aka the best day of my freaking life


So I am going to post this on here again because it constantly makes me happy watching and remembering this amazing day! Easter Sunday at Anime Boston, March 27th 2016, I proposed to the absolute love of my life, Alyssa, aka @gokusagicosplay!

I was so freaking nervous and I was trying to figure out the best time to do it! She hosts a Sailor Moon photoshoot every year Friday - Sunday, so I figured she wouldn’t expect it and I took my chance! Side note, she also told me about a dream she had about me proposing during the photoshoot so BOOM, she made my dreams come true, so it was time to make one of hers come true!

I told her I wanted to have my best friend Aaron record me “proposing” with roses, while panning the camera as if I was making a Cosplay Music Video a ton of talented people make at conventions! After doing the small rose, then the giant one, someone jumped in and almost messed it up! They were super nice but Alyssa almost walked away! I told her one more and Boom!

In the end, she said yes! Now we are planning a Sailor Moon/cosplay themed wedding! I’ve never been so happy in my life and I owe this all to Alyssa! Sorry for this sappy post! xD

Ok oh my god I just learned the dumbest thing. Get ready for a historical etymology class team!

So for those of you lovelies keeping up with my fic Some Assembly Required you are already familiar with what grad school can do to your back. This is based on my actual life the best two years, and let me tell you that many people can attest to the fact that you can hear them freaking grind when I shrug. It’s disgusting.

Anyway, so I’ve been seeing this lovely RMT about it, and the other day I asked if that weird ass noise (aka gravel crunching under flesh) had a fancy medical name. She informs me it’s called “crepitus” but doesn’t know the etymology, and I couldn’t figure it out while blissed out and getting a massage. When I got home I looked it up and OH MY GOD.

So back in the day christians and pagans didn’t get along - shocking, I know. But the fun bit is that besides the murder and mayhem and general horrific stuff between them, they also shit posted each other whenever possible. So pagans would write shit like “oh yay, this super poor, homeless, blue collar dude hung out with losers and then was executed by the state, I totally want to be just like him when I grow up. Idiots.” And pagans wrote crap like “oh no, I stubbed my toe, I should now make a sacrifice to the god of toes. Lunatics.” And so on.

One time in particular, the christians were teasing the pagans for having a god for everything and they said there was even a god of tummy grumbles, aka of farts. They called him Crepitus.

So….the official medical term for muscles grinding together all gross-like is the name of a made-up fart god, and if that doesn’t explain how ridiculous both ancient history and medical terminology are then nothing will.

Okay, but let’s think about how amazing and valuable Misty’s line in Revelation Lugia/The Power of One is.

The dub translated it as: “He’s never alone because he’s got me.”

The original sub was: “He’s my burden.”

No matter how you look at it, the sub was much more telling about Ash and Misty’s relationship than the dub was.

Here these characters are, facing what seems to be the end of the world, waiting almost too patiently for their friend, Ash, to come back to them. They realize it’s been too long and decide they need to create and initialize their plan b. At the same time, we the viewers finally see the climax of the Melody/Misty bond!rivalry!friendship that the entire movie has been teasing us with.

The setting of the moment is Melody telling Misty to take her flute so that she can go find Ash because it’s not fair – it’s not right – that they should depend on him single-handedly for anything so important. Misty takes in those words and contemplates them for a moment, then smiles softly and shakes her head and says with utter confidence: “He’s my burden/He’s got me.”

“He’s my burden.”

AKA: “He’s my responsibility.”

Misty, a ten year old girl who has spent the past however many hours, days, weeks, months trying to convince everyone who jokes to her about her flirtatious relationship with Ash that there’s nothing going on there has just admitted out loud without any negative context that she is taking responsibility for her best friend’s life. She says this while smiling, as if it comes naturally, as if she’s accepted it all for what it is. He’s not her burden in an unfavorable sense. She cares so freaking much that she accepts the duty to selflessly care for and take responsibility for Ash’s life no matter the repercussions with a smile on her face.

This is a huge thing. She’s freaking ten years old and she says this line. It’s not the heat of the moment, it’s not like anyone pressured her into doing so. She willingly says this on her own. She’s being completely honest and open here.

No other human character in the show, let alone one as young as her, has said such a thing about anyone else.

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I met all of my heroes except two, (Michael Bohn & Sky Acord.) I ended up getting to meet all of OM&M. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. They helped me so much, and they mean everything to me. I shook Austin’s hand, and high fived Aaron.  I went to the Issues bandhappy class. They are literally walking ray of sunshines oh my god. It was the best feeling ever being able to hug the people I look up to most. They taught so many awesome things about music, and song writing! I walked up to Ty after the class, and hugged him so tight. Aj was so cute and sweet & I couldn’t get my phone to take the picture so I have like 5 pictures of me & him laughing. & Josh wasn’t even in the bandhappy class, but he came up with his scooter and just stopped by. I went up to him and asked for a picture and obviously he said yes. I then hugged him, and he knocked a sign over lol. Then came Tyler. I didn’t think I would get to hug him because everyone was obviously surrounding him like normal. I yelled at him and was like “Tyler!!” and I asked for a hug while I was crying. Best day ever, they are my sunshines. It was an amazing experience. When I was in line for the OM&M signing, I saw that Fronz was doing photos. I freaked out because the line was so short and his was almost over. My friend saved me and my best friend a spot in the OM&M line, and we ran over to meet Fronz. He was so nice and sweet and I’m so glad I met him. We were the last two to go to his, so thank god we went then. They all mean the world to me and it was a dream come true, aka the best day of my entire life.