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I figured out the difference between the life and doom aspects:

two players encounter a tall fence that says “KEEP OUT”

the life player says “fuck you” and starts to climb the fence

the doom player waits until life is near the top and then says “dude, the gate is unlocked”

Okay I am really sick and tired of people complaining about how mean Lance is to Keith, and I’m here to remind you that Keith is just as willing of a participant in their banters! Not to mention, Keith says mean things to Lance without being provoked either! For example

  • “We could toss out some nonessential weight” said to Lance specifically in the first episode
  • purposely misleading Lance in the invisible maze. 
  • “I’M NOT SCARED!!!” as he does the same thing as Lance, and also goes faster because he wants in to the competition too
  • “What’s that? I-I can’t hear you, you’re cutting off!” aka Keith being a little shit for fun
  • “The amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane” Keith insults Lance without provocation. Hell, Lance didn’t even talk to Keith thus far in that scenario, it was Keith that initiated the banter
  • The entirety of the elevator/pool scene. Keith was rude to Lance when Lance didn’t do anything

Also have you guys seen teenage boys bantering? That’s what they do. There’s really no real venom to their words. Not to mention Keith and Lance have many instances of getting along well. Plus Keith is pretty rude to everyone at one point. He says a lot of mean things to Pidge as well.

Plus, Lance also engages in similar banter with Hunk and Pidge. Pidge makes waaay more cruel remarks to Lance and everyone else yet I don’t see y’all hating on her. Only being happy at how “sassy” she is. Stop right there. Enough with the colourism. If you’re gonna blame Lance for being mean to Keith, you also better blame Keith and Pidge for being mean to Lance as well.

@disteal Hi, Welcome to Chili’s Roadhouse Grill. Home of the peanut shells and sugar rimmed mason jars!
Tbh Genji brings Hanzo here and then Hanzo meets cute actual cowboy waiter Jesse McCree. And the friendly neighborhood little shit (aka genji) keeps trying to get them together throughout the night.
22 Times Harry Styles Was a Little Shit

In honor of his 22nd birthday and also in honor of possibly the greatest Little Shit moment (aka The Tweet to end all Tweets “feeling 22″TM) of his life.

There are literally hundreds of moments to chose from, but here are moments where Harry Styles was a little shit to those around him. I feel personally attacked,

22) Poor Gemma is the long suffering victim of much of Harry’s Little Shit-ery

21) After he added the echo of “done done” to Stockholm Syndrome and made this face because he knew everyone’s reproductive bits just burst into flames.

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bestk-pop  asked:

I want know about them I don't know who people I saw mv make me want know people I want know about that profile


So from left to right we have: Nibansenji, Nichan, Aoi, Kimagure Prince, Tomitake, Shirofuku, Forgeru, Nozakibento and Nokkuso.

Now Sunflower is the one who knows the details about all of them, so I’m just gonna give you the fun, not serious version of their details ^^ If you would like to know more then please check here for our “official” profiles of them.

So I’ll go in the order of this photo ^^

Nibansenji: Nibansenji is one of my (Sakura’s) favourite members. He is a tall tall bean. He doesn’t really get a lot of lines which SUCKS but on the new album he does have a solo which makes me SO STINKING HAPPY!!! He also loves video games, and quite often livestreams. You can find his twitch account here. His member colour is emerald green.

Nichan: Nichan is a bean. That is the most important thing to know about him. If you’ve been going through MeseMoa’s older music videos you may notice that he isn’t there; that’s because he took a hiatus for a few years, but he’s back now! His member colour is passion pink.

Aoi: AKA the little shit. We call him a little shit A LOT because Aoi, despite being the youngest member by quite a lot, IS A LITTLE SHIT. The ironic thing is we actually all love him, he just posts really provocative selfies pretty much every day. He is very attractive and he knows it. He recently graduated from high school and he’s been dancing pretty much since he was born. He’s usually one of the centres for MeseMoa’s songs and he’s also in the unit Traffic Light along with Shirofuku and Kimagure Prince. He is one of the best singers and dancers in the whole group. He’s also the only member who didn’t bother to think up a stage name; his real name is Imagawa Aoi. His member colour is red.

