aka the little shit

Okay I am really sick and tired of people complaining about how mean Lance is to Keith, and I’m here to remind you that Keith is just as willing of a participant in their banters! Not to mention, Keith says mean things to Lance without being provoked either! For example

  • “We could toss out some nonessential weight” said to Lance specifically in the first episode
  • purposely misleading Lance in the invisible maze. 
  • “I’M NOT SCARED!!!” as he does the same thing as Lance, and also goes faster because he wants in to the competition too
  • “What’s that? I-I can’t hear you, you’re cutting off!” aka Keith being a little shit for fun
  • “The amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane” Keith insults Lance without provocation. Hell, Lance didn’t even talk to Keith thus far in that scenario, it was Keith that initiated the banter
  • The entirety of the elevator/pool scene. Keith was rude to Lance when Lance didn’t do anything

Also have you guys seen teenage boys bantering? That’s what they do. There’s really no real venom to their words. Not to mention Keith and Lance have many instances of getting along well. Plus Keith is pretty rude to everyone at one point. He says a lot of mean things to Pidge as well.

Plus, Lance also engages in similar banter with Hunk and Pidge. Pidge makes waaay more cruel remarks to Lance and everyone else yet I don’t see y’all hating on her. Only being happy at how “sassy” she is. Stop right there. Enough with the colourism. If you’re gonna blame Lance for being mean to Keith, you also better blame Keith and Pidge for being mean to Lance as well.


context: grog the goliath barbarian has been trying to grow a beard for like ten episodes and vax’ildan the half-elven rogue is a little shit.

aka the time travis willingham snapped a mechanical pencil in two.

ill take care of you

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philkas au in which lukas gets sick, and philip takes care of him (aka lukas is a little shit because he just is)

Considering Bo still isn’t the biggest fan of Philip and Lukas being together, Philip is shocked to get a call from him before school. He tells him that Lukas is home sick, and he would stay home with him, but he’s heading to the city for a day, and doesn’t want Lukas all by himself. Philip tells him he’ll stop by after school, and stay the night.

Bo even tells him thank you, and says he’ll call Helen and Gabe to make sure it’s alright.

The minute the bell rings Philip is heading for his bike, and starting down the path that leads to Lukas’ house.

The house is quiet when Philip leans his bike against the porch. He finds the door unlocked, and goes inside, still hearing nothing.

“Lukas?” He calls.

He hears a mumbled groan from upstairs, and he climbs up them, stopping in Lukas’ doorway.

Lukas is curled up on his side on top of rumpled sheets, wearing only a pair of sweats. There’s a small trash can beside his bed, and Philip can smell the vomit from across the room.

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Haizaki & Kise Parallel: First Appearance

rboooks  asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I really love your fic "show me skied on fire" and I can't wait for the next chapter .

Ohhh I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!! ;//u\;  Thank you so much for letting me know <3333

whispers and hey under the cut if you !! want it!! there’s a little bit of a drabble that’s kind of a spin-off-y prequel bit to Skies (or, like, marco & lu’s first meeting kind of thing) 

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@letswreakhavoc and I are being little shits and creating pure sin™ aka Maggie/Lena past fuck buddies headcanons and arguments over who’s gonna top..


Pieces of my Character Design final!!  I did a modern take on Chinese mythological characters, namely Sun WuKong (The Monkey King), NeZha, AoGuang (the dragon king) and GuanYin, the Goddess of Mercy.  

This class was a lot of fun, and I hope that you guys’ll enjoy this take on these classical characters.  :)

Neck!Kink Masterlist

Black and Blue- waffletrashcrap

Summary:  Dan drags Phil to a nightclub where Phil somehow loses him. He is bought a drink by a stranger and a very drunk Dan let’s him know who Phil really belongs to…

Bite Me - placentaandllamas

Summary: Dan’s busy writing an e-mail, but Phil wants attention.

Dancing on Ivory (ao3) -  imtoopickywithusernames

Summary:  Dan’s fingers danced across the keys, playing notes nobody really paid any attention to, except, it would seem, a raven haired boy at the back of the room.

Four Years Agoactuallyroz

Summary: Dan and Phil’s relationship from 2009 - now.

Just From Your Neck - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary:  Dom!Phil lies Dan on his stomach, and kisses his neck.

Premature Sonic Fun - adayinthelifeofphan

Summary: Dan and Phil are wrestling and Phil straddles Dan and touches Dan’s neck thinking he hates it.

Satan Snake - lestrs-phil

Summary: Dan and Phil haven’t had sex in a while and Phil is being a tease (aka a little shit) about it.

Shower Adventures - lesterpeach

Summary: Dom!Phil inspired by their Sims4 video (#6 Dil Gets Steamy) where Dan makes a comment about Phil liking watching himself in the mirror.

Sweet Surprises - toomanytickles

Summary: “If the cat’s away, the mice will play…" When Dan’s out of the house almost every day of the week nowadays, Phil decides to go snooping in Dan’s room to see what’s up. What he finds, however, is rather shocking and he can’t wait to use it against Dan…

They Say That Love Is Forever, Your Forever Is All That I Need - howellslester

Summary: Dan cheering Phil up.

Trapped In Heat - lestersbitch

Summary: Dan and Phil are trapped in a closet by PJ and their only way out is to simply kiss. Easy right?

Young Volcanoes - pansexualmikey

Summary: Dan was editing his newest video and Phil was doing nothing, absolutely bored, and okay… Kind of in the mood.