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Wynonna Earp aka Me Being A Part of Yet Another Gay Migration

So I finally decided to watch Wynonna a few days ago and finished it today…(SPOILERS)

- no wonder people left Supergirl for this show I mean

- the cast is amazing


- men (Dolls, Doc, Jeremy) who aren’t actual assholes???? men who are supportive? men who are not mansplaining?? men who don’t force women into being with them??? actual heroes???  … #TakeNotesMon-El

- the whole show is basically Lost Girl in Texas

- also motherfucking Tamsin showed up and got killed, AGAIN??? :(

- I wish they took a bit more time to explain things cause sometimes I get lost but I can forgive them that

- #TheEarpSisters giving me flashbacks of when we actually got to see #TheDanversSisters

- why is everyone so mean to Rosita??????? :((((( she doesn’t deserve that

- shit Wynonna says is actual gold

- #WayHaught aka #WayTooHot? sign me up for this shit, ALTHOUGH I don’t really understand how they got together like…one moment they met each other, the next Waverly jumped Nicole in sheriff’s office? #k

- also Nicole kinda looks like my ex so

- but they are absolutely adorable and I am happy no lesbian died #yet

- I love the way everyone was okay that Waverly was suddenly gay + Wynonna’s reactions were actually funny to watch and not homophobic (unlike Kara when Alex came out to her, she was being quite awful at first, let’s be honest)

- Jeremy is literally what Winn Schott was supposed to be - POC, gay and absolutely cute (+ having crushes on his friends without actually kissing them or forcing them to feel guilty about not returning his feelings :)))

- Waves and Jeremy are the cute lil gays we deserve

- also love the fact how fragile Waverly looks but how badass she actually is?? (and everyone loves her)

- them actually saying WayHaught on the show - YAS QUEEN

- Game of Thrones references

- (why doesn’t the baby’s name start with a W? is it like only those who are still under the curse have it?)