Kimagure Prince: Also known as Punta, KimaPuri and Pun-chan (boy’s got a lot of nicknames cause his stage name is SO DANG LONG), he is one of the most beautiful people ON EARTH. He got his name from the Morning Musume song “Kimagure Princess”. Like Aoi, Punta knows he is stunning but somehow he isn’t a shit about it :3 He’s the sub-leader of MeseMoa and the leader of the unit Traffic Light. His dancing is also insanely elegant; like I swear he must have done ballet at some point in his life. His member colour is light blue.

Tomitake: AKA Sunflower’s favourite member. Tomitake is, in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated singers in the group. People tend to focus on Shrio, Punta and Aoi but Tomitan is AMAZING. He was one of the lead vocalists in Shadow Kiss which made me super happy (and just about killed Sunflower). He really loves singing too; he does karaoke a loooooooooooot. His member colour is pink.

Shirofuku: The leader of MeseMoa and my other favourite member. Nobody, I repeat, nobody, loves MeseMoa as much as this guy. You can tell how much it means to him whenever he sings or dances; he just has so much passion about the group. He gets very emotional very easily, which is why it’s good that Punta is the sub-leader as he’s usually able to calm Shiro down. He is also in Traffic Light with Aoi and Punta, and is pretty much always one of the centres for every song they do (given that he’s the leader). He got his stage name because in his old dance covers on NicoNico he would always wear white shirts. Shiro=White, Fuku=Shirt. His member colour is yellow.

Forgeru: Forgeru is so smiley. He loves coffee (literally, his entire instagram feed is pictures of either coffee shops or cups of coffee. Don’t believe me? Check here). He tends to be at the back like Niban for most things which is a shame because he works really hard for the group as well. He tends to be a little quieter on social media than the others. Oh, also according to Tomitake he is a crocodile. No, I do not know why. His member colour is green.

Nozakibento: Also known as Nozaki Bento or just Nozaki, he is the oldest member of the group (he keeps telling us on Twitter that he’s about to turn 31. Also his birthday is on the 28th of April, fun fact). “Bento” literally means lunchbox and I am certain that he picked his name cause the man freaking loves food. He tweets about food and drink a lot. Like he felt the need to tell his fans that he found a kind of ginger beer he really liked, then a few hours later just went, “I bought three.” I dunno, it’s kinda cute :3 He’s also really passionate about not letting younger idols overtake him. Like seriously, I hope I’m as energetic as him when I’m in my 30s! His member colour is brown.

Nokkuso: The alcoholic of the group ^^ Nah, I’m just kidding, he just really likes beer. He likes alcohol in general; he listed “drinking sake” as his special skill for MeseMoa’s official website so that tells you a lot :3 He always wears long sleeves when he’s performing which is a good way to pick him out from the group if you’re having trouble finding him (he’s also the only blonde one which helps, but sometimes people get him and Tomitake confused cause Tomitan has kind of strawberry-blonde hair). Similarly to Niban and Forgeru, he tends to be at the back which is a shame. His member colour is purple.

Other people you may see us posting about from time to time are Zeararu who was a member of MusuMen (MeseMoa’s name before they changed it) and who graduated from (left) the group in February this year (2017). His member colour was orange, which is now why MeseMoa’s overall colour is orange. Another is K’suke who is a very well known Japanese odorite (YouTube/NicoNico dancer) who was in the group for a brief time and now choreographs most of their stuff. He also sometimes does covers with the group (check this one out he did with Shiro, Punta, Aoi and Forgeru).

So yeah! That’s the basics about the members of MeseMoa! Anon, I hope this helped you (and anyone else who’s here because of Shadow Kiss!) to get to know the members better.

I had a lot of fun writing this actually! If you guys have any other questions please feel free to ask us!

~Admin Sakura 🌸

BTS reaction to their crush saying “I love you”

It’s rare that BTS has time off, time to chill, time to see friends, but whenever they did, he would always go and see you. Of course you’d welcome him with open arms, glad to finally have some alone time with your bud without watching the hands of the clock. No matter what you were supposed to be doing that day, you’d blow it off. Got chores? They can wait. Got an assignment? Eh it’s not due until next week, there’s plenty of time. Got work? Pull a sickie. No matter what, you would cancel it to have just one day with him. 

You had been chilling together all day at your place, reminiscing, eating all your food, catching up, ordering take out, making him tell you all about the world of k-pop and all that jazz. 

