Carnations on a table in Rome. (Take me back!) I’m struggling with ye olde post-holiday comedown and giving my inbox a look like 😑 But… It’s time to get back into it! 👯👊🏼💕 Here are the things I’m loving today… Spray-on cocoa butter 🐚 new playlists on Spotify 🐚 deep sleep 🐚 lingerie sales 🐚 Le District @ledistrict and getting whipped cream all over myself while eating a crêpe, so much so that a security guard told me to go wash my hands 🐚 trying on rainbow technicolour robes for @nubbytwiglet’s amusement 🐚 really short bangs (aka fringe) – it’s the only way forward 🐚 drugstore lipstick 🐚 OITNB! (I’m halfway through Season 3) 🐚 #romanaround by galadarling http://ift.tt/1No5L1L