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Sorry if you've answered this before, but can you create a list of the egos you write about? Because I've gotten a bit lost with trying to keep up with them all in the stories.

*coughs* To be perfectly honest, I have a hard time keeping up with them as well. So no problem, cutie pie. I understand.

These are the Egos that I have written for or would be willing to write for:

Mark’s Egos: Dark, Host, Dr. Iplier, Wilford, Bim, Ed, Silver, Google(s), KOTS, and Walter Warfstache (aka Walter Melone from “Melone in the Dark”) basically. I know there are others, but guys *points at list* that’s a lot. I can only handle so much.


Jack’s Egos: Anti, Schneep, Chase, Marvin, Jacques, Jackieboy, and Robbie?? People seem to like him, I guess I could include him, but still *points at list* there are a lot!

Also: Natemare, MadPat, Peevils, etc.

And the real people like: Mark, Amy, the rest of Teamiplier, Signe, Sean, Nate, Mathew, etc.


Some people have asked about Corroded Crank and Stoneface Tyler, but 1) *points at list* and 2) I don’t watch enough of Ethan to accurately portray him nor do I have the time to watch his videos. Sorry, cutie pies.

I also don’t do ships really (romantic ones, that is). It’s just not my thing aside from IRL relationships. I made the exception for Dark/Peevils because its not really a relationship and certainly not a healthy one.

Anyway, you can send an ask to or a story request about any of the above mentioned people. I can’t answer all asks or write all stories because my time is limited as is, and I do get a lot. But I try to answer as many as I can, so feel free to drop by any time, cutie pie!

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How about Chuuya falling in love with a girl that works at the cafe he loves going to? She always write him cute stuff in his cup like "I have that book too. I would suggest you this one. Hope you enjoy your drink!" and at some point they just start chatting and it develops to something more?

Oh. my. god. I literally squealed! This scenario is soooo cute!! Wahhhh

I was craving for Starbucks while writing this lmao…

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A list of things I’ve made and legitimately consumed bc of Lee Taemin

Honey & milk instant ramen. Solid 6.25/10. Leave out the chicken flavor packet.

The Taemtail™️ aka melon liqueur on the rocks w a garnish of lemon wedge. 5.5/10. Becomes a 6.5 if you add lemon juice.

There’s probably other shit I’ve tried bc of him but these are the only two that really stand out

Uncle Jack’s Halloween Special: Haunting Tales of Wellington Wells

Boy oh boy, are we excited to present this, we’re having an Art Contest! Before anything, we’d like to remind everyone that is a blog run by fans of the game, thus this is also an art contest organized by WHF fans.

  • The idea

Instead of having everyone draw characters in costumes, we decided that what you have to do for this contest is to come up with a scary story and/or creature! A terrifying Wellingtonian tale that would leave both Wellies and Wastrels shaking in their boots! ( or barefeet… )

It can be illustrated and/or written! If you decide to make a creature, do include some written information or vice versa ( such as what it does and why Wellies and Wastrels fear them )

  • Things we’ll be looking for

Originality and creativity! The more original and interesting your story and/or creature is, the more likely it’ll get picked as one of the winners – don’t forget, it has to be in some way related to Wellington Wells

  • The prizes

There will be two winners:

1st place will be given a copy of the game We Happy Few on Steam ( in case you already have it, you could gift it to a friend ! ) ;

2nd place will receive a drawing by Mod Melon ( aka melonkind )

  • How to participate

Same way as the normal art prompts, post your entry to your blog, @ mention this blog on your post and tag your entry as #unclejackhalloweenspecial. Remember, it has to be made by you!

  • Deadline

We are giving you the whole month of October for this, the contest will end on 31st October!

We’re all super excited to see what you come up with, don’t hesitate to send us a message if you’re unsure about something, hope you have fun!

Hello, everyone! I swear I didn’t forget to post this, I was out of town all weekend at PAX East: the convention was HELLA. Anyway, I’m back, and here to post the background character stuff from the Boueibu site as always, even if it’s a bit late. Last week’s is one of my favourite monsters, Makuwa Uriya! Aka.. The Melon Man. He is so precious with his little riddles: I love him.