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Our eldest is the Queen of Sass and Ass

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Our responsible one is an adorable puppy

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Our Irishmen is everything but lucky

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And our “womanizer” is a living, breathing Cupcake Princess

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They are slowly killing us all

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But we are loving every second

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Every Memory

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Good luck

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You’re gonna need it with these idiots

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Arthur, the King of Camelot aka clotpole aka prat aka dollophead aka cabbage/turnip-head aka simpleton, and Merlin aka Emrys aka Dragoon the Great aka the Last Dragonlord aka idiot, wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas!


InuYasha has to get it from somewhere…

Also, as per @wreathoflaurels and the rest’s convo last night, not pictured:

Myoga:“That’s a fantastic idea! I love it, Inu no Taisho-sama!”

Totosai:”That’s a terrible idea! I love it.”

Am I the only one that wants to see Zoro’s reaction, like what if he found out what Sanji did, we know Zoro didn’t want Luffy to welcome back Usopp unless Usopp apologized, but since Zoro himself did say “forget that idiot(aka Sanji)” would he even agree to accept Sanji back in the crew after what he did to Luffy, I have a feeling that Nami’s going to spill what happened. But also we have to think this is a different scenario we have, Usopp challenged Luffy, Sanji was basically doing the same thing Nami did when she was with the Arlong pirates. Another thing to add is Zoro was going to fight Nami, if it weren’t Sanji butting in to protect her. And I’m not saying Zoro and Sanji hate each other but Zoro has this tendency to “protect” Luffy sort of, for example when Bon Chan hit Luffy to copy his face, Zoro’s reaction as soon as luffy got hit was to pull out his swords, when they were versus Bellamy at the bar, same thing Zoro was ready to attack Bellamy. And don’t even get me started on Thriller Bark. Maybe that’s why Oda didn’t put Zoro in the gang, because probably if Zoro was there even if Luffy said don’t fight, Zoro would probably flip and fight anyways… but idk, it’s just a theory haha 😅

wedding night

Secret Valentines gift for Hannah aka @commission-an-idiot

Also i added some rare pairs, plz don’t be mad.Also shoutout to @dontfightpatrickstump for the info for the weddings .

“Who would have thought I would be here mate…"A man said while adjusting his bow tie. He was little annoyed with his prosthetic leg but she instead. He couldn’t say no to her when she puts her puppy face.

"I thought you were going to die by one of your stupid explosion.” A large man wearing a gas mask said.

Jamison Fawkes also known as Junkrat was getting married. Who would have thought? The lucky girl is Mei-Ling Zhou a Chinese climatologist who wants to save the environment. Mako Rutledge now known as Roadhog couldn’t care less on what was Junkrat doing as long as he gets his cut from the treasure.

“Did I told you how beautiful she looks mate? ” he asked his friend… If you can call him that.

“ Yes, you couldn’t stop talking about her ever since you saw her. I had to literally punch you to shut you up.” Roadhog said clearly annoyed.

“Oh yeeeeaaah! Those were the good times….” Junkrat said like he was going over a nostalgic trip.

“Now for better times! ” He said excited.

“Yeah, sure…” Roadhog is certain they will broke up a week after the weeding, tops.

Mean while across the other room Mei was getting ready with her red dress with a little help with Tracer, Zarya, Satya and Fareeha. Satya was the one who made the dress. Tracer and Zarya were there because she needed some mental support .Fareeha was there so she could the voice of reason for her perfectionist girlfriend .She  didn’t made any effect whatsoever.

“Alright checking just to be sure…. ”

“ Satya you looked over it for the 7th time!It’s perfect.” Fareeha said clearly annoyed.

Mei didn’t say a thing because she has worked with Satya before and what she found out is that the only person that could break her ridicules symmetric system was her fiance Fareeha. Not completely it looks like.

“I will check it this last time I promise.” Mei was a little bit relaxed because of her work with Satya she know she could trust her promise.

“I are you sure you are certain with this?” Zarya asked.

“Oh my God. ” Tracer whispered. Zarya heard and turned towards her.“ What is it? ” She was getting angry, and nobody wants that so Mei acted quickly. She turned Zarya’s head towards her. The chair is useful in more ways.

“Zarya, I already told you on the day on the day he asked me out, on the every date I went with him, on the day he  proposed to him, and every day since then I’m certain.”

Zarya didn’t believe that, but she would suck it up for her. Like she does every day.

“Knock, Knock. ”

“ Who’s there? ” Mei said.

“ Roadhog. ”

“ Roadhog who?"Tracer said.

"Really? "He said.

” It’s fine come in. “ Satya said.

"The broom is pissing me off and I won’t stand him for another second.”

“ Well the braid isn’t ready yet so you wait. ” Zarya practically threatening said and looked in the eye holes of his mask.

“ Well, I will drag her if that’s what it will take to end this.” The tension grew higher. Then Fareeha instinctively stood between them and broke them apart.

“ Okay, that’s enough from both of you. ”

“Ahem” He made a fake cough to get their attention.

“Genji, why are you in McCree’s clothes?” Tracer asked confused.

“Well I am trying a new look and the broom send me to tell you he is ready and he is waiting .”

“Well let’s end this already. ” Roadhog offered his hand to Mei.

