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tagged by @cityrat to do six selfies of 2015! this is more dec 2015 - november 2016 but whateva still a journey and its chronological :)

i tag anyone who wants to do it! also: (as long as your want to/havent already done it) @scumbugg @zektheterrible @orchidcinema @efgf @ybag @genderlesskid @mosqking @tomatosita


I got tagged by my one and only valentine @kimnamsjoon so of course i had to do it *-* ily ^-^  💖

I’ll be tagging @kthish @kimstaehyungs @mojozozoeffie @glitchyoongi (but you guys don’t have to do it if you don’t want to)  💖 💖 💖

so yeah about my homescreen… how to say… i can never choose which picture of namjoon i like the most so my lame ass decided to put them all together :D


Lol, I think I say this every. Single. Time. I do one of these photo sets, but I feel like I haven’t been v into taking selfies this year, but here we are anyway! Some 2016 selfies (AKA people taking candid photos of me also), tagged by @holtcheddar! Ty ✨✨✨

Do you see the reoccurring theme of plants & hands? Story of my life. Follow me on IG if you’d like! I’m obsessed. Peep the first photo for my handle. 😏

Yr all tagged, if you wanna do it. I like seeing y'all’s faces!