It was getting late and you were getting so tired, you were literally fighting sleep so you curled up against his side, resting your head on his shoulder. He smiled and put his arm around you, his eyes still on the movie playing so you didn’t see the way his cheeks pinkened at the affection. 

“I love you, you know…” You mumbled sleepily, allowing your eyes to finally close.

Hoseok (aka J-Hope aka Hobi hobi aka sunshine aka J-HOOOPEEEEEEE)

He would freeze at your words, trying desperately to respond but the words wouldn’t form. He was too shocked. He never once thought you’d feel such a way about him. That you’d return his feelings. But you did and he his heart was pounding. Eventually, he found his voice.

“I-I love you too.” He stammered licking his lips. He had expected an instant response but got nothing. Feeling confused, he looked at you to see your eeys closed, lips parted slightly as you breathed deeply. He smiled not being able to feel anything but completely in love as he amdired your peaceful features.


Jimin had been mentally preparing to confess to you himself, it’s all he had been thinking about on the way to your place but the second he saw you, his mind went fuzzy and he couldn’t think straight. It happened everytime he looked at you which is why despite practically falling head over heels the first time you looked his way, he hadn’t managed to confess his intense addiction to you. You were his own special brand of heroine…

Those three simple words that he had been trying to express for months and months to you but you said them so easily as if telling him the time. So simple were your words but his stomach errupted in butterflies and he wanted to hear you say those words for the rest of his life.

He turned to you, ready to spill his guts but found you asleep. His lips curled up into that beautiful, loving smile of his and he kissed you on the head before pulling you closer, planning a romantic date to take you out on the next day so he could return the confession in a way you were sure to never forget.

Seokjin (aka Jin aka puppy aka mama bear)

Jin was always coddling you, making sure you were eating well, sleeping well, healthy, getting enough fresh air and you ALWAYS showed your gratitude. It wasn’t unusual for these words to slip from your mouth as a sign of appreciation. So, at first he didn’t respond. It took him a few minutes to realise that he didn’t feel the same that time. His heart was racing and his face hotter than ususal. He put his hand overhis chest in confusion. St first he was worried he had caught a bug from somewhere and didn’t want you to get it so he moved away. It was only when he was at the other end of the sofa and you had followed him in your sleep to lay your head on his lap that it struck him that the way you said those words wasn’t the same as usual. He looked down at your sleeping features, your words playing through his mind and he realised that you meant them in a different way than usual. His heart raced all over again and he couldn’t deny the fact he felt the same for you.

Jungkook (aka bunny aka STOP THAT WITH YOUR HIPS YOU ARE A CHILD aka why u so young boi u make me feel gross stop)

The second his mind caught up with your words having been preoccupied with the movie he transformed(not so majestically) into JungSHOOK and bolted away with wide eyed, falling onto the floor. Of course this woke you up as you face planted the sofa cushions and you looked at him like he had lost his mind. Which, he had. He had only dreamed of you saying those words(and more but lets keep it PG for tonight kids) for a long time and thought that’s the only way he’d hear them but, no more dream. 

“Did you just, say you love me?” He finally spoke and you nodded slowly. Somehow his eyes widened and you wanted to take a photo, he was such a great face for memes but decided it was not the right time but later though for sure. “Really?” You nodded again. “You love me?” 

“Why would I joke about that?” You asked incredulously. He stared for a moment longer before shuffling over and kneeling up in fornt of you. 

“I love you too.” He replied and it was your turn to grow wide eyed. He smiled at your reaction then mocked your expression by exaggerating it on his own face.

“I know you’re taking the mick but that is literally what you looked like a second ago.” You stated. He tried to slap on a pout and pretend to sulk but was too damn happy and you could see it. So you both smiled widely at eachother before settling down in cute cuddle form his arms wrapping around your body.

Namjoon (aka Rap Monster aka Joonie-kins aka papa bear)

Namjoon was so excited and happy the second he really registered that you confessed to him that he started a cute little speech about how much you meant to him and how he had wanted to be with you for so long and when he was done he wanted to take a photo to capture the moment of your new love life together. So, he picked up his phone and put it on selfie mode, he held it up but he was so overjoyed and shakey that he dropped the device, right onto your sleeping face. You awoke with a shriek, hearing him swearing and apologising profusely. 

