women in history   amelia earhart
born july 24, 1897 in atchison, kansas — disappeared july 2, 1937

Amelia Mary Earhart, fondly known as “Lady Lindy,” spent her childhood with her grandparents in an upper-middle class household. She became, after deciding to do so after a ten-minute flight in 1920, the 16th woman to be issued a pilot’s license in 1923. She had several notable flights, becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928, as well as the first person to fly over both the Atlantic and Pacific. She wrote books about her flying experiences, helped forming an organization for female pilots, The Ninety-Nines, became a faculty member at Purdue University to counsel women on careers and was a member of the National Women’s Party.

In 1937, she mysteriously disappeared while trying to circumnavigate the globe from the equator. Since then, several theories have formed regarding Earhart’s last days, many of which have been connected to various artifacts that have been found on Pacific islands. Earhart was legally declared dead in 1939.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria

Queen Elizabeth II aka Lilibet is one of my all time favourites she’s just so special and lovely and beautiful and she’s just full of sunshine and rainbows and she’s really hard working and she’s done her duty for the UK and the commonwealth amazingly and I am so proud that she is my Sovereign Lady. She is a great lady indeed and I proud to live in the same country as her. 

Queen Victoria 

I’ll admit she’s not my favourite but I do have a few fair things to say about her one I do admire her optimism in a way in certain situations such as ‘We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat, they don’t exist’. She wasn’t a prude like many people made her out to be, I admire her stubbornness in a way she never backed down and only begrudgingly would she. 

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