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Jet Black Heart - A Peter Pan x Reader Fanfiction Part one

So I have not actually seen Once Upon A Time (I know, I know. Please don’t kill me) But I saw a gif set of Robbie Kay, aka Peter Pan from the show and I instantly fell in love with the kid (Okay not so much a kid because he is a year older than me but still the word fit.) Anyways I was feeling inspired and started to write this! Let me know what you guys think, and as always send me some requests!

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Baby Girl

Request: could you write one where Peter is in Storybrooke and he falls in love w/ reader and they start dating and after a while she confesses she has a daughter even tho she’s so young and Peter is sort of conflicted but he decides to stay with her? Super specific I know but it’d mean a lot, thanks❤️

Warnings: none? AU?

Notes: about to switch things up a lot in the OUAT universe (aka AU)

Peter Pan, the newest arrival in Storybrooke. Though he went Peter. The second he showed up, you fell in love. He was so handsome. Then you found out he was going to be your newest neighbor in your apartment complex in Storybrooke. You were excited. You tried everything to strike up a conversation with him. Everything. And things worked out.

This guy, Peter, was great. Everyone in Storybrooke told you not to trust him. Told you that he was bad news. He’d only get something out of you and then leave like you were nothing to him. But you shooed them away, told them that he wouldn’t do that to you.

So dates happened. Many of them. You guys had fun. He’d tell you all kinds of stories. Cool ones, too. Stories that seemed so out of this world. Peter would also make you laugh. Make you feel good. He made you feel loved, and you hadn’t felt that in quite some time in the love-life section of your life. He made you feel fantastic. You were so happy, and everyone in Storybrooke could see it.

“Okay, okay,” you said. “I have to know, how do you feel about kids? Children?” You giggled a little, only to hide your nervousness. You see, you had a baby girl. About the age of two. Usually, Mary Margaret  would babysit her on your date nights, hence why you never had her when with Peter.

His response didn’t please you, and made you more nervous about seeing him. He grimaced at the word; at the question. “Children? Well, I like the thought of staying young forever, as you know, but having my own? Never. I’m not fit for parenthood and I never will be.”

“Oh…” You trailed off. Your eyes wandered over to what was behind you. 

You and Peter were at the front door of your home. Mary Margaret was in the baby’s room, putting her to bed, only to shortly leave after. But Peter didn’t know they were only down the hallway.

Night-night, Baby Jane,” Mary Margaret cooed, her voice being picked up by the baby monitor. Peter cocked an eyebrow. Especially when he heard baby noises.

“You have a child?” You asked with more disgust in his voice. 

“Please, Peter, don’t let Jane push you away! I really like you, and I know you really like me. Please, just give us a chance.” You begged him, your worst nightmare coming true. Since having Jane, falling into relationships was a little hard. No one wanted to date a single mother.

“I don’t… I don’t think I can do that,” Peter said. “I do like you a lot, but there’s no way. I’m not going to help you raise her. I don’t even want to meet her. I’m no parent, and I never will be. I can’t stand parents.”

Mary Margaret overheard everything that was going on. She quickly put Baby Jane down, making sure the toddler was comfy. She quickly went over to the living room. Part of her wanted to stay and see if she could help, but the other part of her knew this was none of her business.

“Oh look, the babysitter,” Peter said sarcastically. You turned around to see the short-haired woman.

“I was just leaving,” she said calmly. “Y/N, call me if you need anything. I’m right around the corner.” You nodded and she left.

“I should get going. I don’t want to interrupt Mummy and Daughter time.”

“No, Peter, please!” You lightly tugged on his wrist. “Please, you can’t just throw away six months of us going out and enjoying each others company. Please.”

Peter looked at you. Had it really been six months already? He looked at you, and wouldn’t look away. Peter really liked you. He would even say he loved you only because it was the truth. But a child? He didn’t want to be that toddler’s fatherly figure. He didn’t want to help raise her. He didn’t want to do anything that involved her. Peter was only there to have fun and live his life to the fullest. And you were so young, too. You had this child around sixteen or seventeen. Why so young? What happened? Why didn’t you abort this child? Why didn’t you give her up for adoption? Why did you keep her? It baffled Peter because he just couldn’t bear the thought of ever being a parent. The word itself was like poison in his mouth.

“Please, say something.”

There were tears in your eyes, and that actually pained Peter. You didn’t know this, but he’d never felt so strongly towards another person before.

“Y/N, I love you. I really do, but I… I can’t be that girl’s fatherly figure. I refuse to be a father towards her.”

“God, you don’t have to be her father! I’m not asking that! I’m just asking you to stay with me.” You exclaimed, raising your voice. “Christ, Peter, I love you a lot. I do. And you just said you loved me, too. So please, stay. I’m not asking you to raise my child. I’m asking you to stay.”

A few tears did fall from your eyes, and that did pain Peter. He stared at you, still standing right in front of your door. He stayed silent. You waited for him to say something again. When he didn’t, more tears fell, but you instantly wiped them away. That’s when Baby Jane started crying.

“Forget it. I’ve should’ve listened to everyone else,” you said as you turned around. “They all told me you’d hurt me… Have a good night, Peter.”

You walked to your daughter’s room. You wiped more tears as you entered your daughters room. She was crying and sitting up. She was calling for you over and over again, just saying mama mama mama with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” You put on your loving parent voice. You picked her up, lightly bouncing her up and down as you swayed her. 

