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Boruto Episode 2

So that kid with the headscarf says it’s only 10 years since the war. Since Naruto and Hinata got together 2 years after the war and got married a few months later…if they had boruto right away that would make him and his classmates just seven years old?!?

There’s no way this is a full five years before the movie.

Also, can Inojin get his own show?

And poor Shikadai - he’s gonna be stuck on a team with both Inojin and Chocho aka the sass masters.


#Continuation Chapter 1

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First of all I would love to thank you all for the amazing feedbacks and kind words! You guys are amazing, and it fires me up to keep on going in this fancomic (I already drafted RaphaelxReader so stay tuned 😉)

Anyway, here’s our sass master, SASSONARDO aka Leonardo. I got this amazing nickname from my wonderful pal @spiritual-speckled-kitty *winks at y'all*

all-that-and-a-bag-of-trash  asked:

Okay, so. My friend Ghost and I have our own secret launguage and codenames for people, ( heres one: we call UT Alphys FURIOUSLY BISEXUAL™ but the caps HAS to be there) So, how would my boys react to S/O and Sans having the language and codenames together, but everytime one of my boys walks by, Sans says something in the made up language and both just starts trying not to laugh and failing miserably. Sorry, I just thought this was cute is all! (ps im writing your asks now) ILY BYE! ~Senpai 💚💚

That is the embodiment of Alphys, and it’s great XD 

AND AHA I FOUND IT lets get down to business ha

US! PAPYRUS (aka sass master)

He low-key feels left out, but is mostly confused. What the heck is that supposed to mean? He would open his mouth to ask what it meant, but will probably not want to risk getting involved in that. 

UF! PAPYRUS (aka the one patient that confuses all the dentists bc his sharp teeth)

 He doesn’t care. He knows his brother is weird, so he doesn’t want to get involved in whatever is going on. He’s slightly scared for his S/O but refuses to show it. 

Behold Chrysocolla, a fusion between my Blue Topaz and @pearl-likes-pi ’s Beryl the Barrel! Even before I had the guts to make a tumblr and post my art I’ve followed (stalked) MKAtwood. Her edits are just so great and she’s skilled and I’m such a HUGE fan. Besides, we’re both blonde interns who like Legend of Korra and have Pearl as a favorite character. So this fusion was totally inevitable. Obviously. (OMG MCKENZIE IF YOU SEE THIS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOUR EDITING IS MY DREAM)
Anyway, this is Chrysocolla, aka Chryssie, aka Sass Master ™. Since she combines wisdom with enthusiasm I thought a schoolgirl look would be best. Chryssie is very stable and a total joy to be around. She’s endlessly curious and loves being herself. She’s also the comeback princess.
Her weapon is a bow that shoots mist arrows. The mist is made of a gas that makes vision hazy and if you hit the target’s eye it blinds them temporarily. This plus her enhanced awareness makes her bomb in a team. The CGs love having her around. Pearl just LOVES her, of course, and they’re fast friends. She’s Connie’s pal too.
Vive Steven Universe and RIP Pearl’s secret rap career, a good meme that served us well.

When Calum aka Sass Master lets the fans sing the first verse of Amnesia. 5SOS - ROWYSO Tour 7/21/15 at Concord, CA.

Preference #1 (Kids)


Arion Caniff 


Avery Mendes


Michael Grier

Jack J:

Jackilyn Ray Johnson (aka Sass Master 3000)


Brooklyn Reynolds


Danielle Espinosa

Jack G: 

Michelle Gilinsky


Christopher Hamilton Dallas


Isabella Grier 


Audree Carpenter 

(Credit to Owners of Photos) And sorry if it sucks. It’s my first preference EVER, so… do you guys like it? Hate it? Should I do more? Or nah? Let me know!