improve a shower, to the perfect world in general like, “What if the ground felt like clouds?” “What if we were stuck in a state of constant free fall?” We will be two creative minds put together in an unoriginal world. We will be on a high forever, without any drugs.