“ I will walk Mei to the…ahhhhm ” Zarya’s English wasn’t her strong side and her.

“ The altar, Zarya.” Satya said.

“Da, altar.” You could notice her blushing

“Mako, let her do it. For me? ” Roadhog would usually break his or her face if they have mentioned his real name or surname, but  Mei was an exception. Even he doesn’t know why.

“Fine, just hurry up.” Then he left for the altar.

“Well isn’t he cherry?” Fareeha said.

“He is just a big softy inside ."Mei said in defensive.

"Are you sure it isn’t the fat?” Zarya said.

“Wow rude! ” Tracer said but didn’t made any effect.

While she was walking towards the altar, she could see all the little things. The way to the altar was, you could say, “marked” with a red carpet.
On the each side there were chair planned by 2 x 5 system. There wasn’t any plan of sitting just one thing was certain. Soldier 76 and Reaper should be on opposite sides.

Mei wasn’t so sure about Reaper on her wedding but Junkrat and Lucio were insisting. While Mei and Zarya were walking towards the altar Mei has only focused on her soon-to-be husband. She didn’t noticed or didn’t care who sat with who, who was arguing with who. All she cared was Jamison and their life together.

Their wedding wasn't  a regular one to say at least. There were a lot of compromises.She keeps the red dress but there will be a party after the weeding. The priest being Winston was starters (It was him or Zenyatta). And there was a surprise that Junkrat mentioned a couple of times. Since then Roadhog brought a fire extinguisher on the wedding. Just in case.Mei and Junkrat were shined by the moonlight from above their head.

“Is the happy couple ready?” Winston said trying to sound less nervous as possible. It could pass.

“As ready as I will ever be.”

“Yeah, what she said.”

“Okay then let’s begin."Winston brought a book that contains every step of the wedding. "Dearly beloved…”

“Can we skip to the "now your married” part? “ Junkrat cut him off. Zarya made a silent laugh and thought in Russian -There is no way she is going to marry this guy-

"Yeah Winston please let’s just get married.” Mei said. She could feel the stare of everyone. All she cared was that they finish this nonsense and start their life together. “That’s my girl!”

“Well if it is the brides wish… Now i pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. "Winston finally relaxed knowing the pressure is gone.

The party wasn’t that much extra. People were just enjoying their ridiculously rare free time with their special one and celebrating Mei’s and Junkrat’s marriage.

Lucio was obviously the DJ and he played the music with Reaper by his side. Weirdly enough they have a similar taste in music. McCree ,who was wearing Genji’s old clothes (don’t ask how he got them), and Genji were hanging out with Mercy, who was with D.va, and Hanzo, who was with Widowmaker. They didn’t wanted to come without a date so they come together. D.va calls them the "Nothing to lose” couple.

Zenyatta and Bastion were talking to each other near the drinks. Zenyatta understood Bastion and they would always have a long, probably a philosophical, conversation whenever they had a chance. There was also Zarya and Roadhog. Roadhog wanted to keep an eye on her to make sure there wasn’t any drama. Sombra was with what she called the “Lesbian” group, which was made of Fareeha, Satya, Tracer, Emily and Winston.Also she was drunk because „the blond bitch“ ,as she liked to call Mercy that (she was drunk and  nobody wanted a drama) took her nerdy girlfriend . Torbjon and Reindhart had other jobs to do so they had to left pretty soon. Jack and Ana left so they could avoid the drama with Reaper. Ana didn’t mind but she couldn’t say the same thing with Jack. Also she knew if Jack gets drunk he would flirt on Gabe all night long.Mei and Junkrat were just dancing.

„How did these 2 even meat?“ Hanzo said trying to start a conversation. „I have personally seen Junkrat  flirting and after that I know that even Reaper with his outfit had a better chance then him.“

„Well ..“ Mcree was hesitating.“ It is an embarassing story so …Why not ?“ It took him  2 seconds tops to think about it.“Mei was going to get some ice cream then she spotted them robing the ice cream truck .“ He giggled .“She was so pissed that she froze them with her gun her little robot.And here is the best part .After she froze them she took a picture of them and we still have the picture in the base.“ D.va left a giggle ,Mercy laughed a bit ,Genji just stared at Mcree and Hanzo and Widowmaker just stood there akwardly and confused .

Nobody noticed but  Mei and Junkrat have left the dance floor. Roadhog was too busy getting Zarya drunk so he could have some chance at having some god damn peace.When he noticed he thought of all of the possible outcomes.

They were back the altar and there was just them and silence and they enjoyed it.

„Well James what is the suprise?“ she said with her arms around his neck.

„This .“ he showed somthing that looks like a switch.

„Well lets see it.“She kissed him.She has learned to trust him ever since she started to date him.He pressed the switch and the bombs below them exploded and brought them so high until they landed in a flying helicopter. In there were 2 mercenaries hired by Reaper.Mei’s body was pumping adrenalin.

„That was awsome!!!“ Mei said and gave him a big kiss. She had a smile the rivals Junkrats when she goes on these sort of trips.

„Thats my wife.“ He pointed to her.They couldn’t care less .

„Were does the young couple want to go?“ The pilot was having fun he didn’t care what his collueges think.

„Who about Bahamas?“ Mei asked.

„Anything for the bride .“ He had a bright smile and did as was he told.

The End. (plz be honest)