aka the best part of this movie

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: bts member kim taehyung aka "v" has acted flawlessly throughout all of prologue and every story oriented music video has been an impeccable performance one after the other on his part, bts' new short film series "WINGS" allows him to once again show his immense amount of talent in the field of acting within his own video "STIGMA" which is currently marked as the third release in the series, with this i conclude that kim taehyung is one of the best, hopefully upcoming actors in the korean movie and drama scene and i cannot wait to see him act again

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African Violet, Amethyst, Bright Ube ✨

My angel always pulling through for me 💕💕

  • african violet: what is the strangest genre of music you listen to?

Honestly I dont think this is that strange but I have a whole playlist on spotify which is classical music? Like I’ll get down to Pachelbel’s Cancon D idgaf it’s so great. It was my study playlist and now it’s just me jamming out to violin solos and honestly it’s so great. 

  • amethyst: what is your birthstone?

My birthstone is a Ruby and honestly how amazing is that!!!! It’s the name of my best friends dog and also it’s red aka the colour that @leejinklies trademarked like wow what a great birthstone!!!

  • bright ube: if you could live in a book, tv show or movie, what would it be?

For a VERY long time I had these day dreams where I was a part of the Harry Potter universe  and tbh I was a great witch who could cast wordless spells and was a large part of Dumbledores Army so I pick that universe

How To: On The Spot

Pairing: Joel Heyman x Reader
Words: 374
Description: Joel and Adam decide to How To: On The Spot, but Joel has another plan. (AKA I wrote this before I made this account, and here it is!)

“My first team are best known as the stunt doubles for Mario and Luigi in that terrible live action movie. Since then, they retired from stunt life, and this is their first non stunt gig. It’s Adam Ellis and Joel Heyman!

"My second team are a pair of animal wranglers with their own tv show, in which they wrestle alligators often, with crazy results. Spoiler, that’s not her real leg, and at least half of him is fake body parts. It’s Gus Sorola and (Y/N)!”

Jon smiled at the camera. “And I’m your host Jon Risinger, welcome to On the Spot!”

You shifted in your seat. When Jon had asked you to fill in at the last second for On the Spot, you didn’t realize you were competing against Joel, who you had been hiding a crush on for the past few months. So it was very uncomfortable for you when he smiled your way and you attempted to smile back. You didn’t think anything was odd, but the way the guys would grin at each other made you worry.

Team names were decided; Adam and Joel called themselves Team How To, while you and Gus eventually settled on Team Tiny and the Mexican.

And then it was time to play. The first round was pretty simple, just a game of Cunning Linguistics, in which every answer got more ridiculous as the round progressed.

Then things got weird during “Sync About It”.

“Alright, Team How To. Your prompt is, "How To Ask Someone Out”. Starting with Joel. Sixty seconds, and go!“




The bell chimed, and Gus immediately jumped in. “(Y/N)!”



The bell rang again, and Gus jumped in before you could. “Fuck!”













The bell chimed as the buzzer sounded, meaning the game had ended.

“Alright, let’s read this: First you ask (Y/N) out to fuck, and out to dinner after. Then maybe you kiss her, and she says…”

“What do you say, (Y/N)?” Joel had moved to kneel in front of you, smiling up at you with that charming smile. “Go out with me?”

“…I…of course! Yes, yes, yes!”

can we please talk about one of the best parts of civil war aka natasha’s fucking SPOT. ON. characterization?? nat is the one with the most reasonable approach to the situation and carefully considers each side, because natasha is playing the long game and she wants to do whatever’s best for the team. and the russos didn’t toss away her friendship with steve at all like we were afraid of, in fact they made it better. because natasha didn’t go to that funeral to get steve to sign the accords, she went because she cares about steve. natasha  was the one who understood and respected what capturing bucky would have done to steve, so she let them go because her friendship with steve and his happiness is more important to her than any accords. natasha was amazing in this movie and anyone who says differently can fight me.

I can honestly say that everyone was right about this show – the best part is definitely this huge mansion. God, you guys are probably having the time of your life, living in luxury and all, innit? Well, I’m glad the interior is nice on the eyes. Sorry for my rambling, oops. I’ve unpacked my suitcases so I definitely do deserve some rest now. Do you happen to know if the movie room collection consists of movies that just premiered or do I have to spend money to go watch Pitch Perfect 2 at the cinema ??

Jurassic World vs. my love for Claire... SPOILERS

The best part about Jurassic World was that Chris Pratt was advertized as the sole main character, “the hero” and although his character is a big part of the movie, Claire is the character that initiates the movie.

Her nephews come to the park because of her and then get lost in it, her character is the one that moves the movie along (sets herself and Owen to go after the kids), saves Owen aka the believed sole main male character and procedes to save everyone when she risks her life so she can release the T-Rex that ends up saving them all.

Besides all of this, she’s the one that gets character development from the beginning of the movie to the end. She begins the movie as super involved in her work, so much so that she neglects her nephews, she is uptight and nothing considered as adventurous but in the end she grows closer to her nephews, she is scared that her sister won’t let her see them again, she goes after her nephews when she knows the chances of her coming back are slim, etc.

Like, seriously… Claire is the real hero of the movie.