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As a lover of d ragons and a haver of my own dragon lore/stories... i have a massive crush on Tevrugos (aka blue dragon tevruden). Will you tell me more about him? ♡

Sure! Tevrugos sorta abandoned the blue dragonflight during the Nexus War since he thought Malygos was being dumb (the giant castle full of undead was a little bit of a bigger problem, you know.) He traveled to Dalaran, and joined the Kirin Tor under the guise of a high-elf mage named Tevruden Dawnspear and has been there pretty much ever since; studying how mortals approach magic, and eating his way through every restaurant in the city.

After the Nexus War ended, and the blue dragonflight was on good terms with everyone else again. Tevrugos became a lot less secretive of his true identity, so while he doesn’t walk around Dalaran in his real form (he wouldn’t fit) pretty much everyone knows that Tev is Actually A Dragon.

why is camp camp so good?

like, yeah, the show has a lot of shitty and downright uncomfortable jokes but what draws everyone in to watch it every week? well, the answer is simple really; it has heart. 

now i saw someone once make a similar post to this about bnha, but i don’t watch that show so i didn’t really get into that post. however, from what i skimmed, i basically got the takeaway that the show emotionally delivers and subverts the genre by doing things you would typically find in fanfic – which is exactly what camp camp does as well. 

first things first, the latest episode literally had a scene that was in my fanfic written WEEKS before this episode aired so there’s your proof of them fulfilling fanfic-type plot lines – but the reason that a scene like this would’ve typically only been in fanfiction is due to the emotional nature of it. camp camp is a comedy show, and an inappropriate adult show as well. their target audience typically does not want to feel sad while watching the show, nor do they want something deep that they have to think about. think family guy, for example – that’s the type of show the non-tumblr audience expects from a show like this. 

however, camp camp deliberately chooses to show a more emotional and serious side when shit gets deep – like i mentioned before, they subvert their genre. they give emotion. they emotionally fulfill –AKA  they give us the stuff that we all want to see in the show, due to how they know it would canonically work with the characters and help develop them. at the end of the day, camp camp is actually not like any of those “offensive” adult animated shows due to how it’s actually try to tell a story. 

and that’s where the quality of the show comes in. it has a story. it has a heart. every episode ISN’T just 11 minutes filled with shitty jokes. it gives the audience what it wants, because it recognizes the emotional aspect is what makes their characters good and what makes their show good.

now this is kinda ramble-y so i apologize for that, but honestly i just adore this little show so much and i am SO happy that they chose to explore a more deeper and emotional side of the characters in this episode. i can’t wait to see what their writing team comes up with next! now i feel as though this is fucking dumb but i feel as though i should end this post with a “campe diem” so…campe diem! i fucking love this show!


A bunch of inventors. All three Violet Baudelaire, from the books, from the movie, and from the upcoming Netflix show! Please don’t repost without permission and don’t steal <3

I can’t wait! The trailer looks incredibly awesome!!

I’m very excited about the new things that are going to be in the netflix adaptation… because they are all actual things of the story even if they aren’t in the books, because Daniel himself is writting the script!! This is going to be like when the Special Paperback books with extra illustrations came out!!! This show is going to be so good!! The baudelaires are beautiful, Olaf looks scary as F, which he didn’t do in the movie. And all the new content we are going to enjoy thanks to Daniel, things that went uncleared at the end of the books and always let me that bitter sweet end.

People seems scared about the accouracy to the books, first of all a book and a tvshow are not the same, things need to be changed in orther to make every episode more interesting. Second, yeah the show will include new content, which is awesome because is new content coming from the author of the books, he has the story in his head, he knows it better than anyone. And third, DANIEL mother freaking awesome HANDLER aka LEMONY SNICKET himself is writing the script!!! Tell me how many shows are doing secret websites for the fans to discover hidden in the trailers???? I mean THIS IS AWESOME you guys!!!

I’ve been a big fan of this books for over 12 years now, and I know this is going to be HUGE! and all I can say issss that after the complete ASOUE netflix show I want an “All The Wrong Questions Netflix” show pretty please!!!!! *O*

Boku no hero academia

That show and manga is the best thing that happened to me after Naruto ending and One-Punch Man. I love every aspect of this story. 

1. Midoriya aka Sunshine 

Being up-to-date with manga and seeing Deku progress I feel like a proud mama. Especially in Kacchan Resque arc. I can’t wait to see how powerful he become. Hope, I don’t need to wait like 10 years. 

2. Todoroki and Kacchan

His development was spot on but now I am thirsty for arc with my boy! More content with Shouto in manga, please.

I love my angry Cinnamon roll. Like seriously, before I read manga I was 100% Todoroki trash. Now my love is equal for both. 

We all need to take a second and appreciate Kacchan mother. 

