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“But people themselves alter so much, that there is something new to be observed in them for ever.”

when you try your best but you don’t succeed

when you get what you want but not what you need


hi everyone, this is my bias moodboard!! i’m like 2 or 3 weeks late with this y'all already doing biaswrecker moodboards wtf :/

anyway i was tagged by the lovely @extraongdinary, @minhwangs, @kimjaehwanswife (my sweet angel who helped me with filters and gave me a lot of feedback!) @kimsjaehwan@l-guanlin, @kangniel, @kngniel, @kangdan101@p-arkwoojin, @yjjisung, @ongeuigeon, and @parkji-hoons! all very gorgeous people with very aesthetically pleasing moodboards :-) 

i feel like everyone has done this already so i’m just gonna list people off the top of my head and tag: the @garbage-101 members who haven’t done this yet, @kimdonghyun, @swoojin@yoonjsung@woojinnies, @ongsecngwoo, @woo-jin-young, @daeswhis, @wooseob@kakaotaeks, @jeo-jang, @kingdans, @emperorhwangs, @kangbaeks@park-woojin, @dearlydaehwi, @wannaoneioi, and @produced101

i won’t be doing the other selfie tags so i also tagged people i owe selfies to! i apologize if you’ve already done this and of course you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :-)


Twitchy Timeloop
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Visited AUs:

The Omega Timeline by @dokudoki

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“Fell” by @formsans96

“Turquoise” by @demi-gray

Guy (who got the nickname “Elvis” during the stream) by @tanaysmith11

LanternDay Sans by me

“Everything / everyone looks like Photoshop Flowey AU” aka “Random Meme AU” by me


Uh. Yeah. I hope my readers are still alive after… uh… this. LanternDay Sans can be really… mean… when he’s raging.



“Sometimes I still think I can hear them, just around the corner. York cracking one of his stupid jokes and the laughter of the rest of them. I can’t stop the smile before it forms, only making the realization even worse.”

“They’re still here with us Carolina. Your friends, all the soldiers I promised would come home, all the innocents and… Doyle.”

“Don’t be sad Miss Kimball! I miss Church too, but he always comes back if we wait long enough.”

“Caboose, buddy. I think it’d be best if we’d leave Carolina and Kimball alone, okay? Let’s go find Tucker and then go eat. I hear it’s your favorite tonight.”

about me
  • hi i’m verena
  • 19 years old and i’m from the Netherlands
  • i’m a student in my 2nd year of communications!!
  • i love unhealthy food…….SO MUCH
  • when i live in my own apartment i will finally get a cat 
  • i love cats …. ILUVCATS (my dad too but my mom is like….no.)
  • my biggest wish is to travel to new york 
  • obviously i love taylor more than anything in the world, she literally guided be through my teenage years 
  • i still cannot believe i can use this url and speak now is my fav album of all time 
  • i love editing, giffing, aka: using photoshop! 
  • taylor follows me since i made this blog in november 2014, i had a blog before this one but was sadly deleted by tumblr and LUCKILY tay refollowed me which was amazing 
  • i am a dreamer and i like to believe in love (but sadly……i’ve been single since birth) 
  • i’m always SUPER excited about autumn and drinking pumpkin spice lattes and finally being able to wear scarves / skirts / plaids again
  • i cannot wait till i can buy a Christmas tree 
  • i am an emotional person….like i can be really emotional sometimes but that’s me 
  • pineapple on pizza is good 
  • i love performing along to speak now live and that is verena slander

anonymous asked:

Just saw the "don't judge my dreams" post. Now all I can think is that someone with talent (aka not me) needs to photoshop hot rods head onto Rapunzels, and Megatrons onto Flinns during I ha e a dream! "Sorry fellas I don't sing!" (Also and ultramagnus on the unicorn guy)

ohmigod yes

excellent idea the lost light crew just singing about their dreams

too bad i cant photoshop for crap @badlydrawntransformers hEY YOU’RE AMAZING DO THIS PLS