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Maxson/Sole - Formal affairs Part III

Aka the one where things get heated.(Ah I loved writing this part. Personal favourite part hands down.) Best part is under the read more. Truuuust me.

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Sole had to take big steps to keep up with Maxson’s determined pace. She noticed a difference in his body language when he was going to reprimand someone. Clearly, he was pissed off. As they arrived at the place the window gave out on, they indeed found Jonathan. Once again he was one of the only people so far to focus his attention on her, and seemed oblivious to Maxson’s shift in attitude. “ Ah, what a pleasure to see you again!” The man next to him looked a lot less entertained by her presence. Before anyone could act on Jonathan’s joyful greeting, Maxson spoke. The vulnerablility in his speaking about his past had disappeared entirely. He sounded like he did at the Prydwen, when someone had to be put in their place. 

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