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Marguerite Duras //

pros: slow, idyllic, tenderly descriptive writing that draws one in but at the same time the gates are left exceptionally open, insight in dialogue, good mix of playful surrealism and reality, filmic narratives that yet feel light enough and innocent enough, clear vision of what she wanted to achieve in her writing, great use of syntax & correct use of pauses, creative flow; slightly experimental but tremendously evocative of her own voice, her stuff is never refined – I feel like she never overworked her novels & honestly trusted her impulses as an author

cons: she can exhaust her own vocabulary very easily; she does own her repetitions but only to the extent that they don’t interfere w her material aka sometimes she lacks the material, philosophical concerns of her feel very extra, she gains a momentum (in her writing) through her own emotional awareness but something about her inclination to opt for stereotypical, french-oriented minimalism does not compliment that particular awareness aka it gets overshadowed