aka my favourite building in the world

So like funny story

Today I went to work (Real Sports Bar and Grill) with a funny feeling (almost like an inkling) that I would see a professional athlete walk in. Now, RS is owned by MLSE and Leafs/Raptors/TFC players come in, but not often. It’s not exactly surprising when they do, but I’ve been working there for six months now and I’m still not used to it.

ANYWAYS, I get to work and there are like 10 resos - the place is basically dead. Around about noon, Jake Gardiner and Lucy Cashin walk in and I recognize them immediately obviously. Jake asks if they can get a table and since it’s just the two of them I assume they’re on a date (though why they would come here for one I have no idea) but I say of course (duh) and I ask one of the other girls to take them to our lounge reserved for MLSE players while I let a manager know.

Before they walk off, Jake turns to me and says that there are a few more coming, and I ask how many and he says one or two, so I make a mental note that obviously my favourite human being in the world (aka Morgan Rielly if you didn’t know that you clearly haven’t been a follower for more than a day) so I say that’s fine and that we’ll send them over when they get here.

So Jake and Lucy walk off and about ten minutes later I see Morgan walk through the building doors because even though his head was down I recognized that damn Pittsburgh Pirates hat he always wears (I swear he doesn’t own a single other hat). He comes in and I have to literally tell myself to calm the fuck down under my breath.

Morgan walks in and looks at me standing at the hostess desk so I smile and say “They’re in Players Lounge.” And he smiles back (WITH THAT BIG TOOTHLESS GRIN FUCK MY LIFE) and says “Thanks.” And walks off towards PL.

Mitch Marner joined them about an hour later and they were watching March Madness and just chilling but I’m not gonna lie, Morgan made my entire day just by making eye contact with me

If you’re still reading this I commend you because that was long af. Also Raptors players came in too - Delon Wright, Patrick Patterson, the whole crew.

So that was my story of the day, thanks for listening as I vented lmao

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Do you also read other SidLink fanfiction? If you do, could you name them? And what are your favourite ones? :3

Hello anon! Well, yeah, I also read others! But those are my absolute favourite:

Already mentioned it, but Coma baby by BanishedOne is my #1! Coma baby it’s quite long, but it has a really good world-building and some nice OCs! In this one, you can find a very angry Link, who is totally done with the others attitude and not so pleased with being awakened and told to save the world.. but also a confused Sidon, who has to find the time to fix their not-so-healthy ‘relationship’, despite being VERY busy with his responsabilities and duties. Full of angst and a very, vERY SLOW BURN. It updates every friday!

Sidon’s Epic Pining Adventure by ObakeAri will be my #2!! This one is a light-hearted, funny and sweet fanfic, where you will see a Very In Love Sidon trying to not be so obvious (and failing badly), who also happens to adopt a young, sweet Zora child! It’s absolutely perfect, and you probably will need it to recover after reading Coma Baby HAHA

Now, let me see.. I also liked For a Flower that Grows on the Shores of Necluda (only two chapters for now, but looks promising!!) and Healing and Helping (6 chapters and going!)

Anon! What are your favourites? Do you think I missed a good fanfic? Please feel free to answer!