aka one of the best moments on this show


The physician who was hired to make the decision on my LTD benefit appeal denied me based on “facts” like this one. The twitter account he referred to as evidence that I’m lying about my illness is hardly active. Also, the majority of the posts are:

• Photos of pets
• Photos from Timehop (aka from years ago)
• Photos of things around my house

The few photos that “appear to be a young woman who is engaged in life activities” and “awake, smiling and alert” are FAKE. People always use social media to show the BEST moments from their lives, even if they aren’t the whole truth. I’ve had some great experiences in New York, so of course I am going to brag about them! What I don’t share on social media are the consequences of being happy for a day. I don’t share the three days I have to sleep to recover from one stand-up comedy set. I don’t share the intense pain my body is in after walking around in Central Park for a day. 

They’re called invisible illnesses for a reason. People with chronic illnesses can look completely normal. They are hidden in plain sight. 


From the moment I was born, I was not as I was meant to be. No one spoke of it. My parents ignored me as best they could. So I came to London and created Angelique, leaving me fit for no trade but whoring and myself fit for nothing but degradation and ridicule.
Have you ever known that?


Hey Taylor! So you help people in so many different ways with your music, but you also helped a group of us on tumblr come together. We’ve all become such good friends because of you and there’s never a dull moment in our group chat, which usually helps us to laugh and feel better. Every person in this group (aka squad) is unique and has their own story to tell that involves you. We’ve become so close and trust each other with details of our lives that we wouldn’t usually share with just anyone. We’re trying our hardest to try and plan something for the next tour, like a meet up and possibly going to one of your shows together so we can sit next to each other and have the best day of our lives. Thank you SO MUCH for helping us meet some of our new BFFs ❤️

Jessica - @jessicaswiftie1989
Cheyenne - @taylorswifts-rightleg
Maggie - @ithinklamfinallyclean
Dylan - @allthedamntime
Darby - @dlovestaylor
Jesica - @velociraptors-and-swift
Mary, Theresa, & Frances - @triplettrouble3
Kenna - @rose-garden-filledwiththornss
Abbey - @finally-c-l-e-a-n
Erica - @itsblondeswiftie
Hayley - @itsaswiftwonderland


Screenshots from a video I took of Darren July 12, 2015 stage door after Hedwig. Just meeting him and being able to say hi was such an awesome feeling but the best feeling was when he said to me “you were rocking out.” I bought myself these tickets for my bday and had center third row. If he never notices me again…that one moment was enough for me. What an amazing patient humble talented human known as Darren Criss aka Harry Potter, Blaine Anderson, Hedwig, Etc… Can’t wait to see him perform again one day. Concert or Broadway. It’ll be a show to never forget…