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I Wanted To Give My Book A Redesign And I Drew Some Pals/Senopis Of Mhoine~ !!

So On The Cast, We Have:
And Mhe~ !!

SORREH To Lazeh To Color~

While I was visiting @mercurialmind, we cooked up this funny little headcanon about Shae, Dorian and some failed shapeshifting.

Short version: Shapeshifting is not a school of magic Shae is familiar with, but he’s ever so curious and wants to learn basically everything he can about magic. So he tracks down some knowledge on this said type of magic and tries it out. Problem is, he tries it out way too soon and can’t turn back. So then Dorian is tasked with helping him find out how to get back into his own form. 

(Spoilers: He will eventually turn back.)

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In an old MBMBAM episode, Travis says that the only things preventing the hunger inside him from destroying this plane of existence are consecutive kung fu panda movies. Do you think that's where Griffin got the idea for The Hunger? Do you think John is dissatisfied because he hasn't seen Kung Fu Panda 3?

the rumor come out, John Hunger’s true identity is NONE OTHER THAN john lasseter himself, chief creative officer of Pixar studios. the same studio that is behind “Cars 3″, the one and only true film about hating millennials, of which Griffin is One and has shown great distress over this Unwarranted Hate for Some Time Now

it is only natural that our true savior is the Kung Fu Panda Trilogy AKA the greatest trilogy that Ever Has Been Or Will Be, created by one of Pixar’s greatest competitors: Dreamworks

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I wanna hear about the confession! It sounds like a cute story!!


Let‘s go back in time, about 3 years ago, where I joined a new group of friends
I don’t wanna name anyone and since I like distributing an animal to my close friends, let’s call them this

Pinguin <- pretty pale, used to look like he’s never gotten any warmth on his skin ever, the soon to be significant otter (at that time)
Frog <- always jumping around, annoying but tolerable, Pinguin’s best friend
Hamster <- my friend, cinnamon roll but can actually kill you, independent and badass as heck
Panda <- actually a unsocial turd who spent most time eating and doing weird but lovable shit, the victim, me

there were actually two more dudes in the group (Koala & Fisch), but they don’t really contributed much to this weird love story HAHA

Anyway, like I said, I joined this group with Hamster when we changed schools together.
I’ve pretty much only talked to Koala in the beginning, bc we used to go to the same elementary school, and I felt like the other douches weren’t much amused by the “newbies”. With time, Frog started to warm up to me and we were soon good friends. But Fish and Pinguin were always pretty quiet and barely said a thing to me. (Fish was kind of worse he only nodded, but never answered when I asked sth lol).
So a year passed with me hardly knowing anything about Pinguin.
In the next year, we got some classes where we were sitting pretty close together and we gradually came on better terms. But it was all just friendly chit chat and nothing more, except some group projects n’ other school stuff we worked together for.
But there were already rumors amongst the others, saying that we were “so into eachother” n’ shit and I was like YEAH RIGHT I WOULDN’T DATE THAT IMMATURE MIDGET and Pinguin would be like shUT UP (btw he was about 6″ at that time and I was like 5,3″ LMAO)
Even though I was only a year older than him, I definitely felt more mature (although I kept doing shit, like doodling piles and piles of poop with arms and legs everywhere while calling them Mr/Mrs Plop- do not judge me ok)

I honestly don’t know what the FRICK happened then (maybe puberty hit late), but there was a year where we HATED each other and I literally wanted to stab him every day I saw him bc he’s been so pissy and rude towards me. ANd I’m sure he wished nothing more than to throw me off the building sometimes.
And of course, since I am the older one, I made the wise decision to annoy him even more. (looking back at it i still think that I was a dumb thing to do but it was hella funny ok)

Even the others where like YOOOOOO WTF CHILL U 2 and we both just continued fighting day after day lol

After this pretty everyone stopped making comments about our “love”, even after we both calmed down again and acted as if it never even happened HAHA

