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scarredmoran  asked:

Hello, I've seen you talk about comics but I've never seen any links to them and I'd love to see more of your art! You're one of my favourite people in the vld fandom and I just wanna know more about your aus!

For my a majority of my voltron comics ideas surround my ‘Key of the past’ AU (aka kotp au). Which started as having fun, headcanoning things during the period after S1 and before S2 was released. 

So let’s see, I headcanoned Coran was the blue Paladin for awhile and created my own past Paladins ocs and then it got wild after that i got REALLY into it. The stuff I wanted to explore more, creating stories, all the world building, creating aliens ocs and species was SO FUN!!!! (even after S2, S3. I’ve already imagined too much and those seasons weren’t going to change anything ‘or barely’. So kotp au became full blown. I’ve already come up with so many comics for it and making more! This train is going Ful Power in this AU).

But unfortunately i’m having difficulty choosing what to work on first, i’ve drafted a couple and need to finally delve into creating comics. And creating these voltron comics will be great practise for when i start making comics of my original stories which have been in the works for years.(there’s also a problem that i keep coming up with more comic ideas and i want to work on ALL).

I have no self control!

I have comics ideas/drafted for my other Aus, Like gem au or specieswap au etc and then a a bunch of short ones too. I guess right now just sit tight and I’m going to learn how to make comics.