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You are my number one priority now.
You are all that matters to me.


“Sometimes I still think I can hear them, just around the corner. York cracking one of his stupid jokes and the laughter of the rest of them. I can’t stop the smile before it forms, only making the realization even worse.”

“They’re still here with us Carolina. Your friends, all the soldiers I promised would come home, all the innocents and… Doyle.”

“Don’t be sad Miss Kimball! I miss Church too, but he always comes back if we wait long enough.”

“Caboose, buddy. I think it’d be best if we’d leave Carolina and Kimball alone, okay? Let’s go find Tucker and then go eat. I hear it’s your favorite tonight.”

after corruption. returning, death & destruction in their wake - 

(dazai used to carry him, once.)

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RULES: Make your aesthetic (based off of your personality and interests) with ONLY images you’ve saved to your device! You cannot search and download any images until you are done! 

Guys…. These are literally the only pictures I have saved to my computer right now………. I’ve been having so many hard drive space issues so this………. this is my aesthetic I guessss……………


Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to shoot a Tales from the Borderlands group at Connichi in Kassel…these guys are amazing! And I’m really proud of the photos and how they turned out :D Much love to August aka glas-onion <3 She showed me some of her photoshop skillz and helped me so to improve my own! More to come ^^

Photo+Edit: muhkuh13

August: glas-onion

Fiona: kassna

Rhys: schaloime

Handsome Jack: faroinke