aka my baby

LEAVE CORVO ALONE HE IS MY CHILD AND I LOVE HIM and frankly if ur not a fan of Dishonored then I don’t want u touching the game I love so chill

like wtf “a bit sad they didn’t intentionally cut out Corvo, who is beautiful and amazing, in order to force every player to play as Emily, because Emily is a woman”

and don’t get me wrong I am WAY hype about being able to play as Emily ESPECIALLY with those badass powers and her incredible sense of style and how she isn’t sexualized at all in her clothing or her movement and she is so alpha and I love it and I love the representation and the feeling of like having my female power fantasies be completely satisfied in a game and it is going to be COMPLETELY AMAZING but


is my baby

and I’m getting the best of both worlds

and it’s beautiful

I could understand if it WEREN’T a sequel and if it were just like “oh a game where you can play as female OR male? scrap the male we gotta be PC here” like okay whatever nobody knew who the male was anyway

but ur gonna jump on the Dishonored sequel and try to take away my Corvo

wtf is wrong with u