aka the cutest baby in the world

Sick Baby (Jimin)

And now it’s time for the first half of the Busan line, an actual angel with the cutest lil face that’s also really fucking pretty like he looks unreal sometimes he’s just s o fucking ni CE, Park Jimin aka chim

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  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he has one bby, his angel, his world, his bby girl
  • Okay so I have this head canon that when Jimin loves someone, he absolutely l o v e s them, like he just gives them his entire heart and bby girl is not an exception to that at all
  • She is his everything, if he could spend every single second with her, he would in a heartbeat bc he just loves her so much
  • They’re not separated very often tbh if you need to find one just look for the other bc she’s typically waddling behind him, her smol lil hand in his
  • She’s lil in every way, she’s just a smol bby bub that’s carried around by everyone bc they all just wanna squeeze her and hug her and give her kisses
  • I mean she’s a baby female version of Jimin like that shit is cute as fuck, if people want to smother Jimin in kisses, how’s it gonna be when there’s a bub version of him
  • He always put her hair into pigtails bc he finds it so fucking adorable and she loves it too bc she can wiggle around and feel her hair whipping around too so she gets all giggly and then he gets giggly and it’s just giggles all around blE SS
  • She’s always just a ray of sunshine bc Jimin is an actual angel so that passes onto her, she’s just going around making everyone happy and keeping them smiling even if she has to make a funny face (she’s not afraid to do it)
  • So when she starts acting a bit off, not as bright and chipper, Jimin knows something is up bc his bby is normally the first one up in the morning but today, she has to be carried out of bed
  • She looks super super cute with her lil head of bed hair and her sleepy blinks that makes Jimin wonder if she’s fully awake or not but he’s more concerned about how warm her face is
  • Her lil bby cheeks are all rosy pink and her entire face is just hot and she seems overheated even though it’s a bit cold in the house
  • She’s clinging onto Jimin which she doesn’t really do usually, normally she just kinda chills in his arms and knows that he’ll really only put her down if he has to do something important or if she asks him to but now she’s got his shirt in a tight grip and she’s refusing any offer of being put down
  • He just knows that she probably feels like shit and his heart is breaking in half right then and there bc his lil bby bub this isn’t good
  • He’s not sure where she got the fever from (or who) but he isn’t that worried about it, it’s already happened so he has to focus on nursing his bby back to health
  • He was gonna meet up with Tae for lunch but he calls him and cancels it bc he can’t just leave his bby girl when she has a fever and honestly Tae understands 100 percent so they just reschedule it for another day and then Tae’s off to the store with a list of things Jimin asked him to get that will hopefully make her feel better
  • While they wait for Tae to bring the stuff over, Jimin just keeps comforting her and he tries to get her to eat a lil bit of breakfast
  • Once he realizes that’s a no go, he goes back to just holding her and giving her v v gentle kisses bc he’s already super gentle with her bc she’s smol and fragile but now that she’s not feeling well, he’s even gentler bc the last thing he wants to do is make her feel any worse
  • Tae finally arrives and gives her head a lil kiss before leaving Jimin to it
  • Chim sets up this lil bed on the beanbag chair for her, he gets the fluffiest blanket he can and he brings down her favorite teddy bear along with the new plush panda he had Tae buy and of course some pillows
  • He lets her wear one of his shirts so she’s extra comfy and then he tucks her in and makes sure she’s cozy and comfortable and doesn’t need anything at the moment
  • He sets up her favorite show and gives her a bby bottle filled some juice so she can just drink and watch and relax and hopefully feel better
  • He does give her some medicine and tells her to just drink it and then go straight for the juice so it isn’t too yucky
  • Her face after drinking the medicine is priceless but he can’t think about that rn, he’s too worried about her
  • He makes her some soup, her favorite soup of course, and feeds it to her while she watches the next episode
  • She lets him baby her bc she is his bby after all and if she wasn’t sick, she’d totally be giggling the entire time
  • After her lunch, it doesn’t take her long to doze off with her hand in Jimin’s while his free hand stroked her hair 
  • He ends up falling asleep with her, propped up on the beanbag chair and his head resting against hers
  • Thankfully, she does feel a bit better when she wakes up
  • He gets so happy seeing her sleepy smile again and he just gives her that love filled look as she’s cuddling her new panda bc he’s just s o fucking in love he loves her so much she’s his everything
Being on tour with Ash like:

- “Baby!! I am so glad you’re here!! We’re gonna go sight seeing and take pictures and- hey!! Stop rolling your eyes at me!! :(”

- him kissing every inch of your face because he is just so excited that you’re with him finally

- him making sure he has tons of extra blankets and pillows on the bus so your cuddles are super snuggly

- really aggressive sex because it’s been awhile since Ash has seen you much less got to be with you so he kinda just loses himself in your body

- “God baby, I missed you.”

