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I Know You All Over Again - Trixie Mattel at the Laurie Beechman Theater in New York City 5/25/17


Daisy Ridley and Dev Patel backstage at the 2016 Oscars

BTS Intro Post

Title; BTS Intro Post

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Type; Intro Post

Group/Member; BTS – OT7

Authors Notes; Enjoy! I’m soo terribly sorry it’s so late! Hope it’s what you wanted!! 😊 Also this is a rlly rlly long post with lots of facts and photos so um ye…have fun. Tbh all this post does is just prove what a big ‘ol piece of trash i am because 95% of these facts were from memory, I typed all dis shit out guys…im fuckin dead now. These are all facts from websites that I remember, certain nicknames are not necessarily what I call them but some dso. kbye 😊 x


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So I’m really wondering how Yondu even could pull that “We will eat ya”-joke off for so many years. The whole crew would have to play along for it to work long enough that the little Terran boy really became scared of it.

I headcanon that Yondu got the idea from Peter himself, since the boy probably was scared to death and had seen movies or heard stories where aliens eat humans, and Yondu found the question “Are… are you going to eat me?” so hilarious that he just rolled with it and was all like “Sure, boy, if ya don’t do as I say, I will do that.”

But once Peter got to meet the rest of the crew, this could quickly become awkward and Yondu would have to think fast – the threat is not only funny, but it actually helps keeping the curious, reckless child in line, and he doesn’t want to lose that tool yet.

So one day Yondu just warns Peter that he should steer clear of the rest of the crew (can’t let the boy get into trouble when Yondu isn’t there to watch over him) and tells him in all seriousness that “Those boys of mine will eat ya, ya better stay with me, Quill”.

And Tullk, who’s standing next to them, stares at Yondu, “Uh, Capt’n, I don’t think that the boys woulda eat…”

Yondu glares at him.

“… Oh. Ooooh, right, yeah, they are… gunna eat ye, boy. Better stay away.”

“Ya heard ‘im, Quill.”


And Kraglin scratches the back of his neck where he is standing a few feet away, wondering if that is really a good idea. Peter is pale as a ghost and yet looks more fierce and determined to not get eaten than really scared of the thought.

This probably won’t turn out as a good idea, not at all.