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Lining your script AKA making sure your editor will not kill you during Post Production

If you’re someone who has never been through film school, the term “lining the script” probably doesn’t mean anything to you. However, it’s an extremely important part of production that many student filmmakers even will overlook because it’s not emphasized enough. So I’m going to take a moment to explain to you exactly what it is and why it’s so important.

To start, let me give you an example of what a lined script looks like:

At the top of each line is a shot designation. We can tell that this is scene 8 because every shot starts with the number “8″. Shots are then lettered using all lettered of the alphabet except I and O (because they look like 1 and 0), occasionally even being doubled (I’ve been on lots of sets that go into AA or AB). Each letter represents a different shot, which could mean that the camera moves or changes angles or movement, ect. As you can imagine, shot lists tend to be extremely long. The way to keep everything organized and make sure you’re getting the coverage you need is to then take the script and literally draw lines through it.

What is coverage? Well, coverage is basically the sum of all shots you have for one scene. When you have sufficient coverage, than you have footage of every character saying all their lines, probably from a couple different angles, and you have shots of every important set piece and also a Master Shot (meaning a wide shot of the entire scene).

In the script above, you’ll notice that there are straight lines and then also squiggly lines. When there is a straight line through an action or dialogue, that means that that action or spoken dialogue is being seen on camera. If there’s a squiggly line through an action or dialogue, that means that the camera is rolling while that action is happening or that line is being said, but that it’s not currently on camera (which is important for reaction shots). 

Proper coverage is extremely important. Even if, as the writer or director, you have a specific idea of exactly what shot you want at a particular moment, you still make sure you have lots of coverage because you want to give your editor options. You never know exactly what’s going to work when the footage gets to post production. You also never, ever as a writer put specific shots in your script, even if you are the director. You never want to limit yourself or your editor. 

Without proper coverage, the editor may be forced to use a shot they don’t want or edit the scene in a way that isn’t ideal. It’s important to look at the whole picture and understand that the film can change completely from pre-production to production to post-production. By lining the script, you’re assuring that everything has been accounted for.


So today in the gym Juliana Malacarne (aka the current Mrs. Olympia) came up and asked me to film her doing some weighted dips, and I seriously fangirled
so hard. She was so sweet and kept saying she was sorry for interrupting my training, but honestly just interacting with her was so motivating because she (obviously) has an incredible physique and just kills it in the gym whenever I see her. Then I went zero to creepy real fast and told her how excited I am to watch her in the Olympia and that I’m rooting for her, but I think she appreciated that!


Ariana Grande singing ‘be my baby’ like never before. aka ariana killing me right in that moment bc i was blessed to see that live

and focus on the end !!!!!!!

listen up kids, I'm about to lay some thoughts on your asses.

Let’s talk about the daily dailies that Jason posted while filming/editing, shall we??

309. Okay, so basically I believe next episode Pike or perhaps Hannah shall die. Why do I think that? Well Jason. “Goodbye new friend.” - Pike on a Pike. OR Hannah and her wandering mouth is finally going to be silenced. But the question is who will do it?? Monty Maybe? We are yet too see this scene. 

‘Scarification. Bathing hundred style.’ Aka Ontari bathing, you’ll see her scars. Or perhaps Roan bathing. Someone from the Ice nation will be bathing I think, and we will see the scars in full force this episode. 
“The Blakes kill me… again”, they will get into an argument about Bellamy being the reason Lincoln, Sinclair and Kane need saving which we seen in the promo. I’m not necessarily sure if this is the episode Octavia will Bash Bellamy though, and I will explain why soon. 
Clarke and Murphy’s love hate relationship is going to continue with them once again being best friends and working on the dream team with KING ROAN. 
The conclave will happen Crowning Ontari the winner of my heart… I mean the twelve clans.

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310. We will see Clarke back at Arkadia and the start of Bellamy and Clarke’s friendship/Lovership rebuilding, not before we get some angst though, those two have a lot of making out to do.
-I mean talking out to do. 
Why do I think Clarke will come back at the end of the next ep or the start of Episode 10, well my friends. Jason. Once again… I also believe that 9 may end with the death of Lincoln and 10 will start with the bashing of Bellamy. See what’d I tell you? I came back to this issue. 

In 10 I believe we will get this scene because Jason tweeted, ‘@Devon this man is pure truth’;

And then after that, we will get the Blakes fight because Jason tweeted, “Hey when did you get that tattoo?” Aka Octavia’s tattoo, which in the trailer we see is fully visible when she is attacking Bellamy, maybe Bellamy might say something about it?? Who knows. “Bellamy’s eyes tell a story, no words needed.” We seen in the trailer for the season, just how hurt Bellamy is by O bashing him, he’s eyes will the story we can see it written all over his face how heartbroken he is. 

and Lastly, the reason I think Clarke will come back in 10, is because Jason tweeted on the same tweet as the above ^^ “And… she’s back.” which I mean who else hasn’t been home for the past half a season?? It’s gotta be Clarke. 

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