“What the hell?” You grumbled straighting up to hold your hand over the sore spot, almost galring at him. “What did you just do?” 

“I was trying to take a photo and dropped my phone.” He confessed with a frown. “Does it hurt?” 

“Of course it hurts!” You moved when he tried to reach out to move your hand so he could see. “Why the hell were you trying to take a photo while I was sleeping?” 

“I’m so sorry, I just wanted to…wait, you were asleep?” 

“Well yeah.” 

“So you didn’t hear any of what I just said?” You shook your head confused. “Okay, I’ll just say it again.” He shuffled to face you better, giving him a second to collect his thoughts before spilling his heart to you in a much more fully formed and articulate way than before. At some point your hand fell to your lap and he could then see the swelling already forming under your eye. 

“Okay, that makes up for the black eye.” You mumbled and he chuckled.

“We should get some ice on that before it does actually turn black.” 

“i hope this isn’t how you always confess your love.” You teased and he rolled his eyes before fetching you some ice so you could cuddle back up and finish watching the rest of the film together.

Taehyung (aka V aka precious boy with the sinful tongue and hands and face and everything aka he kills me)

This little shit wouldn’t let you sleep after that. Not a single chance of it buddy so you can think again. He’d shake you awake and hold you by your shoulders, staring intently into your eyes until you focused on him. 

“I knew I’m your bias.” He finally spoke, the serious look vanishing to be replaced with a teasing grin. You’d roll our eyes and whine trying to curl up to return to sleep. “Ah don’t do that Y/N, tell me how much you love me.” 

“I don’t, it was a joke.” You’d grumble, gasping in shock as his grip suddenly loosened and you fell against the sofa. You’d look at him to see the most heartbroken you had even seen a person. He didn’t even try to hide the hurt.

“You don’t really love me?” He mumbled not giving you the chance to respond. “Because I love you.” 


“I love you.” Your eyes searched his face for a hint of a joke but he was more serious than you had ever seen him. 

“It wasn’t a joke.” You’d confess. “I just thought you were going to tease me.” 

“I was.” He grinned scooting next to you and if you weren’t already in deep with him, it’d probably be uncomfortably close. “But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” 

Yoongi (aka Suga aka Agust D aka precious bby aka what a shit aka bias wrecker right here)

He was close to sleep himself when he heard your words. He thought he had just imagined them but he felt them sink into his skin and he looked at you shocked. You were already deep asleep, you couldn’t help but let sleep take you when so close to Yoongi’s warm body. He was just always so relaxed and chill that a comfortable warm feeling enveloped you and your eyes closed automatically so you could listen to his breathing and block out the rest of the world.

A fond smile lifted his lips and he stroked your hair out of your face to press a gentle kiss to your forehead. He settled back down, taking one of your hands into your own and lacing your fingers together. He hoped that if you woke first and felt your fingers intertwined, you’d understand that he felt the same way for you and when he woke he could use his words to convey his feelings too.

As he drifted to sleep, he was already forming lyrics about you and how he wants your future to be together.

I have no idea why I suddenly changed tense like 12 times but I’m too tired to even change it so soz buddy pretend it’s normal

Thank you for the request @wolffoggirl sorry it was so long I got carried away and apparently can’t write short things haha

Hope you enjoyed it! 

Keep on requesting guys!

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Rank up! Sere hits 300+ followers! Bias list!

Hey everyone! First, I want to thank everyone that has been with me since I started this blog ( like in January or something. I can’t remember. ha). I know some people have left and hope the best for you. I just am glad that everyone likes my interpretation of Akira ( P5kun, Chair-kun , nasty crime boi, the king of memes), where it’s when I make him a little shit or when I get a little angst-y with him ( because the poor boi didn’t deserve anything he went through).

As I said before, I’ve never really connected with any of the previous protagonists. The reason being is that they seemed too perfect ( Yu more than Minato but they both fall into the same category). With Akira, it’s different. You see his failures, how doing the right thing isn’t always the most pleasant out there. You see him actually eyeing the friends that he is around ( mostly Ann and Makoto because of the cutscenes) and learning from his mistakes. How he teases his friends because let’s be honest, a friend teases another friend. They just don’t stand there and be silent for the whole game. I really love this muse and see a lot of traits of myself in him. I am quick to use dry humor and help people out in times of need ( although just like Akira, sometimes this backfires on me). I dunno. Again, I’m emotional over a very handsome boi who has a good voice ( both English and Japanese ) and is edge-master/geek-boy/joker/I got this devilish smirk that everyone loves ( except for Syujin Academy, I swear to the people). Also, go the fuck to sleep!