“Hot, Mama. Hot.” Jane said. You furrowed your brows. You rested a hand on her forehead, and sure enough, she was feeling warmer than normal. She was beginning to get a little fever.

“Looks like somebody is getting sick,” you said, making it sound more positive so Jane wouldn’t panic over it. You kissed her little head, holding her so more. You undid a little bit of her pajama onesie so the rest of her body could cool down.

“You seem like a good mother.” That accented voice rang through your ears. You turned around, seeing Peter right there. He was leaning against the door frame, watching you.

“I thought you left,” you said bitterly, not looking at him now.

Peter left the door frame, walking more inside of Jane’s room. He wrapped his arms from behind to the front of your torso. His wrists hit the tips of Jane’s covered toes. He rested his chin on your shoulder, looking at your daughter who was already falling back asleep.

“She’s cute. Just like you.”

You blushed, but you were still mad. “What are you doing, Peter? I thought you were leaving.”

You felt him shrug against you. He hummed lowly before replying. “I think I’m staying.”

You turned around. You broke his hold on you and turned around to face him. He wasn’t toying with you, right? He wasn’t pulling your leg? No, of course not. He was standing right in front of you. He was looking at you and looked at your daughter, even though he said he refused to see her.

You quickly but carefully set Jane back down in her little bed. She had fallen back asleep in your arms for now. You set her on top of the covers since she was still a little too hot.

“Staying? You said parents disgust you. Well, I’m a parent, Peter. Aren’t you disgusted? Don’t you just want to leave?” You pressed him. He had to be saying what you wanted to hear. But he meant it. He was staying.

Peter grabbed you lightly by your upper forearms. He pulled you close, looking down at you. “Love, I’m staying. I can promise you that.” He leaned down before you could say something. He kissed you tenderly on the lips. At this moment, you didn’t know what to do with your hands. So you kept them at your sides as you kissed him back.

“O-Okay,” you stuttered afterwards. “But, um, you should probably get going. Jane seems to be getting sick. I have to take care of her.”

“I’ll help.”

“What?” You asked him in shock. 

“I’ll help,” he repeated. “Just… tell me what to do.” A smile formed on your lips. You wrapped your arms around him tightly, thanking him quietly repeatedly.

“Okay, she seems to be running a small fever. There’s baby medicine in my bathroom in the cabinet,” you told him as you went back to Jane. She was still asleep, but sweating a little from her fever. 

Peter nodded, leaving the room momentarily. You undressed your daughter, putting her in something that wouldn’t make her overheat. You and Peter took care of Jane together, both of you eventually falling asleep on Jane’s floor.

It is late and I was watching the run mv again, and suddenly it hit me. This entire series, I need u, the prologue, and Run, is about growing up. They’re leaving their most beautiful moment in life behind. Everyone except Jin is growing up. Aka the Peter Pan syndrome.

BTS has been talking a lot about how they’re getting older, and growing up. Jungkook is legally becoming an adult in a few weeks. He even joked that they should change their name to Bulletproof Adult Scouts. For them it’s time to leave their boyhood behind, it’s time for them to grow up and face the reality of the world.

All except Jin. He’s the oldest of the group, thus the centre of the story. He doesn’t want to grow up. He is Peter Pan, and the other members are his Lost Boys. He’s being left behind as the members leave their Neverland, the place they have constructed in their minds just for them. It was just them together, having fun, hanging out, just generally doing stuff you do when you’re a teenager.

A big part that gave it away for me was how much a lot of the scenes centred around Jungkook in Run. In one scene you see him sitting on the ground, after having been beaten by Yoongi, surrounded by his friends partying. The moment he looked in the mirror, however, they were gone. He was faced with the reality that he’s growing up; that he’s leaving his partying days behind. Essentially he’s also the last one growing up, thus why he’s so important to the story (besides Jin). There are a lot of shots of him alone, before he gets surrounded by his friends.

So now it comes to the overall story of the series. To me it seems that I need U and Run portray 2 scenarios of what could have happened at the end of their teenage years. Either they except it and move on, or they don’t. In I need u they’re faced with the fact that they’re growing up, but they don’t want to accept it. They’re trying to find a way out (and succeeding). All the members essentially died, except for Jin. He’s mourning that they left him behind, in such a brutal way.

Run is thus more about accepting that they’re getting older. Although this realising and accepting happens in different ways. Tae and Rapmon realised it when they got arrested, which could end with them ending up in jail, because they are legal. Jhope accepted it by getting help for his problems, as he was in a hospital. Jimin accepted it by burning the photo, thus burning his past (aka leaving it behind him). Suga was more violent, he had more trouble with it, but I think that the mirror shattering was his stubbornness shattering. Jungkook I already talked about.

But we also get a moment of Jin realising that the other members are growing up. It was the moment his house of cards got blown over. He realised that everything is falling apart. That his lost boys were leaving him, that his carefully build home was falling apart, and that be would be the only card left (que Namjoon finding the one single card in the feathers after their pillow party).

To me it seems it really seems like they’re trying to portray two sides of the story. Neither is perfect or completely bad though. They’re more a yingyang kind of thing.

They’re leaving their most beautiful moment in life behind them, and no one will be able the tell what the outcome will eventually be.