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The stages of 5sos puberty

I was wondering why 5sos has gone thru puberty 6 times so I have composed a visible representation of the stages for each boy. 

Luke Hemmings

Stage 1: the “I think fringe is cute, so I am gonna grow mine out and be like Michael”

Stage 2: “My mom made me cut my fringe”

Stage 3: “Ha I am a rockstar mom so I’m growing my fringe”

Stage 4: “I am shy and sassy” aka “They cut my fringe again, damn.”

Stage 5: “I look so perfect”

Stage 6: “let me just fuck up your life”

Michael Clifford 

Stage 1: “swag is my favorite word” aka “I hate luke”

Stage 2: “I am now in love with luke but he cut his fringe so idk anymore” aka “I am in a band now so I am cooler then you”

Stage 3: “I’m in love with Luke again” aka “My fringe is better”

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Stage 4: “I am going to start dying my hair to the point were on day it will fall out”

Stage 5: “BUT I’M PUNK ROCK”

Stage 6: “You suck”

Stage 7: “I am so hot I burst into flames”

Calum Hood

Stage 1: “My selfies are better than yours”

Stage 2: “I’m going to regret each one of theses selfless when I am older”

Stage 3: “Everyone has fringe so I am gonna grow fringe”

Stage 4: “My mom didn’t like my fringe”

Stage 5: “Don’t call me Calum I’m Ca$h Money”

Stage 6: “Lol everyone in Calum’s lane now”

Ashton Irwin

Stage 1: “I figured out how to use my mom’s straightener”

Step 2: “MySpace selfie”

Stage 3: “I actually wear glasses” aka “this stage is going to kill my fans”

Stage 4: “Natural Hair don’t care”

Stage 5: “Fedoras forever”

Stage 6: “I AM GROWING MY HAIR OUT” aka “Bandannas are in fedoras out”

Stage 7: “My hair is a glorious maine” aka “my man bun is killing everyone”

OKAY I AM DONE BYE, feel free to add stages.


Chara, AKA Fringe, and the fallen child Frisk Dreemurr, AKA Poof! Using forms by Mel @omegafrisk which you can find here (Chara) and here (Frisk).

Fringe is so stabby because their journey does not start from a good place and it doesn’t go anywhere good fast, and they aren’t inclined to trusting anyone. Love for monsters will probably increase, but as a start it’s extremely low. They’re quiet, scared, and only start to show any of their real personality when they start meetings monsters that, with certainty, won’t kill them and that they like. Their first run is marked by reacting with violence out of fear, but if they’re given the chance to not kill they won’t. They’re just a terrified child that starts their journey being met with violence and assumes that’s how they need to meet the rest of this world.

Poof loves monsters, so so much, and they would do anything for them short of killing, though dying has made them question whether they really can solve everything by helping and showing kindness as much as they can. The second they see Fringe they love them, and are very worried about them and their health. Fringe’s clear discomfort at the entire situation stops Poof from flirting though. Poof isn’t very flirty through most of the underground, just because a lot of these monsters they know and see as family so that would be really weird and Fringe doesn’t feel comfortable with it anyway. They do start teasing towards the end when it’s clear Fringe has a baby crush on Undyne and Fringe has opened up though. Cuddliness is low because 1) dead and 2) the trauma of being dead. They are wracked with guilt through the entire underground. They understand the gravity of all their actions. Being dead seems to be a significant part of why they’re not as Frisk-y as normal.


Hi Taylor,

I’m turning 16 this year and with that comes my monumental sweet sixteen party! I have decided months ahead that I am going to have a great gatsby inspired dance party and with a great gatsby party comes the importance of the outfit. While surfing the internet trying to find a dress that would fur-fill my dreams, aka sparkly, beaded, gold, fringe, etc, I remembered your AMA 2015 performance outfit. This is the holy grail dress. Stunning. All of a sudden a crazy idea popped into my head, I have multiple Taylor Swift dedicated platforms so why don’t I use them to reach out to you to ask for a favor of a lifetime. Would you be willing to lend me your dress for my sweet sixteen party taylor? I would be heaven blessed if you even read this or considered. I promise to be the perfect borrower and will not spill or break a single bead off of it. You’ve been my biggest mentor since 2008 and I’m forever grateful to have you in my life. I know if I’m ever down or need anything you’re there for me through music and through the family I’ve built from you, aka swifties! I would be blessed if I could share my big moment with you. If you do ever see and you’re like um no that’s no problem at all! But something I’ve learned from you is to take chances. :) I love you to the moon and back Taylor

Thank you!,
Leia B.

(Ps if you wanna stop by the party hmu and I’ll give you the deets taylor :)! ) @taylorswift

i don’t know if you guys remember how back in july i asked yall fringies to vote for your favorite episodes of the show (and also pestered you a couple of times about voting for a month afterwards).

guess what, it’s FRINGE SEPTEMBER, aka time to post the results -  the top 30 episodes according to you, one episode per day. now, i’m not sure if i’ll be able to follow the schedule at all times, the sets for the first 5 days are done as well as most of the top 20, but i’m also moving tomorrow and gotta re-install my windows, and who knows how that’s gonna turn out… but hopefully even if a set or two will be late a couple of days, i’ll be able to catch up with myself. like i said, most of the top 20 is done at this point.

i’m not going to promise quality or the like, but i hope you all are going to have as much fun with this sudden increase of fringe content on my blog as i had re-watching these episodes. <3

ps: shout out to @fauxliviaruinedu2 for their glyph episode gifsets for inspiring me to include them in some capacity myself. ;)

Akumu ch 19 Summary (Spoilers Beware)

Once upon a time, a little brat of a girl waited for four months for one of her beloved manga to update. She became like this

for a while.

Four months had now passed, and she had the copy of her long-awaited new manga chapter in her hands. She hugged it so happily like her first chocolate.

She began to read. Of course, those four months that passed, she expected to be like this

after reading it. But instead, it was like this

And her happiness melted like chocolate. 

The End—

K, k. Here’s the real summary…

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Kokoshnik Tiara aka Alexandra’s Fringe Tiara

A Silver Wedding Anniversary gift to Queen Alexandra from The Ladies of Society in 1888, the tiara was done in the style of the Russian Kokoshnik at the request of Alexandra herself.  (Alexandra was born a Princess of Denmark and her sister Dagmar went on to marry Russian Tsar Alexander III.)

The tiara went to Mary after Alexandra’s death and in 1953, after the death of Queen Mary, the tiara finally ended up with Elizabeth. It is considered to be her favorite tiara and she wears it often. 

The tiara was made by Garrad’s and has 488 diamonds.