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“Small world.”
“It is, isn’t it.”

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No One Else
Lauren Zakrin
No One Else

Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812 - August 19th 2017, 8pm

Lauren Zakrin’s last performance as Natasha

Lauren Zakrin as Natasha

harry potter books rated by hinny
  • SORCERER'S/PHILOSOPHER'S STONE: ginny became the ultimate harry fangirl in .2 seconds. 8/10.
  • CHAMBER OF SECRETS: harry literally saved her life and also described her face as glowing like the setting sun what kind of poetic shit. 12/10.
  • PRISONER OF AZKABAN: the ridiculous "making eye contact and trying not to laugh when people do weird things" that they do started what kind of soul mate bullshit. ginny made him a goddamn singing get well card when will your otp. 9/10.
  • GOBLET OF FIRE: ginny started relaxing around harry and we all cried. had the opportunity to ditch neville and go with harry instead but like the Perfect Bean she is, kept her promise wtf harry marry her. 9/10.
  • ORDER OF THE PHOENIX: told off harry effin' potter like it was her JOB lbr he was attracted to it. ginny came up with the name dumbledore's army and also was never weird about harry and cho what a respectful. harry was totes in love with her but didn't know it yet. 8/10.
  • HALF BLOOD PRINCE: harry spends most of the book being an idiot and pining and we all cry. SEVERAL SUNLIT DAYS!!!!! WHAT KIND OF!!!!! GINNY JOKING ABOUT HARRY HAVING A TATTOO ON HER CHEST HAS SHE SEEN HIM SHIRTLESS TO CONFIRM?? TATTOO THIS CHAPTER ON MY CHEST!!!! they break up because they're both noble and stupid i'm gonna cry 50/10.
  • DEATHLY HALLOWS: making out in ginny's bedroom aka me sobbing. harry checking the marauder's map to make sure she's okay, hoping she can sense his gaze jesus CHRIST HARRY LITERALLY ALMOST DITCHING HIS ATTEMPTS TO KILL VOLDEMORT BECAUSE BELLATRIX TRIED TO KILL GINNY CHILL PLS!! they get married and ginny loves harry so much she allows him to make questionable name choices we all cry!!!!! 5745938467983476/10.

Sometimes deep in the night, when the world seems a little darker, he can still hear his voice. Hello, Dean, Cas’ll say, little whispers in Dean’s ear, a voice already blurred with the flaws of passing time. And then, at other moments, when the ache in Dean’s chest will get a little harder, it’ll be the unspoken things, painful things—words that were left unsaid.

The only way that Dean can sleep now is by drowning him out with the words of music that he’d once gifted away to Castiel alongside his own heart.

Crys watches Castlevania (6)


What a gorgeous beast. And dat voice.
And oh my, how this cutie is giving burns to the smug bastard, how it is awesome.

I waited for a looong time~

Also need to comment, that Fluffy is good about organizing and Sypha magic is rad. Hella rad. Enjoyed the fighting scene.
And he (let’s go with he) is still uwu noice with really boopable snoot

And I can’t do anything with myself
Alucard, you may be Alucard, bun in tags you will be “Not Sanguinius”

*place to swoon about the how majestic the boi looks like*
*place to say a stupid Twilight referencing joke*
*place for both, I am here*

What a neat sword-o :>
And oh my, dude is dramatic. 
Enjoyably dramatic.

Criteria you need to meet to be classifies as Dracula by Fluffy:
1) Have fangs
2) Sleep in a coffin.
Well, I mean he is probably right, but still.

Floating vampire Jesus is judging you, Fluffy.

And here I am going down into ugly sobs again.