3. All Might

I literally cried when he fought against All For One. I had that feeling that he may die and I couldn’t calm myself. Now I’m cheering Deku and All MIght in their struggle to change his destiny.

4. Aizawa Sensei

I just can’t wait when all his moments as proud papa teacher will be animated. I am always impressed when I see how amazing hero and teacher he is. 

5. Tomura

Not even talking about Tomura plot in manga. Can we just award the person who choose Kōki Uchiyama as his seiyuu? Tsukishima from Haikyuu!!, Yuri Plisetsky from YOI, Meruem from HunterxHunter. That voice is associated with the best characters in anime. 

(Probably not) Serious talk: 

1. I am angry and happy at the same time because I see that BNHA is going to be a long story. I expect that we will see final of that history in the next 7-10 years. I will be more then 30 years old and still Todoroki trash. 
2. I don’t see ships in BNHA. I have that feeling that there is no time for them to think about love. Uraraka and Deku would be nice final OTP but as for now I only ship myself with Todoroki
3. All Might needs to live and see Deku becoming next “Symbol of Peace". The rest is irrelevant. 
4. I don’t know if that just me but sometimes i see that Haikyuu!! and BNHA both have very similar manga art style. 
5. I can finally use below gifs when: 
a) I will be waiting for new chapters/spoilers:

b) I will be emotionally devastated: 


I don’t know how it really happened, but last night I was just gonna check this one pose that I thought I’d seen in Ginger’s vlogs (my crazy brain remembers those things yes) but it immediately sucked me in again. It was really late so I couldn’t go through the entire thing again, instead I picked a few highlights (aka the most tragic bits of season 1) and damn…I actually teared up. I could not go without opening my game today to take a few pics of very young Venny.

So @inkwisteria if you see this please know that I’m still too fucking invested in this couple. I don’t think any sims story has ever made me feel like this one, like something actually stirred in my body when I reread. I remember using my data every morning after you posted on the bus to check how the episode ended after I had gone to bed…oh, good times. I miss the sad confused version of these two so much, almost more than the happy lovey version, and I just want you to know that they were simply the best thing to ever happen to simblr.

Yes I’m still your craziest fangirl shh don’t judge me

“What is your itinerary?”
“To meet my maker.”
“And what do you want to say to your maker?”
"I would ask him to take me away from this place. I would ask him to rescue me.”

(AKA: The AU where Gotham is a highly advanced, fully automated training facility designed to simulate the most dangerous and complex crime scenarios possible – using sophisticated synthetic "hosts”. Every year, police academy students and seasoned officers alike spend a month in Gotham, learning and re-learning how to deal with violent psychotics and megalomaniacs in a safe, controlled environment. And during that month, the hosts are forced to play the part of the “bad guys” – and each time meet with unspeakable, violent ends.

Oswald’s the long-suffering host who’s programmed to be Gotham’s top crime-lord. His story always ends with a bloody, umbrella-based shootout.

Ed’s the nerdy, socially awkward technician responsible for coding and maintaining Oswald.

What happens when Oswald starts to dream about Ed without prompting? How does Ed react when he finds out just how conscious Oswald’s becoming?

Can a machine develop feelings for it’s creator? 

Can a creator develop feelings for his machine?)

What was this interview?

So normally when watching 5sos interviews, I always watch for Luke to make a fool of himself by adoring Calum. But in the Bert show interview, Luke didn’t pay Calum much attention. 

But Calum. CALUM. Calum made my cake heart hurt.

He’s just cuddled up next to Luke. Like what? What is that smile?

It looks like he’s trying to make Luke look at him through sheer force of will. 

Gosh, the arm over the shoulder GETS ME EVERY TIME. 

They look like that couple who go to social events and act as one entity. 

Look at that. 

‘Yes Ashton, we are listening to your story. Sorry we are mentally one.’

And then they shifted forward at the same time and adopted the same positions and I was just like… no.

But the best part was right at the end when Calum told a joke. Luke laughed like it was the funniest thing ever aka how he always laughs at Calum and Calum did his little 'I just made Luke laugh smile.’ Painful.


from chapter 15 of Thaw, by yumi-michiyo , aka, Olaf getting on Hans’ nerves XD. Link to the chapter here

i swear that i laugh every time i read that scene..Hans being mean to Olaf is my weakness maybe XD, i am too cruel, i know…

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Will you talk a little bit about your motivation? What inspires you? What pushed you to start not only your transformation, but also The Crush Nation? What keeps you motivated? I think you're a huge inspiration! ☺️ (also that all kinda rhymes 😂)

I usually try and avoid this question, because its so hard to answer. Some sources of my motivation have changed as I’ve grown as a person, but some have also stayed the same. I’ll do my best because I know this is the golden question…This might be a little therapy for me. 