On to my main point. I want to celebrate with you all so here’s a little list of people who have made my experience enjoyable. Sorry if you don’t get mentioned but there was a lot of people. I still do enjoy every single one of you. >.<

canonical parents who have a meme for a son. good luck and thanks for liking the sill head-canons & stuff: @beyondarrest & @crescentmirrcr

Joker squad aka I don’t know why you follow me but thanks for liking this version: @thecafeleblanc @ophantasma @corruptedpersona @survxvaltrxck @unmasqued @thyace @voleurducoeur @unmaskyourheart

squadgoals aka the shits on his team/life who are too precious for him to lose: @moruganya @empurest @skullheist @frcidyne @pantherclawed @nijxma @yusukc @penaruti @asthetecrown
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P4 peeps aka this little shit is too jelly to be anything but inappropriate at all times (besides Nanako and shrine fox mom) to : @consumedwithcontempt @pawfully @trashcanarcana @gooselullaby @kunaiflourish @sweetpvnk @putonasho @fortunatantei @shrineguardian @steelbanchou @calystegiaidol @venmago @reaperdachi @velvetempress @shinetsuki

P3 senpais aka who are cool because of their envokers: @deathfortune @dolgelo @shadowsboxer @transiens @morecanonthanyou

Goros aka pancakes who can’t decided to be assholes or get into his pants: @the-phantom-crow @vaineglcrie @whtct @inxquisitor @fuseii

DR family aka there’s something about these people that make him feel a little connected. maybe it’s all of the murders happening in the schools or something: @desbearer @nonludum @mystxryious @ayatsurii @hxpelesszetsubx

Ace Attorney family aka because we all know that Akira is basically the phoenix wright of the persona community: @edqewcrth @fan-tasticfour @snarkiestlawyer

OC’s aka people who rock it. bc writing an OC is hard work and effort: @fausselune @aethear

Misc aka a few others: @servatuus  @aiiron @lcvefccl @spriingsong @shieldgraced @lamentis @reaperkiss @millenniumpharaoh @repriiisal @positivepianist @vcgabcnd @rationalclover @hurrxy @wcndyys


Haizaki & Kise Parallel: First Appearance



These are my boys, Finn (aka Big White Fluffy, Fluffernutter, Fluffmonster) and Eddie (aka Eduardo, Edlardo, You Little Shit). I got Finn from the shelter about four years ago, and I got Eddie a year later when it was clear that being an only cat was making Finn neurotic. The vet said it might take them up to a month to get used to each other, but when I brought Eddie home, Finn was like a kid who just got a pony for Christmas. Rather than hissing and growling at the new kitty, Finn followed him around as if awestruck and kept trying to groom Eddie. I separated the two of them at first, as you’re supposed to, but it became clear that keeping them apart was stressing them more than helping. Less than 24 hours after bringing Eddie home, I found them curled up together on the couch.

Finn is shy and retiring, and cuddles from him are rare and precious. He’s got a tiny, squeaky voice, which sounds ridiculous coming from a 16 pound cat with a magnificent neck ruff. He adores the fireplace and will block heat vents whenever the furnace is running (yesterday, I had to turn on the AC, and the look of BETRAYAL on Finn’s face when he got a blast of COLD air up his butt was spectacular). He has a habit of lounging around and looking photogenic only to ruin the shot at the last second. He is also more than a little anxious and easily startled, the poor dear.

Eddie, on the other hand, is a love sponge. He assumes that everyone who comes to the house is there to pet him and give him treats. When it comes to food, I have met beagles who show more restraint. He has devised multiple ways of waking me when he has decided it is kibble time, including batting a metal pull chain against a glass lampshade, so that it sounds like he is ringing a service bell. He is also, to put it bluntly, kind of gross. Butt-licking in public, farting, scooting his ass on the carpet in front of company… But he’s adorable and a great cuddle-buddy.