AND SUDDENLY PINGUIN STARTED TO BEHAVE REALLY DIFFERENT TOWARDS ME. He kept asking me to meet up with him and was rlly persistent about it. The abrupt change was kind of awkward af for me bc all we talked about before, was star wars, school and more star wars. XD So I always kind of avoided it and dodged his questions. I kind of assumed that he wanted me to be like his best friend so I was really confused and insecure lmao.
That went on for quite a time, and I started to grumble about it almost every day.
In April I got the possibility to enter an 1 week exchange programm to france, bc someone else bailed out and I joined. But guess who was also already taking part?
Frog and friggin’ Pinguin.
So of course i started to worry, that it could get awkward between us but in the end went the drive pretty well since another friend asked me to sit by her (faaaar away from Frog and Pinguin lol).
On the 3rd or 4th day my mind was almost bursting so I couldn’t hold back and asked for the favor, if Frog couldn’t ask Pinguin if he actually had something for me when they are alone, bc i was way too scared to do it.
Little did i know that Frog actually CANNOT KEEP A SINGLE SECRET TO HIMSELF. So he RAN to PINGUIN and YELLED REALLY LOUD the question if he has a crush on Panda aka me.

He got startled, looked at me, then back at Frog and said No.

I got really angry, embarrassed, ashamed and sad at the same time.
Maybe because Frog did that, or maybe because of sth else..
We stopped talking much after that, and he started always being with another girl from the other school.
As if that wasn’t the worst, on our drive home, I had to sit next to him bc everyone started switching seats. so ofc I was like -_____________-
I swore to myself not to sleep but after 3h or so I started to nod off. I kind of woke up and found myself leaning my head against Pinguin’s shoulder and his head on top. I was like !!!!! and wanted to get up quick but he put a jacket over us both and he TOOK MY HAND UNDER THE JACKET.
Now I was like ?????????? bOI. So I couldn’t bring myself to say anything nor get away from him. I had to admit, even if I didn’t want to, that I liked his warmth. So we stayed the whole 10h drive like that, basically cuddling.
(I got kind of embarrassed writing this part omg)

After this trip we never mentioned it again and went back to our old antics.
But I have never stopped thinking about it, no it just made me think even more and harder.

Winter, in the following year, Hamster started to get more aggressive, pushing me to ask me about all this stuff that happened. (she knew ofc lol)
I always rejected this bc HOW WAS I EVEN SUPPOSED TO DO IT.
In the end I gave in when she said, she would beat my whiny ass, and finally chose a day where we could meet up and “TALK”.
It was on a November day, and we met up at a bus stop, where he picked me up. (He was at his dad’s place and I was unfamiliar with the village)
He was being very cute, showing me his room, where he spent most of his childhood, and pictures of him. I couldn’t concentrate though. Ofc he asked me then what exactly I wanted to talk about.

I was SO ANXIOUS, I BARELY got any words out until I forced myself to ask, while throwing his pillows around x’D: SO UM- PLEASE ANSWER TRUTHFULLY. DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT HAVE A THING FOR ME?! (yes I legit asked like this lmfao).

He looked at me like this (☉_☉)

And I was like ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

then he answered WELL- and started talking about how he used to be in love with me but it has gotten “less” with the time.
I got kind of disappointed when he said that.
But we discussed about other things openly by then, and cleared everything up.I still asked him if he intended to enter a relationship with me. And he thought a bit and said: Maybe. But now’s not the time.
Sooo no one actually really confessed but I think we both knew that this was the first stone set for our future together. We talked longer than I expected and he also said a lot of cute shit which made me hella shy and blablabla, I was a emotioal mess (*/ω\*)

We started having dates for a while, and after we finished watching a movie at my place, it went:

“Can I ask you sth?”

“Ya sure, what’s up.”
“Err if I kissed you now…would you kiss me back?”

