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7FEB2015 ~ 10FEB2016 | art progress

decided to redraw my first mastermind au! also dedicated to that anon that mentioned mm!sonia would use “we, us, our” pronouns in her speech!


This part is so cute because I always viewed the Strawhat household to be Nami&Sanji aka Team Reason/Logic/NOLuffy&Marimo! versus Luffy&Zoro aka Team fuck it we gon do whatever we want. Nami’s always gonna defend Sanji in the same way he’ll always take her side. They’re partners and balances out Luffy’s crazy antics while Zoro is always gonna be on his Captain side no matter how stupid every request is (anything that pisses that curly eyebrowed idiot and greedy witch is always welcomed for him).

I missed Zoro and Nami arguing, Oda has been doing less of that lately. He should show that more when that’s one of the core of their relationship. No matter how much Zoro and Nami disagrees and pisses each other off, beneath the show and keeping a facade of being tough, they care deeply for one another and truly are great friends.

I think that Zoro and Nami share a different level of friendship with each other like how can they not when they’re the first ones who bowed under their Captain’s command which was nothing but a stranger’s enticing promises back then but everything that the First Mate and Navigator fights for now.

Also Oda totally took down the Sanji is a royal theory with just one shot. Who would have thought he’d swerve hard to the Assassin Family plot twist. Are we gonna see something like the Zoldyck Family (Killua’s Family from HunterxHunter) type of drama in the future?


Nami: “What do you mean by a family of assassins!?”
Pekoms: “Have you heard of the name Jerma 66? aka the ‘war house.’”
Nami: “What did you say!? Isn’t that the 'evil army’ which is a myth!? Don’t mess with me!!”
Luffy *completely confused*: “?”
Pekoms: “Nah, that organization actually exists. The top people of this organization is the Vinsmoke family. The boss (of the family) is Black Leg’s father.”
Nami: “eh?”
Sanji (in flashback): “Please trust me….!!! I have no plan to hide anything from you guys!!!”
Luffy: “Well even though I don’t get this, it’s fine!!”
Pekoms: “!!”