- getting to wear all of his t shirts because he gets super smiley and giggly and blushy when you do :(

- making tons of playlists together for when you have to leave

- holding your hand, or your waist, or your shoulders, constantly

- a lot of shopping (aka third wheeling cashton dates)

- “Baby doll, take this picture of me please!! :D”

- exploring the city that they’re in and him taking tons of candids of you and posting most of them

- trying new foods and giggling at each others reactions

- taking videos of you all week because “Petal, you are by far the cutest thing in the world.”

- getting to sit on his lap and play his drums during soundcheck

- him pouting when the boys suggest you replace Ashton in the band

- “You’re all just jealous I have great hair and I’m getting laid every night for the next two weeks.”

- pissing him off by teaming up with the boys to see who can make the most accurate facial expression of Ashton while he’s drumming


- “Fuck I missed this, missed you. You can’t leave again baby, I won’t let you.”

- riding him a lot and having lots of bruises on your hips

- sleepy snuggles on the bus where you’re both crammed into his tiny bunk 

- waking you up super early and taking you to a very nice breakfast on your last day of tour with them

- “I love you darling,” *kiss* “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

- getting off your flight back home to several missed texts and calls from Ash because he already misses you and no one is around to stop the boys from terrorizing him anymore :/


we are happy to announce the founding of the sister organization to the iconic #yeriprotectionsquad, the #winwinprotectionsquad.

founded by nct’s leader and wannabe badboy, lee taeyong, our goal is to spread love and support for the cutest strawberry lemon snow cone, dong sicheng, aka winwin, traditional chinese dancer, kpop idol, and most loved member of nct.

squad activities include loving and protecting this soft, beautiful creature, arts and crafts, napping, ice cream, and overall joy. every second thursday of the month, taeyong leads the squad in a winwin praise circle, in which everyone sits in a circle, winwin in the middle, and compliments him. after the praise circle they go play with baby animals and eat more ice cream.

join us and feel the love

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852 subscribers away. GUYS WE NEED TO DO THIS. I have faith in the Phandom and I believe that we can do this by tomorrow. In case your not sure why to subscribe to Phil I’ve come up with a list of reasons why. https://www.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil

- He’s the most adorable thing you’ve probably ever seen.

- He’s been on YouTube for 8 years aka a YouTube dinosaur.

- He has such good quality content.

- He has the cutest bromance with his best friend Dan.

- He is such an inspiration.

- He is an innocent little baby I can’t even.

- He doesn’t swear like most YouTubers.

- He has the world record for coin stacking.

- The tongue thing.

- Did I mention he’s adorable like seriously, Google him.

- Although he’s 27 he looks like a 19 year old.

- I swear he could end up as a result to world peace.

- And more

So no matter what fandom you are in, he is sure to brighten your day and if doesn’t you can’t be human. He such an amazing YouTuber and person. So come and join us in the loving of this beautiful boy. I warn you, we can get defensive but that’s only because we love him. Picture of our adorable baby below.

WARNING - Joining the Phandom can result in extreme feels. Bring tissues.

Adorable Phil

Attractive Phil

Derp Phil

Just Phil in general

More adorable Phil

Not Phil but find out who this is by going to his channel.