Inside I was like ASDGGJLSIJIUDHIUHWUHIFIUFH)O but outside I was, again, like: ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) umm-


/realizes how much I already wrote

oh gosh and w-well we kind of continued doing this for a month after he asked me out officially in december.
Also, he admitted that he was lying about loving me “less” at that time, bc he was anxious. He even said that he has been in love with me for more than 2 YEARS and I went W H A T but anyway, that’s how the Panda ended up with the annoying Pinguin.

And they all lived happily even after.


(also I realized soon after that he is not immature at all and has his life more together than I do btw /cries).

Girl Child came home in a bad mood. (Not that I can blame her… the art teacher is a total bitch.) So, I gave her a square of dark chocolate & showed her the Seungri and GD videos that are floating around today. <3 Had her smiling and giggling within minutes.
Seungri and Chocolate makes everything better!

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I AM SO LATE ON INKTOBER AND not sure when i will have the time to resume…so have some pyre doodles i did in between….that should…count….maybe

reader self stuff with me and @maulingredpanda and bad dating advice from the Nightwings….idk i’ll post the conclusion to that bertrude advice but wheeeze if i miss enough days or ppl interested i’ll post it up. enjoy!




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Panda and Charlie headcanons?

sorry if these are bad or too mushy,,,

- (this is more of mathedpotatoes ‘s headcanon but i want to share bc it is cute) Panda watching Solar Eclipse of The Night with Charlie. Charlie doesn’t understand what’s going on with the vampire love drama or why Panda insists that  Christopher is the obvious choice but he goes along with it anyway.

-Charlie getting a flip-phone somehow and texting Panda at 3 AM about a big pinecone he saw

-Addition to that, Charlie and Panda being friends on  social media and Charlie likes all his posts and comments on his selfies like  “LOOKIN GOOD!! 👍👍”. Stuff like that.

- Addition to that 2, Panda inviting Charlie out with his brothers more often but Charlie is still hesitant so sometimes he declines and says he’ll hang out with some friends in the woods (aka Nobody really) but Panda still sends him a couple texts and updates here and there. It makes Charlie’s heart happy.

- Charlie wearing snazzy outfits everytime him and Panda go out in the city bc it makes him feel safer (He looks so good)

- Charlie just lifting Panda off the ground without warning when he is excited or lifting him up and squeezing him in a big hug bc affectionate Charlie 

-Alternatively, Charlie  awkwardly leaning down all the way to hug him even though it hurts his back

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Hello, Panda (aka the most amazing language learning helper to ever grace this planet) do you happen to have pdfs for the Harry potter books in french? Thanks so much!

Well, after i’ve read your intro i have HP in more languages than only French. Here. ^^ Enjoy your reading and thank you for your kind words!

EXO Reaction: You still sleep with a teddy bear

Hey guys! Just decided to make a reaction (hopefully you’ll like it and think it’s cute) because this is my first day of summer break! And in all honesty, I am a 19 year old who does indeed still sleep with her teddy (named Ferdinand), so this is not involving judgement whatsoever! Also, none of the gifs used are mine: credit to the owners! I hope you guysl like it! Also, remember, I’m always open for requests!)


He walks into the room after a long day of practice, letting out a large yawn. That’s when he sees you out of the corner of his eye, laying on the bed, your arms wrapped tightly around the stuffed animal. He would find it the most adorable thing ever, and immediately start thinking of what other stuffed animals he should get for you to cuddle with.

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He came home early to surprise you, not expecting to find you napping on the couch, the tv left on, you cuddling a slightly worn teddy bear. He would be frozen for a moment, before a giant smile would overtake his entire face and he would pull out his phone to take pictures. He would try to be quiet, but likely end up accidentally waking you up. He would then run and get a stuffed animal of his own and try to diffuse your anger at being woken by playing around with the animal and the one you held.

