aka the great gatsby

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Name: Júlia
Nickname: Jujuba 
Zodiac Sign: sagittarius
Height: 170 cm what I think it’s about 5′6 

Ethnicity: White (my family comes from france, Germany and Italy)

Orientation: lesbian

Favourite Fruit(s): strawberry 
Favourite Season: winter
Favourite Book(s): The Price Of Salt (aka Carol by Patricia Highsmith), Great Gatsby (by Scott Fitzgerald) and Emma (by Jane Austen)
Favourite Flower(s): sunflowers
Favourite Animal(s): dogs (I really don’t fit in any lesbian stereotype, sorry)
Favourite Beverage: vodka with coke, or redbull. 
Average Hours of Sleep: like 5 or 4 hours, depends on the day
Favourite Fictional Characters: Lena Luthor from Supergirl, Carol Aird from Carol, Emma Swan from the first season of Ouat, Luce from Imagine me and you, Capitu from Dom Casmurro and much more that I can’t remember
Number of Blankets You Sleep with: depends on how cold it is, but normally just one
Dream Trip: Europe, for sure. I’ve aready been to France and Portugal, it was great. I would love to go to Germany to see where my family is from
Blog Created: I have really zero idea, I just wanted to talk with people about supercorp (I haven’t really met many people, but I don’t regret it)
Number of Followers: 30, sorry I’m not popular at ALL
20 Followers I tag: @killianjones (you are the only person I normally talk to, so it’ll be only you honey)

anonymous asked:

Hi ☺.. Can you please make a school survival kit? Or what do you bring to school post? Thx ☺

Fist off sorry for the terrible quality of these photos, my camera is currently broken. 
This is what I usually take to school. The text books/copies depend on homework/classes I have that day etc. So the ones shown are examples.

Picture 1 - My Pencil Case (from left to right)

Picture 2 - My Bag (from left to right)

  • My bag (with cat badges) - I’m not actually sure what brand this is…
  • A book incase of a free class (Eleanor and Park is one of my favourites)
  • Calculators (I take two) - Sharp and Casio
  • Geometry set
  • Notebook - Tiger
  • Glasses (they’re not showing up in the pictures)
  • USB Key (with penguin keyring)
  • Hair Scrunchies
  • Locker Key (with Mickey Mouse keyring)
  • French Dictionary (Mainly kept in my locker)

Picture 3 - Books (from left to right)

  • Folder for English notes 
  • Hardback copy (I have one of these for most subjects)
  • Art textbook (just an example of one of the many I carry)
  • Press and Clamp File Folder 
  • Pukka Pad with all my study notes (aka my Bible)
  • The Great Gatsby (I’m studying this for English)
  • School Journal (it’s open as I don’t want you guys to know what school I go to (:)