aka my least favorite person on tumblr

*please do not delete the text, it will not show up on your blog* and yes this picture fits into the quality picture dimensions.

okay so yay tumblr awards because I’m trying to reach my next thousand by Feb. 2nd aka my 1 year anniversary on tumblr:) 


Must be following me (preachnikon) and must reblog at least once! The more times you reblog the higher the chances to win and liking the post does not get you disqualified but is ignored :P Also, it would be pretty cool if you are following my quality instagram @Scarletstagram, but you don’t have to :)


   - Best Urls (2)

   - Best Icon (2)

   - Best sidebar (1)

   - Best Posts (2)

   - Best Mine Page (1)

   - Best Theme (2) 

   - Best Non-Quality (1)

   - Random Solo Promo (1)

   - My personal favorite (1)

   - New blogs that I followed (multiple)

I will be picking next Friday,  January 31st in the evening Northeastern Time and by the way I am also looking for more blogs to follow so I’ll also be checking out blogs! And yes, the banner was made by me:)

Thank you and please enter!:)