aka weapon of mass destruction

TWD Season 3 - “I A'int a Judas" 

You guys…I think I finally figured out why CARYL didn’t go cannon in Season 3 after Woodberry!?!? 

*Daryl was casually hanging out, you know - keeping an eye on things (uhh Carol), safety checks and stuff…. 

Then he accidentally overheard THIS; 

Carol: “The Governor, you need to do something.“ 

Andrea: "I am…" 

Carol:No, you need to sleep with him. Give him the greatest night of his life. You get him to drop his guard…Then when he’s sleeping, you can end this.“

Carol…HIS Sweet-Nice-Innocent Carol telling Andrea how to use SEX to KILL the Governor! 

It makes perfect sense - Daryl who as Norman Reedus himself said "has no game” and is being “played as a virgin”, hears HIS Carol hatching a plan that involves SEX as a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION aka DEATH… 

You know in case vaginas and women didn’t freak him out enough…. 

Ugh I am surprised Carol and Andrea didn’t hear him NOPING out of there on the double…. 

He could stay a “virgin” a little while longer…Right?! 

*I really shouldn’t be giggling about this as much but I can’t help it - it’s like my first semi-naughty head-canon!

*I know-I know - but if it made you smirk at least I am happy 😜