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You two were hanging out, watching movies, and you had brought your bear with you. You ended up falling asleep, the bear held to your chest, face buried in its fluffiness. Baekhyun would find it adorable when he looked over and noticed it, but he would pout, poking you lightly to wake you up, whining (partially jokingly) that you should be cuddling him instead. He might also be one to slightly pick on you about it later, saying things like “how’s your other cuddle buddy?” or “Hey, you have some fur on your lip”.

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He was just talking to you on the phone on his way to your house, when you just stopped texting back. He walked into your place, worried that you were upset with him. He would start to call your name, but stop immediately when he saw you curled up around the teddy bear, eyes closed in sleep. He would smile, finding it completely adorable. If you woke up, he would probably say nothing about it (tbh I could see him sleeping like that with his dogs).

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He was making something in the kitchen, listening to you talking about your day, when you just stopped talking. When he looked back to see what had happened, you were laying on the couch, sound asleep, a teddy bear squeezed against your chest. He would smile, finding it adorable, possibly feeling a bit embarrassed that he was watching you sleep. He would finish what he was cooking then dish some up for both of you, bringing it over and quietly waking you up. You need to eat, and it’s not healthy to sleep like that on the couch.

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He came over to spend some time with you, but when he saw you laying face first on the pillows on your bed, squishing your teddy bear underneath you with your arms around it, he would smile and chuckle quietly. He would take some pictures, both to preserve this cute moment, and to use as blackmail/to tease you later. He’d wake you up, shaking you and whining “Yeah, Y/n, get up!” or something like that, then proceed to tease you about your sleeping habits.

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You two were talking in his room when he needed to step out for a bit to help the other members with something. When he came back in, he saw you sprawled out over the bed, having grabbed a stuffed animal and were how holding it in a death grip against your chest. He would smile slightly, and move around carefully, lightly tucking a blanket around you.

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He’d see you, asleep on the couch, and act quite a bit like Baekhyun. He would also think it was adorable, and take a few pictures, mainly for remembering this and not so much for teasing (though that would still be a part of it). I think he’d just wrap himself around you, like you were wrapped around the bear, trying not to wake you. If he did wake you, I think he’d just say how cute you were, maybe teasing you the tiniest bit, but encourage you to go back to sleep.

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When he saw you snuggled up to the bear, your fingers clutching the teddy’s paw, he would smile like an idiot, finding it far too adorable. I could actually see him having no idea what to do, and ending up just sitting there staring at you. He honestly wouldn’t be trying to be creepy or anything, but if you woke up with someone staring at you from a close proximity, what else would you think? After you finish hitting him with the stuffed bear, he would apologize, not saying a word about how you slept.

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He was playing you a quiet song after a long day of work/school and you were sitting on the couch, listening, holding your teddy bear. Eventually, when he looked up, he paused in his playing. You were sound asleep, chin resting on the bear’s head, mouth slightly open, your breath whooshing quietly in and out. He would smile softly and set down his guitar, standing and moving over to change your position. He would gently lay you down, making sure you were in a comfortable position and laying a blanket over you. I think he might also plan to get you one or two new animals as gifts at some later time.

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He’d walk into the room after having taken a shower, and he’d pause when he saw you laying there. He would look at you silently for a bit, before letting a small smile onto his face. He would find you too adorable, and I could see him silently “fanboying” a little, snapping some pictures, even a couple of selfies with you. But he would almost never show anyone those pictures, just keeping them for himself unless he felt like bragging about how cute his s/o was.

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He’d have just walked in after spending a day out, relaxing and having some fun, when he saw you on the couch with your bear. He’d most certainly take a million and one pictures, a combination of selfies with you and just pictures of you, sending some to friends saying how his s/o was so cute. Then he’d quite possibly, after having woken you up with all the pictures, ask why you were cuddling with that bear instead of your panda (aka him).

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(again, hope you like it, and sorry if these are repetitive, cheesy, or not how you think they would react. And feel free to talk to me any time or send in requests!)