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TMIAppreciationWeek2017 Day 4 | Favorite Platonic Relationship: Clary & Simon

She looked at him. Looked at the dark eyes, flecked with lighter color toward the outside edge of the iris, at the familiar, slightly uneven eyebrows, the long lashes, the dark hair and hesitating smile and graceful musical hands that were all part of Simon, who was part of her.


“…Now that I get a good look… Ya don’t look like yer old man at all. You’re a better man, hundred percent.”

“…See ya, Russell…”


“…I’m just a personality you made. Ultimately just a convenient resident of a dream but… But I still had a fun time.”

“…It’s goodbye, Russell…”


Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week

day 2 - april 18th : the moment you fell in love with kara

→ 1x01 - Pilot 

When Kara body checks a truck then proceeds to walk away like a badass