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CONGRATULATIONS! Draco Malfoy x Plus size reader soulmate au please?!?! If it's not to much. Thank you!

Thx nonnie! English is not my native language, and I still have a lot to learn! So, if you saw some grammatical mistakes, please tell me or give me suggestions to improve my writing! Hope you enjoy this!


Key: Y/N (Your name) 

        Y/L/N (Your last name)

        Y/H/C (Your hair colour)

        Y/E/C (Your eye colour)

Warning: (Potential) grammatical mistakes and swear words

Requests are opened! Send them here

                    Never Despised You

              (Draco MalfoyxReader)

5th Year, 11:15, Halloween night, Astronomy tower.

She traced these words tattooed on her left chest. This phrase has been bothering Y/N Y/L/N for a long time now. Every now and then, she would look at these characters, seemingly to be carved right outside her heart. She knew this story so well–the person who shows up at the time and place tattooed on her chest will be her soulmate. Y/N never liked this whole “soulmate” thing, since she had always thought that love is an unsolvable mystery, and destiny wasn’t always right. However, she was still curious to see who life wants her to be with. She had been waiting her whole life, and that moment is just one more month away. She felt nervous, excited, but confused at the same time. She never would’ve thought that the person bearing the same tattoo as her is the pale-haired boy she has always hated.

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