aka the best film ever

I realized that anyone who’s never actually seen Pride & Prejudice (2005) dir. Joe Wright aka one of the best films in cinematic history has probably only ever seen this scene in gif form and that just doesn’t do it justice please watch this and then watch the entire film


Sobbin’ Women - Seven brides for seven brothers


Favourite Christmas Films
101 Dalmatians (1996)

Fools aren’t born, Pongo. Pretty girls make them in their spare time.

i got tagged by the love of my life @hectorbaberin thank you!

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Nicknames: I don’t actually have a nickname, i’m just known as Amelia
Gender: Female
Star sign: Gemini
Height: 5″3
Time right now: 11:19am, thank god for half term right
Last thing i googled: Van gogh’s paintings in the national gallery
Favourite bands: Oasis and The Kinks (My dad keeps saying I should support man city if I love Oasis that much…. like honey I’d do anything for Noel Gallagher but I wouldn’t do that)
Favourite solo artists: Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran
Song stuck in my head: The Charles the Second song from Horrible Histories???? I don’t know why???? but honestly…what a banger
Last movie i watched: Logan, aka. the best film I’ve ever seen?? like in my life??
Last tv show i watched: Line of Duty (honestly one of the best British shows, watch this not sherlock or dr who (also why do people watch sherlock when Luther exists???like??? Idris Elba honey…))
When did you create your blog: 6 months ago on the 6th!!
What stuff do you post: Football and memes lads
When did you blog reach its peak: I havent even had this blog for a year so
Do you have any other blogs: Yeah I have my main, it only consists of films, memes and text posts talking about how much i wanna die lmao
Do you get asks regularly: No, please send me some, anyone
Why did you choose your url: Because i love Mesut so much??? Even if I do talk shit i’d still die for him??
Following: 362 (with a mainblog as well tho)
Posts: 4,963 
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Pokemon team: I only ever played Pokemon Go but I was team Mystic
Favourite colours: Light blue, black and red
Average hours of sleep: Mans….. anything between 2-10 hours..
Lucky numbers: 13
Favourite characters: Oswald Cobblepot, Arthur Shelby and Leslie Knope
What are you wearing right now: My pjs
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 and a duvet
Dream job: Army military police or a police officer for the Merseyside
Dream trip: Iceland, and i’m going next year with my family and i’m so damn excited omg. Also Italy and i’m going this summer asdhadgawj i’m gonna die!!

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Has anyone ever seen the movie Hackers, aka the best movie ever put to film? Here’s a synopsis please watch this movie.

A teenage hacker finds himself framed for the theft of millions of dollars from a major corporation. Master hacker Dade Murphy, aka Zero Cool, aka Crash Override, has been banned from touching a keyboard for seven years after crashing over 1,500 Wall Street computers at the age of 11. Now keen to get back in front of a monitor, he finds himself in more trouble than ever.