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The Omega Timeline by @dokudoki

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“Fell” by @formsans96

“Turquoise” by @demi-gray

Guy (who got the nickname “Elvis” during the stream) by @tanaysmith11

LanternDay Sans by me

“Everything / everyone looks like Photoshop Flowey AU” aka “Random Meme AU” by me


Uh. Yeah. I hope my readers are still alive after… uh… this. LanternDay Sans can be really… mean… when he’s raging.



“Sometimes I still think I can hear them, just around the corner. York cracking one of his stupid jokes and the laughter of the rest of them. I can’t stop the smile before it forms, only making the realization even worse.”

“They’re still here with us Carolina. Your friends, all the soldiers I promised would come home, all the innocents and… Doyle.”

“Don’t be sad Miss Kimball! I miss Church too, but he always comes back if we wait long enough.”

“Caboose, buddy. I think it’d be best if we’d leave Carolina and Kimball alone, okay? Let’s go find Tucker and then go eat. I hear it’s your favorite tonight.”

anonymous asked:

Just saw the "don't judge my dreams" post. Now all I can think is that someone with talent (aka not me) needs to photoshop hot rods head onto Rapunzels, and Megatrons onto Flinns during I ha e a dream! "Sorry fellas I don't sing!" (Also and ultramagnus on the unicorn guy)

ohmigod yes

excellent idea the lost light crew just singing about their dreams

too bad i cant photoshop for crap @badlydrawntransformers hEY YOU’RE AMAZING DO THIS PLS


Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to shoot a Tales from the Borderlands group at Connichi in Kassel…these guys are amazing! And I’m really proud of the photos and how they turned out :D Much love to August aka glas-onion <3 She showed me some of her photoshop skillz and helped me so to improve my own! More to come ^^

Photo+Edit: muhkuh13

August: glas-onion

Fiona: kassna

Rhys: schaloime

Handsome Jack: faroinke

after corruption. returning, death & destruction in their wake - 

(dazai used to carry him, once.)