I think my entire life, my motivation has been my family. My brother was diagnosed with bad leukemia at a young age (5), and we were told he wasn’t going  to make it a few rough years later… He made it. Well, I guess thats some motivation in itself. If he can beat something that literally took over his entire body, I should be able to get my shit together, roll out of bed, and do some cardio, right? Also, lets not forget that I grew up next door to JJ Watt. I feel like that had motivated me throughout my childhood, even before he was famous. We always competed at a young age in athletics. Obviously his story still pushes me to make a bigger name for myself every day as well. 

My parents also went through a brutal divorce, that lasted probably 5-6 years. I think it got bad in 4/5th grade, and officially ended freshman year of high-school. I think a lot of the motivation from that, was to make them proud, or even notice I was alive. They were too busy screaming at each other, that I have literally almost forgotten that entire part of my life. I guess I was always trying to get them to notice me? So growing up, I was always the star athlete, captain of the team, hard worker, etc. Just wanted somebody to freaking notice lol!

After the divorce I pretty much had to figure things out on my own. I quit every sport I played, and kind of just went away. For the 5 years prior, I never really had a ‘home’ anyway, and I didn’t really plan on ever having one again. I bounced between A LOT of places to live, and never really found myself. The motivation at that point, instantly switched to being able to afford college. I was a damn good soccer player, so I made it happen.

College was bad. I had no motivation. I broke my collar bone in preseason camp and moved home. I attended some community college andddddd got mixed up into alcohol and drugs. Basically, I was depressed, and bottomed out. Around that same time, the girl I was dating, came over crying and told me that she had been engaged for a year, and was with that same somebody for 3 years prior. So I mean that was interesting. One thing led to another, and about 5 months later I overdosed on some pain killers. Probably a good thing that happened to be honest. From that point, some time went by, and I decided to get back into fitness. I went to the community college weight room for chest day, and put on 135# on the barbell. Un-racked it, and my collar bone snapped almost instantly. I think I could feel the disappointment over the pain, to be honest. You know the drill, more pain killers, more feeling sorry for myself, same story. 

I had been with another girl for a couple years at this point. We were both into fitness, so it was a good way for me to get back into things. After a rough couple years, she left me because her ex boyfriend was drafted to the NHL. At this point, you can see where my first “before” picture was taken. The one next to the magazine cover post. No, she was not my motivation to be a model. I actually didn’t care too much that she left me. I was just in such a rut mentally, that I knew I needed to get out of. I had started a couple businesses that failed, got my real estate license, and did some weird crap to make money and get by. It wasn’t cutting it!

When I posted that first progress picture, I hated looking at it. I worked out three times a day and did everything in the world I could to get abs. I thought abs were what I wanted. Got super skinny, got abs, still looked like a hungry little beaver, and I didn’t know what was going on. At this point, my motivation was probably just getting my shit together. I had no real plans. I wanted to make my family proud of me, instead of always being the liability problem child. With the soccer dream gone, I was literally just nothing. I just wanted to be something, to someone, so badly. 

Fast-forward to now? My brother still motivates me. My strong AF beautiful holy freaking superwoman mother motivates me, JJ still motivates me, etc. The real motivation honestly just comes from you guys. Hearing that I changed a life, will give me enough motivation to take me through hell and back twice. I think of wounded soldiers who can’t walk, don’t have limbs, etc. I think of people who have it far worse than I ever have or will.  

Financially, the motivation is always going to be there. I’ve always had HUGE dreams to be in forbes and be considered a most powerful forbes person, and I will do that! But I won’t do it at the expense of selling myself out from you guys. AKA the people that got me here in the first place. I think that we all have the motivation swimming around us…its just how we harness it and use it as fuel.

At the end of the day, I wake up every day and do what I do, for myself. I only told you 5% of what I’ve been through in my life. It hasn’t been great, but the beautiful part is that I have the power to write the rest of the story. THAT is my motivation. It’s called OPPORTUNITY. 

It's About Time

Pairing: Ray x Reader
Summary: Ray and Reader are incredibly close friends, who are incredibly blind to the fact that they’re meant to be together (aka most cliche story every)
Rating: PG-13, for cursing.
Words: 2476
A/N: Uh here we go. It ended up going in a different direction than I had planned but ya know. The line at the top is a line from the Jonas Brothers’ Just Friends

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Story Time...

Somehow I ended up in a really intense game of Capture the Flag, and whilst waiting to be saved from “Jail” (aka the rusty metal bench next to the football field) myself and the other prisoners were heavily guarded by the other team members. Our team mates tried to save us, but ended up joining us in our prison. Somewhere along the line, someone muttered under their breath “Can you hear the people sing…”

Next thing you know, every theatre kid and techie burst into song, demanding freedom. I was not aware as to how many theatre peoples where on my team until my ears were bleeding from their screams.