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I just got out of the shower so this is probably the best I’m gonna look for one of these lmao

anyway, happy Transgender Day of Visibility! I almost never post selfies primarily because I am so unhappy with how I look but this is the one day I try to stay positive. So on the note of positivity, I wanna give you all a little point of inspiration:

I’ve been out as trans for nearly half a decade now and was finally able to start HRT this month after years of trying and failing to get approval or get insurance. It’s been a long road but it’s a reminder that even if it takes a long time, you can still get there. So please don’t give up because I know you can do it <3 Happy TDOV!


✨✨✨this makeup look was inspired by a rad shirt i found at target ✨✨✨


hi everyone, this is my bias moodboard!! i’m like 2 or 3 weeks late with this y'all already doing biaswrecker moodboards wtf :/

anyway i was tagged by the lovely @extraongdinary, @minhwangs, @kimjaehwanswife (my sweet angel who helped me with filters and gave me a lot of feedback!) @kimsjaehwan@l-guanlin, @kangniel, @kngniel, @kangdan101@p-arkwoojin, @yjjisung, @ongeuigeon, and @parkji-hoons! all very gorgeous people with very aesthetically pleasing moodboards :-) 

i feel like everyone has done this already so i’m just gonna list people off the top of my head and tag: the @garbage-101 members who haven’t done this yet, @kimdonghyun, @swoojin@yoonjsung@woojinnies, @ongsecngwoo, @woo-jin-young, @daeswhis, @wooseob@kakaotaeks, @jeo-jang, @kingdans, @emperorhwangs, @kangbaeks@park-woojin, @dearlydaehwi, @wannaoneioi, and @produced101

i won’t be doing the other selfie tags so i also tagged people i owe selfies to! i apologize if you’ve already done this and of course you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :-)