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Love is about finding the person who's already the right fit - an Olicity meta

Note: This meta was writing in a spur of the moment,so sorry any grammar mistakes, etc. But enjoy our thoughts!

In light of the new episode that will be released tomorrow and the constant discussions, I decided to write with the help of my better half (aka identityneverreallymattered) a meta about the notion of love and how it applies to Olicity. I’m not gonna lie, what pushed me to write this was the idea that seems to permeate our fandom that a person (aka Oliver) needs first to deserve someone else’s love (aka Felicity) before they get together.

Our meta will be constructed around the idea of love the Arrow writers presented us in S01:

Love isn’t about changing or saving a person. It’s about finding the person who’s already the right fit.

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Wow, holy fuck, that character concept kind of blew up, didn’t it?

Thanks! I guess you guys enjoyed it?

On a slightly related and slightly unrelated note, Val (aka cinnieminni aka my better half) and I have been talking about reviving an idea I wrote that was almost purchased by TokyoPop 9 years ago…and Val was doing redesigns of the character concepts not long ago.

Maybe something will happen with that? I don’t know.