Even more adorable Phil

Thank you for your time. :)

Dating Jimin would consist of:

Hey so I did one of these with Chanyeol a long time ago but I’m feeling Jimin af lately so why not write something for the cutest little muffin man

  • ok so the government officially claimed that jimin is actually the 8th wonder of the world so dating this little bean would be absolutely marvelous
  • jimin is so cute and sweet behind closed doors like he’s definitely the type to be a 100% gentleman when he needs to be and kinky af when appropriate but let’s start with the cute stuff first
  • he’s definitely the type to open doors for you and push out your chair for you like even when you’re at home 
  • you could go into the kitchen to sit down and he’d be occupied making breakfast for the two of you and he’d rush over and pull out the chair for you because he’s extra af and you love it 
  • even tho he’s lowkey a freak (don’t argue with me on this okay) ((have you seen the boy on stage)) he’s really into cutesy little things like buying you flowers and surprising you with a cute lil candlelit dinner after you come home from a long day at work
  • and he’s like “hi baby” and you’re standing at the front door like :O because the kitchen lights are slightly dimmed and candles are creating a sensual lighting and even though there’s like ten thousand dirty dishes all over the counter tops you can’t help but smile because look at that little beAN of a boyfriend you have
  • “i know work has been stressing you out lately so i decided to make your favorite meal”
  • and you’d scream a little because the boy is still in his outfit from practice and you’re thinking to yourself “ah you’ve been on your feet all day please sit”
  • but he insists on treating you like a princess and serving you food for you and pouring your drink for you and you spend the entire meal just talking about anything and everything and sometimes he eye smiles and you’re like boY i’m boutta choke on this here meal if you keep this up
  • but anyways let’s get to the stuff you’re all here for shall we
  • kissing 
  • kissing o boy o boy he sure does love a lot of it
  • he’s such a sweet kisser
  • kissing while smiling
  • kissing while he’s around the boys
  • kissing while doing damn near everything
  • he loves to kiss you
  • and sometimes he gets scolded for it
  • but he doesn’t care
  • and he can’t keep his hands off of you
  • he’s definitely the type to just LOVE to touch you (not even sexually) ((ya nasty)) like just to touch you because it puts his mind at ease and it makes him happy and he just loves you so mUCH
  • you could be walking in a mall or something and he’d just run his fingers along your sides or through your hair
  • and holding hands with this little peach o goD 
  • he strikes me as someone who loves to swing your arms back and forth while you’re holding hands
  • and everyone thinks you’re both the cutest couple in the entire world because let’s be real you are
  • now it’s time to switch lanes aka what jimin makes us all do at one time or another
  • jimin in bed
  • welp so i personally think he likes nothing too crazy like bdsm or something like maybe just a lil bit of spanking is as far as he’d go
  • but he’d love to kiss you everywhere if ya know what i’d mean
  • like ik he’s an innocent lil baby but he definitely can get down ya know he seems like the type who would be totally into going down on ya because he loves the way he can make you feel 
  • and he likes to make sure you’re satisfied completely because he cares so much about you and he’s always making sure everything is a-okay
  • but when you say those magic words all hell breaks loose and he’s a rough lil fucker (only if u say so obviously!!!!!)
  • oops too far i’m sorry
  • but in all honestly jimin is such a gem like dating him would be such an absolute joy because he’s so sweet and caring and sensitive and he’d worship you just as much as you worship him and he’d always ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure to tell you he loves you everyday because he needs you to know how much he does really love you

so, i haven’t done one of these in a while & i figured it was time. the last time i did one of these, i think i’d just hit like… 800 followers?? & i honestly thought THAT was a lot. but i’m never less grateful for every single one of you that decide to hit that little plus sign & follow me, because it means so. much.to have people that actually like me & my portrayal enough to have me stinking up their dash 24/7. let’s be honest, i’m a rotten fiesta potato. i mean am i right or am i right. i’ve been playing scotty for over a year now, & every time i think i couldn’t love him anymore wOOPS another day goes by and i continue to be in love with a fictional character. but hey, i signed my soul away & i’m alright with it. I’VE ACCEPTED IT. because i really think i’ve done a good job of bringing him to life & staying true to him as well as i know how, & i’m so lucky & happy to be able to say that 1.1k people at least agree in some aspect??? i just, i. i love you guys so much & you’re all so amazing & i wish that i could roleplay with every single one of you but HONESTLY i’m incapable of being that productive. but i still stalk everyone & appreciate everyone and s OB over these people’s writing skills on a daily basis. hell, even if i’ve never talked to them out of character a day in my life. anyway, thank you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. for loving me & loving scotty & actually interacting with me & liking my posts & being cuties because i notice every bit of it & it always makes me smile!!! ;’)) if i forget everyone, consider yourself telepathically mentioned because i LOVE YOU. 

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