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This is for THE CRAYON QUEEN aka: @loverofpiggies

This is a piece of fan-art i created from her original web-comic series called “GLOOM-VERSE” and it’s absolutely amazing!!! You guys should go check it out!!!

And now a message for CQ: If you see this i just wanted to let you know that you’re an amazing person! you always mange to make me smile when I’m feeling down, this comic is amazing, and this as well as you and your blog helped gained confidence in creating my own tumblr, and it’s been a blast! I’ve met some many friends and learned so many new things because of you!!! you’re are such an awesome person, and i hope i could meet you day on you’re travels to all those cons one day! :3

onlyforgot7  asked:

Unnie, what's with the kissing and homophobic issue and what about the anon who's pestering you ? Little Tubelight here. Btw Happy New Year !! Love You 💞

Hi dear, 

Well, it’s all started with this post that I posted, about JB wasn’t a fan when Youngjae & Jinyoung pretended to kiss during Battle Likes drama 


and at that time there was this issue going on about JB’s remark on Bromance which he did with BAP’s Youngjae which many started accused him being homophobic. So when I posted that post, suddenly there was this anon sent me a message about it commenting about the look that JB had when he saw 2young pretend to kiss, 


I guess that anon just didn’t like what I said in that post and took it differently. Anyway, it’s all good now. I’m not upset anymore. Happy new year and I love you too  ❤

lol I love the moment when a really really popular blog reblogs one of your posts and you just go on tumblr to see your activity blowing up on the one post and you’re just ?????? who?????