aka no manto


Aries: Kitsune, the Nine-tailed Fox
Taurus: Futakuchi-onna, the Two-mouthed Woman
Gemini: Mu-onna, the Nothing Woman 
Cancer: Amabie, the Foretelling Mermaid 
Leo: Bakeneko, the Shape-shifting Cat 
Virgo: Noppera-bo, the Faceless Ghost 
Libra: Okiku, the Dish-counting Maiden 
Scorpio: Jorogumo, the Spider-woman 
Sagittarius: Aka Manto, the Red Cape 
Capricorn: Yama-uba, the Crone of the Mountain 
Aquarius: Yuki-onna, the Snow Woman 
Pisces: Isonade, the Beach Stroker 

indigochris  asked:

What's the creepiest Japanese urban legend/story you've ever heard of?

Aka Manto is pretty creepy. The basic idea is girls would be squatted over an old Japanese toilet, presumably because the others are all in use.Then they would hear a voice from the next stall asking whether they would like red toilet paper or blue paper.

If they respond with red they’re stabbed to death so violently by the serial killer in the next stall that it looks like they’re wearing a red cloak (which is the name). If they reply with blue they’re strangled to death.

Other variations include someone inside the toilet simply licking their arse. Less scary, but to each their own.

Aka Manto -

Aka Manto is a Japanese urban legend surrounding public bathrooms, similar to Hanako-san.  It is said the Aka Manto was a handsome man in life who was surrounded by admirers but now he wears a red cape and mask to hide his face. 

The legend goes that while you are sitting in the last toilet stall a voice will ask you if you want red paper or blue paper. If you say red paper, you will be sliced apart until your clothes are stained red. If you choose blue paper you will be strangled until your face is blue. Trying to outsmart Aka Manto by choosing a different colour will result in you being dragged to the Netherworld. There are variations on the legend, in some versions he will ask you if you want a red cape or a blue cape. If you say that you want a red cape he will slice the skin off your back so it looks like a cape. If you say blue cape he will drain you body of all of its blood. In some versions if you say you want a yellow cape/paper you will be drowned in  the toilet you just used. 

Only saying that you want no paper or no capes will make Aka Manto leave you alone.

Just an interpretation of the silhouette (or what I think it may look like)

Even tho news have been floating around that Hanako San (or as rumored) may be the new character, I sort of have another idea in mind.

Urban Legends in Limbo is based of Urban Legends(thus Hanako San in Marisa’s last word). So the silhouette has a cape, and thus I speculated the new character is based of Aka Manto (aka Red Cape or Red Cloak), those who don’t know who Aka Manto is, he is a spirit that haunts the bathroom (similar to Hanako San) however he will ask the victim if they want red or blue paper, if they choose red, he will slice them until their clothes stained red and if they choose blue, he will strangled them until their face turns blue, it’s best to say no paper and thus he will leave you alone.

It’s just my speculation that this new character is based of Aka Manto, so it might not be correct when the final version comes around. So we will just wait to see who the new character is….

Can’t wait for the full version

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Japanese Folklore, Yōkai inspired M!As
  • Aka Manto: My muse is trapped inside a school bathroom cubicle. Ends after someone helps them.
  • Amanojaku: My muse will try to influence everyone into wickedness. Ends in 3 hours.
  • Amazake-babaa: My muse has chicken pox. Ends in 24 hours.
  • Ameonna: Rain follows my muse wherever they go, lasts 10 hours.
  • Bakeneko: My muse has turned into a cat! Lasts 5 hours.
  • Baku: My muse is trapped inside a nightmare. Ends until someone manages to wake them up.
  • Hannya: My muse is extremely jealous of everyone. Lasts 2 hours.
  • Hitotsume-kozo: My muse’s favorite food is tofu. Lasts 2 hours.
  • Inugami: My muse has turned into a dog. Lasts 4 hours.
  • Te-no-me: My muse has lost their sight and can only see things by touching them. Ends in 4 hours.
  • Ungaikyo: My muse is trapped inside a mirror. Lasts until someone breaks it.
  • Yuki Onna: My muse is freezing cold and unable to move. Will only end when someone covers them with a blanket.
  • Yurei: My muse is a ghost and cannot make contact with people other than moving things. Lasts until someone recognizes them.
  • Zashiki-warashi: My muse is a child for 24 hours.