aka my true form

everyone else has probably beat me to it but hear me out

so let’s assume that Jackady establishes two things: first, that Gabriel is Hawk Moth, and second, that Hawk Moth (as Gabriel) knows Adrien is Chat Noir. 

Here is my episode idea:

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Quick little PSA thingy
In my mainverse Angels were made with their current body (aka true form) nevertheless they once were young and all knowledge was new to them. Once they had to practice with their wings and swords and even how to walk and how to use their abilities. Why God would bother to change diapers if he could just have them ready and teach them more important things.

But if you have an angel muse and would like to have those ‘sweet memories of the good ol’ times’ in which your muse is actually younger and smaller, pretty much like a baby, we can plot something but don’t assume all angels were once 'babies’