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a guide to elsword job class personalities


LK: i am the best swordsman ever b/c i persevered notice me senpai (sister complex)

RS: aisha’s magic thing is cool i wanna do that too FIRE

IS: i think my sword wants my soul but that’s fine cuz now i’m the goth one


EM: i know way more magic than you so shut up and listen to me dammit

VP: i think this demon bat is talking to me … so yeah imma change into these revealing clothes for power

DK: rainbows and sunshine and unicorns that are out for your blood *creepy smile*


WS: leg day every day thank you mother nature

GA: oh yeah that twig right there is a trap that will lead you to your doom

NW: *whispering* we are an elite unit that get our swords from random talking trees


BM: screw the nasods and their prosthetics look at my sword skills i’m awesome

RF: i think my arm wants my soul but that’s fine cuz i is strong man *man tears*

VC: i am hot as the fires of hell (talking about his arm but dayum those abs)


CN: summons weapons everywhere (aka idk how to fight so imma just shoot you in the face)

CEm: summons people everywhere (aka my queendom only has like 5 subjects)

CBS: oh yea lemme just use a dark el for power and kill all my remaining emotions who needs a heart anyway hahahahaha


IP: i wanna be a girl pink everywhere long hair heels the whole shebang

DC: cannons were soooo last year

TT: uses the equivalent of nuclear power on a regular basis (thanks dad)


SD: martial arts and justice and eye makeup (brother complex)

YR: female uchiha sasuke nuff said

AS: i made a deal with the demon fox in my hairpin she possesses me sometimes rawr


GrM: by the time i was like nineteen i was leader of an army what did you do

BH: i is legend reborn imma burn y’all down to ashes cuz whai not lol

CrA: all my friends are ded i has demon energy now prepare to die (tsundere)


LP: power power power power power power dark el power power power

MM: my drones are alive mwahaha long hair is cool and so am i (love me eve)

DE: my mother is ded i am ded let’s make everyone ded lololololololol

Luciela / Ciel

CH/DL: we are terror ciel likes cute things lu is cute lords of terror rawr

NB/RG: i’m just one hell of a butler lu is now demon queen yayyyyy

DB/DM: lu died and came back as royalty ciel ain’t human no more


ST: i has ten bajillion machine guns die how is this portable (star wars???)

CR: chain gun scythe thing let’s use the dark el again princess where are u

FR: bombs for bras i can fly i is goddess of war

OP: lemme just make some nasods then walk away from an explosion


AT: kami-sama where are you i love you kami-sama (emotionless piece of sht)

EE: friendship is magic emotions are beautiful i love life 

AP: demon magic i hate everything nothing is real everything is a lie

anagniou  asked:

I dont understand people who hate on ships. Ships are like food. For example NaLu is a burger. Lots of people like burgers. Some may be vegeterians and prefer Veg burgers aka NaLi (for example). You can't hate someone for their preference. It's crazy

I like your vision of things. Your comparison is right and funny!

“Nalu is a Burger.

  Gruvia is a Pizza.

   Gajevy is a Hot-Dog.

    Jerza is a Tacos.

     Zervis is a Poutine. ”

Not everyone likes burgers, pizzas, hot-dogs, tacos or poutines, and that’s totally fine! We all have different tastes! We should all respect everyone taste, in food and in ships! :3