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not to sound shallow but if you think about it, dylan never had roles that relied on his looks, like it was never pointed out during any scenes that oh wow btw everyone wants to jump you. and dylan himself never considered himself hot but honestly? god help us all the day he gets a role where his character is very much aware of his attractiveness and uses it to his advantage to get what he wants or to seduce someone or to just be an asshole womanizer I am so here for that 

23 Ways Dimitri From "Anastasia" Was A Major Heartthrob

1. First, look at that adorably floppy mop of hair.

If you grew up in the ’90s, strands of hair falling over deep brown eyes will forever have a psychosexual hold on you.

2. It’s not your fault, the animation was so amazing that he was just SO LIFELIKE.

3. You always wondered why you were so attracted to his voice, so husky and yet so soft.

4. And then you found out he was voiced by John Cusack.

As in John Cusack - the king of puppy-eyed ’80s heartthrobs.

Your heart never had a chance.

5. He saved Anya and her grandmother as a kid with no thought for himself, so you knew he was a good guy.

6. But then he grew up to become a minor con man, which makes him charmingly devious.

And in his defense, his career options as a former child kitchen boy in Revolutionary Russia were pretty slim.

7. You knew he’d call you out on being a pain in the ass, the way only someone who loves you would.

8. And that no matter how annoyed he was, he’d always be there for you when you needed him.

9. The man could sing…

I mean, it was more musically speaking, but whatever, he tried.

10. And waltz…

11. And fight demonic horse statues.

Yea, sure, grab that pole, it’ll totally help.

12. But he needed a little saving sometimes too and he was OK with that.

13. His face when he sees Anya in her gown is the face you want your man to have every time you get dressed up.

14. And the payoff is especially great because he was in denial about his feelings for her for so long.

Men wrestling with their burgeoning emotions is always hot.

15. All those moments they almost kissed defined sexual tension.

16. Seriously, even in life or death scenarios, they were still thinking about smooching.

Because the chemistry was THAT INTENSE.

17. And it was so sweet when she was nervous and he squeezed her hand to show his support.

So reserved, so solid.

18. And when he held her and told her everything would be all right when she had an awful nightmare.

All I want to do is be entwined in those brawny arms.

19. Your heart actually melted when he sacrificed himself for Anastasia AGAIN and then nobly departed because he thought he wasn’t good enough for her.

Look at him trying to put on a brave face. What a legend.

20. And then it flat-out broke when he didn’t even take the reward money and revealed his true angsty self.


21. But then the way he silently realized he was meant for her by finding the rose in his pocket was so beautifully understated.

22. And perfectly complemented his subsequent grand entrance.

Everybody loves a humble hero.

23. But this right here, this is the real reason no other man will ever compare:

Gentlemen, take notes.