aka the most precious boy ever

Just my own ModernHam Headcanons

-hates his glasses and only wears them when he’s at home.
-Literally has seven tumblr blogs
-He definitely only writes in pen because losers erase their mistakes winners just write over them
-Loud Bisexual

-The most down-to-earth beauty
-She spends half her time at animal shelters
-She has a koala sweater
-Seriously frustrated bisexual

-Cool ass mom friend
-She has the wisdom of a owl but the bluntness of a child
-She works at Starbucks and as an assistant because free coffee
-Lesbian with no money

-Precious smol alien girl
-She is really great at dancing
-She and Herc hang out a lot
-Totally dating the hottest babe ever aka Theodosia

-Space boy who knows every line to every Pixar movie created
-“Who tf ate my goldfish CRACKERS I was saving those for MOVIE NIGHT”
-Gay man looking for a hand to hold

-Memelord of the dead 2016 memes
-Ships everybody together and literally cries when he sees someone do something cute
-Big strong boy who needs a hunk like Laf

-“Want me to tell you to kiss my ass in french”
-Bisexual ready to mingle and share pringles
-Lafayette is a tol child with nice abs and a gr8 way of telling people they matter
-Nonbinary they/them pron.

-Quiet but definitely unable to be able to shut up if he likes you a lot
-Nonbinary soldier who doesnt care what pronouns people give him just as long as they know he’s not a boy or a girl
-Has the cutest fashion but people were too intimidated by his resting bitch face to really approach and comment on it

-“My hair could engulf you but I’m holding it back”
-Guess who can do magic tricks this guy
-He steals pens and shoved them into his hair (namely Alexander’s) and sometimes forgets about them
-Genderfluid bird guy

-Not on the internet wtf is even a tumblr
-He and Aaron go to ballet classes together
-This boy is A+ at makeup his eyeliner will kill you
-Flustered ace with a nice bod


Kim Jiwon

I have adored you from the moment you began existing in my world. 

To the precious boy who have brought joy, tears and love in my once monotonous life; To the wonderful being with the smile of a child, the heart of an angel and the perseverance of a true dreamer; To the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on, I wish you every happiness the world has to offer.

Happy birthday, Kim Jiwon aka Bobby.


torigoe yuki as naruko shoukichi