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To all of you who asked me or even wished for me to do the entire Be More Chill Musical, thank Dove Calderwood aka @goofygrrl, who commissioned me to do animatics of the whole show!!!
As planned I’ll finish “Upgrade” and then start doing the musical from the start! 
But I’ll choose the halloween costumes anyway, as soon as I finish upgrade like I promised.

How I met my cat (AKA The freeloader who I couldn't figure out how to boot)

@caprette Since you asked for it

So I was 6. And every morning I took the bus to school. Because it was a private school, and I was 6, the bus actually stopped right by my house. So I usually walked out the door right as it got there.
Now I had a month where I was waking up reaaaallly early for some reason. Sleep problems, probably. And I discovered that my grandmother had been feeding a stray that stopped by for like, two months. And of course I wanted to pet this cat. It was the fluffiest fucking cat I had ever seen, and we had two (2) cats at the time.
Well I started going out earlier and sitting with this random ball of fluff and petting her. And the temperature started dropping because it was winter in New England. And one morning, a snowstorm rolled in, and this stray cat came pawing at our doorstep. So we let her in.
And we couldn’t figure out how to get her back out???? Honestly the cat had decided she was going to be adopted, and made herself at home. Our local vet thought the story was hilarious and offered to do the neutering & legally required shots at a reduced price we could afford, to keep the cat off the streets.
So here I am, 12 years later, with this ball of fluff who just up and decided she was adopted without consulting the adopting family.

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a terf is a trans-exclusionary radical feminist aka a fake feminist who doesn't believe trans women aren't women. an aphobe is supposed to be a person who's biased against asexual people, but honestly it's been so overused wrongly used that it's a joke now. tumblr is full of fake progressives who drain validity from the causes they claim to support

I’ve been on this website for five years and I’d trade modern tumblr for superwholock tumblr anytime

A quick review: Future refused to meet Russell, lied about child support & custody on twitter, publicly called Ciara a bitch, wrote multiple songs trashing her and this

is all it takes to redeem him? Nigga wrote 2 run-on sentences and suddenly he’s not a trash ass human being anymore. She literally had to take him to court to see his son regularly and y’all want her to wish him a happy father’s day and ready to talk shit if she doesn’t? Y’all love to make Ci the villain.Get the entire fuck outta here.

Happy Birthday punk Steve

  • The Hobbit: Adventuresome tale of bravery and friendship; Great deeds ending with peace and domesticity; leaves you with a warm, bittersweet feeling.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Sadness intermingled with joy; dark patches chased away by passages of endless brightness; Leaves you with hope and love in your heart despite fleeting shadows of grief & loss.
  • The Silmarillion: Laughs as it carves your heart out with a blunt knife. Throws your heart onto the floor and stomps on it repeatedly. Spits on your emotions. Who needs feelings anyway

The statute of limitations on fraud in the state of California is 7 years. Anybody know a lawyer who could pursue a class action against @bbmontenegro aka Alex zubat aka the person who stole almost $15000 under the guise of helping young transwomen