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High quality photos of high quality people😇
(Harry Shum Jr., Matthew Daddario, Isaiah Mustafa)
Cred to the Shadowhunterstv Facebook page + Harry’s Insta

I can’t believe i reached 1K. The hockey fandom on here means so much to me! My confidence has gone up a 100000% since joining it. Before I couldn’t even make a text post and now i get anon’s telling me to stop making text posts cause i’m so annoying hahah. 

But seriously i love all of you.

~special stars~

smallchinesegirl –> She’s basically my best friend. We spent the past two summers basically living together. One time when my parents were gone for the weekend she came over just to cook me food. She’s in england for school and i’m so proud of her and how well she’s doing :’). Everyone should follow her, her blog isn’t hockey but she’s the bomb.

hawkeytime –> I’ve known her since middle school. She’s probably one of the smartest people i ever met. I didn’t even knew she liked hockey until i moved away after my sophomore year but ever since we’ve climbed mountains together and read each others ridiculous fics. All of our conversations are pretty embarrassing. Also we’re married. so yeah.

chitownhockey –> She’s the best. Like the absolute best. We’re talking like heavy duty best here. She listens to my bullshit, she helps me study, edits my essays and puts up with me when i’m cranky. she’s just so super duper awesome i swear.

phthylo-tides –> My soulmate basically. She’s been in and out of my life since 5th grade but i’ve loved her even when she was gone. When we go weeks without seeing each other it’s like it’s nothing. Also she was in love with Nathan Horton for a bit and that’s not something anyone could blame her for.

~absolute gems~

recordskips –> we haven’t talked in forever, WHY?

thatshitkrejci –> an example of an A+ human being

true-bromantics –> Saved my life a few times tbh

theawkwardphysicist –> Why am i so bad at responding to you? You’re awesome don’t worry

massholehackey –> the most perfect bruins blog ever aka the most perfect blog ever

alex-wennbergs –> i’ve actually been following you forever and idk what you could do to make me unfollow so you’re stuck probably

demdimpleskhudobin –> i’ve also been following you forever and i got really giddy when you followed me back :D

vrtanen –> You are an absolute sweetheart.

nemoniemi –> when people ask me what blog to follow this is one of them that always comes to mind.

gentlebenn –> she made my icon for me and she’s gorgeous

bunny-benny –> also a life saver! ily

ketnep –> you’re such a sweetheart and like one of my favorite blogs and now we talk too! it’s awesome.

~the cooliest~

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If you’re not on here I’m so sorry!!! I’ve followed a lot of new and SUPER AWESOME blogs that’ll definitely appear on future Follow Forevers. But seriously i love all of you. And remember! Just message me, start a convo and i’ll def shoot you a follow.